The Legend of Futian

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Chapter 2470 - Grandmaster Yumu

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Chapter 2470: Grandmaster Yumu

After Wutian Buddha Lord vanished, the expressions of those who were giving Ye Futian a hard time before turned to great displeasure. However, they did not dare to say anything that challenged the command of the Buddha Lord. They could only look at Ye Futian with disdain and said, “You have slaughtered our cultivators, but now you are asking for an audience with the Lord of All Buddhas. That’s crazy man’s talk.”

The Lord of All Buddhas had long transcended the world, no longer bound by the five elements of the earth. He was not someone who would receive visitors lightly; not even those Buddha Lords could ask for an audience whenever they liked.

Now, All Buddhas Fest did pose an opportunity. But they would not agree to Ye Futian asking for an audience with the Lord of All Buddhas.

Many of them looked at Ye Futian with a cold and indifferent expression. Even if there were a chance for Ye Futian to meet the Lord of All Buddhas, with them around, they would make sure that never happened.

“You are lucky that Wutian Buddha Lord made a personal appearance,” someone commented coldly. Although they did not dare to make further trouble for Ye Futian, they still seemed quite angry. To them, it was as if Wutian Buddha Lord’s words could not change their minds.

This piqued Ye Futian’s curiosity. What was the status of Wutian Buddha Lord in the World of Buddhism?

“Benefactor Ye, we will see each other again if it is meant to be,” Tongchan Arhat said to Ye Futian with a smile. Suddenly, alertness was shown in Ye Futian’s eyes. Again, he felt being spied upon and knew that the thoughts he had previously may have been detected by the other.

This superpower of Telepathy was so incredible that it was easily forgotten by those around it. However, what he was thinking was nothing of great importance, so it didn’t really matter.

Tongchan Arhat turned to leave. The rest of the cultivators regarded Ye Futian with indifference. There were still many of them who were hostile towards him.

At this time, a Buddhist cultivator suddenly appeared next to Ye Futian, invisible and soundless; he seemed to have emerged out of thin air. There was no warning prior to his appearance, which greatly alarmed Ye Futian.

What a strange and uncanny superpower.

“Buddha’s Celerity,” Ye Futian secretly remarked to himself, remembering one of the six superpowers of Buddhism.

Buddha’s Celerity seemed to be an ultimate application of spatial methods and somewhat superior to the Great Path of Space. Its ability to travel freely anywhere without restriction was formidable. With Buddha’s Celerity, one could easily escape being chased by someone else of a higher realm. When used in tracking others, its success was even more spectacular.

Wutian Buddha Lord was a Buddha Lord who specialized in Buddha’s Celerity. It seemed that this Buddhist cultivator who had just appeared cultivated the same skill as Wutian Buddha Lord.

Ye Futian assessed the other man and saw that the man had half of a kasaya hanging on the top half of his body, leaving one of his arms exposed. He looked to be in his mid-thirties, simple and honest. He looked as if he was some kind of ascetic cultivator.

“Little monk, I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Benefactor Ye.” The monk bowed to Ye Futian with his hands clasped in front of him. He appeared extremely courteous. Ye Futian returned his gesture and said, “Ye Futian greets the Grandmaster. How is the Grandmaster to be addressed?”

“Little monk, I am called ‘Yumu,'” the monk replied. A strange look flashed across Ye Futian’s eyes. The name “Yumu” also implied that great wisdom often lay in what appeared to be foolishness.

“Greetings, Grandmaster Yumu,” Ye Futian saluted him once again. He was very grateful that Wutian Buddha Lord had recently saved him from a tough situation. This Grandmaster Yumu looked to be a cultivator under the tutelage of Wutian Buddha Lord, so Ye Futian was already partial to him, especially since he had been treated so rudely by so many Buddhist cultivators just now.

“Benefactor Ye is overly kind.” Grandmaster Yumu said, “Little monk, I came here mainly to assist Benefactor Ye in your questions. You are new to the sacred land of Western Heaven. If you have any questions, you can ask me.”

This Grandmaster Yumu had extraordinary cultivation, yet he consistently referred to himself as “little monk.”

Moreover, he was invisible and soundless when he came. Ye Futian barely perceived the slightest aura before his arrival. If this Grandmaster Yumu had chosen to attack him, he would be in an unimaginable bind.

There were also several others, such as Tongchan Arhat, who were exceptional cultivators themselves. These people may be the top Buddhist enchanting geniuses of their generation, and the methods of Buddhism they cultivated were unusual and peculiar. Even someone like Ye Futian was full of respect and in awe; he dared not underestimate these top figures.

Therefore, even though Yumu referred to himself as “little monk,” Ye Futian was not so stupid as to follow suit. He merely said, “If that’s the case, then many thanks to Grandmaster Yumu.”

“Please.” Yumu extended his hand and gestured. But Ye Futian responded, “Grandmaster Yumu, you first.”

Yumu nodded slightly, then turned to go. He deliberately slowed down to wait for Ye Futian and only moved forward when Ye Futian had caught up to him. When many cultivators saw them leaving, their expressions were still one of cold apathy. However, with intervention from Wutian Buddha Lord, there was not much they could do now but to drop the matter entirely. Therefore, each of them dispersed. Soon, everyone left and disappeared without a trace.

Ye Futian and his party walked above the sacred land of Western Heaven with Yumu. Ye Futian said, “Grandmaster Yumu, I was watching those cultivators from before, and they seemed somewhat to disapprove of the Grandmaster.”

In fact, he had something else he didn’t say. Although the words of Wutian Buddha Lord had stopped the advancement of these foes, it did not seem to be a strong enough deterrent. At least, some of those people were still reluctant and continued to threaten Ye Futian verbally. It was not hard to judge their overall attitude.

Yumu nodded and said, “Benefactor Ye came from the Divine Prefecture, so you know that these same situations exist in every Realm. The Divine Prefecture has 18 domains and 18 Domain Chief’s Manors. Even the Great Emperor’s direct principality is under the control of someone different. How could they be expected to be of one single mind?”

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From Yumu’s reply, Ye Futian knew that he thoroughly understood the meaning behind his comment.

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