The Legend of Futian

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Chapter 954 - Borrowing the Sword of Ancestor

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Chapter 954: Borrowing the Sword of Ancestor

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Huang Xi’s voice exploded like thunder, causing the hearts of everyone before the mausoleum’s walls to shudder violently. They then saw the saints from Xihua Sacred Mountain being clapped hard and crashing to the ground, spitting blood as they got up. Saint Zhi, who had wanted to have a closer look, halted his steps altogether, keeping his eyes forward.

Huang Xi’s silhouette had been completely merged into the statue. His flesh, blood, bone, and even his will seemed to have totally merged with the statue. It was as if he had returned as his ancestor Renhuang.

When his blood merged with that of the statue, Huang Xi clearly sensed that the statue had been carved with refined blood of Renhuang. That thing left behind by his ancestor resonated with his blood and activated the will contained within. He clearly felt the connection between them, and furthermore, despite being of the same bloodline, the blood of the statue never dried and degraded. Such was the might of his ancestor. Even a statue left behind since ancient times was more than able to stun the saints.

The Sovereign family had truly been the descendants of Renhuang. Huang Xi had no regrets about his life, as he was now able to feel the might of his ancestor. As for Jiuge and Ye Futian, everything depended on their luck. At the very least, he would guard the place, not letting any of the saints get inside. He and Ye Futian had taken a look at the Imperial Mausoleum Map and knew it was truly at the center of the ruins. He wished that his ancestors would watch over Jiuge.

Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Hua Jieyu, and all the others stopped fighting and retreated back before the statue. Everyone from the Holy Zhi Palace who came was fighting for the Sovereign family. With Ye Futian and Huang Jiuge already inside and Huang Xi sealing the tomb up, there was little point for the battles there to continue.

At that moment, the statue that Huang Xi was merged with opened its huge eyes slowly and looked at Liu Zong’s direction. “Get lost.” The roar was an earth-shattering one. The statue trembled violently, bringing the pressure of Renhuang to bear. Liu Zong took control of the power of sainthood and resisted like mad, retreating from the statue at breakneck speed.

Boom. Another rumble was heard and Liu Zong was sent flying thousands of meters back, crashing onto the ground. Blood oozed from his mouth. He laid there and his spiritual will seemed as if it was about to be broken, his life hanging by a thread.

Huang Xi turned his eyes at the others and everyone retreated without hesitation. No one dared approach the statue after what had happened. Huang Xi was only a sage and it meant that he was free to fight anyone. Furthermore, he was most probably about to die and had nothing to lose. If the chance presented itself, he would have killed the saints as well.

It seemed that no one was able to enter anymore.

More saints came from afar, with the first to arrive being Saint Ji. He knew Ji Mo was killed, and as such, left the ancient hall and came at once. His face went pale after seeing what happened. Extremely dazzling light burst and his body seemed to have turned to light, appearing like a god. Though his powers were suppressed, Saint Ji showed what it meant to be ranked fifth on the Saint Ranking nonetheless.

The boundless light transformed into a huge sword, pulsing with brilliant light as if the space it occupied was about to be torn apart. Saint Ji stepped forward and his hands clapped. A flash of the sword burst through the air in an instant, heading straight for that Renhuang statue.

The eyes of the statue looked like those of Renhuang’s. The might of the heavens showered and the speed of the dazzling sword was suppressed. A pair of spectral hands appeared—Huang Xi’s hands—and a Renhuang Sword burst brilliantly, suppressing everything before it as it launched forward, clashing with the sword of light. The sword of light was crushed right there, and then and the huge sword continued moving forward, lashing out at Saint Ji.

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However, Saint Ji possessed immense speed. Even though he was still suppressed with the overwhelming pressure, he was nonetheless able to disappear from where he stood with just one step, appearing in midair. However, he looked severely frustrated, discovering that he was unable to do anything against a statue. Even though it had been something left behind by Renhuang, a statue that had been standing around for over a thousand years was still a dead object. He burst with light that was even more brilliant, showing no fear whatsoever.

The walls of the mausoleum shuddered maniacally. All 36 statues shook at the same time. True might of the heavens descended from above, raining down on Saint Ji’s body. He frowned as he found that those objects actually attempted to suppress his saintly powers. Many figures before the walls quickly retreated and did not dare to approach any further in order to keep from getting caught in the crossfire.

Huang Xi’s expression was incredibly solemn. An imposing imperial pressure seemed to have manifested before the statue. A huge shadow appeared as if Renhuang himself had been revived.

Voom. A Renhuang Sword materialized yet again. It was the Life Spirit of Huang Xi, yet at that moment, the sword seemed to have become a true Renhuang Sword. It continued to grow in a size and a terrifying storm whipped up in the air around them. The place they stood turned very deadly. The sword shot high above the sky, coming to the very top of the sealed space. The vast area seemed to have been put under lockdown. Devastating storms rained down from above. Saint Ji’s expression looked pained as he finally felt the pressure.

“Huang Xi of the Sovereign family shall borrow a sword from the ancestors!” Huang Xi roared and a Renhuang shadow seemed to have appeared in midair, holding the holy Renhuang Sword. Its hands pressed down on the blade, and in an instant, the sword came down as if Renhuang had been wielding it, bringing terrible might to bear.

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The sword of his ancestor was borrowed.


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