The Legend of the Dragon King

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Chapter 1188 - Holy Angel Yue Zhengyu

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Chapter 1188: Holy Angel Yue Zhengyu

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Lan Muzi was just over thirty years old this year and had reached his peak condition.

Why had the academy not chosen him? Why did it have to be Tang Wulin?

Even for Lan Muzi, it was impossible for that thought not to have crossed his mind. He was well aware of how immensely stressful it would be to become the new generation’s Sea God’s, Pavilion Master. Nevertheless, after being the inner court’s most senior disciple for so many years, he could not help but think about this. He would willingly accept this responsibility as well.

Thus, when Elder Long gathered everyone to watch the battle, they all came without the slightest hesitation. Not even one person was left out. Even the Holy Spirit Douluo was there. She was attending because she was worried that someone might get injured in the process. On the other hand, with her presence, injuries were no longer an issue. The fighter’s life could be saved as long as they were still breathing.

Elder Long’s voice echoed through the entire area, “Get ready. There are no rules in this battle. Fight until you can no longer continue.”

Tang Wulin glanced in Elder Long’s direction. He understood that the reason Elder Long gathered everyone here was to allow him to establish his authority. The battle would not be considered an ordinary match.


Soon after Long Yeyue’s announcement, Yue Zhengyu’s body underwent a transformation at once. Seven soul rings burst from underneath his feet like an explosion. It was even more surprising that all seven of his soul rings were gold in color.

Yes, they were all golden!

Tang Wulin could tell that he was using the camouflage trick learned on the Demon Island so that the others could not tell the color of his soul rings.

When his soul rings appeared, there was also a golden radiance that erupted like a solar flare.

In a split second, Yue Zhengyu had turned a dazzling golden color. The incomparably thick light element made his entire form appear like a shining star.

Such a powerful light element!

The numerous inner court disciples were stunned upon witnessing this.

Wu Siduo and the rest had also been asked to attend as well. They were also inner court disciples and they would be cultivating here in preparation for their journey to the Demon Island.

They could not keep their expressions from changing ever so slightly upon sensing the thick light element blooming from Yue Zhengyu’s body.

Even though he appeared to be of only a seven-ringed cultivation base, he was capable of unleashing such a powerful energy fluctuation without using his battle armor. How could a Soul Sage-ranked soul master achieve that?

Yue Zhengyu was basking in a sea of light as he said to Tang Wulin, “Big brother, you’re going to need to be careful. I’m different from what I was before.”

Yue Zhengyu moved as he spoke. He raised his hand and conjured a stream of golden radiance from the sky. Raining from above, it blasted into Tang Wulin.

The Holy Light erupted in a split second. Tang Wulin had not even managed to see the fluctuation of the soul ring’s radiance before he was struck by the Holy Light.

At the same time, the glow on Yue Zhengyu’s body was even more dazzling now. An enormous shining figure emerged behind his back. The figure was about fifteen meters tall and emitted a golden brilliance. Twelve feathered wings flapped gently behind its back. One could not see its face but at the moment it manifested, Yue Zhengyu’s entire body turned translucent.

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The crowd of onlookers could see clearly that he had immediately ignited his seventh soul ring which was his martial soul avatar, the Holy Angel Avatar!

Yue Zhengyu and Tang Wulin had been companions for many years, so he had the best understanding of Tang Wulin’s abilities. He knew very well just how terrifying Tang Wulin’s outbursts could be. Thus, he chose to unleash his Holy Light as soon as he launched his first attack without reservation, not giving Tang Wulin a chance to use his powers to defeat him.

Summoning the Holy Angel Avatar resulted in two pairs of pure white feathered wings appearing on Yue Zhengyu’s back. The feathered wings flapped, turning his entire body completely transparent.

At first, Tang Wulin could not see Yue Zhengyu because he was enshrouded by the Holy Light’s explosion. His senses had clearly been hindered by the thick light element. He was so affected by the light element that he could not sense the change in the energy around him.


In other words, he was completely unaware that Yue Zhengyu had already unleashed his martial soul avatar.

There was no doubt that Yue Zhengyu immediately took the upper hand as soon as he attacked. In addition, his usage of battle tactics was ingenious.

Each of Shrek Academy’s inner court students that were watching the battle was endowed with unsurpassed natural talents. They were all at least two-word battle armor masters, yet they could not help nodding in approval upon witnessing the scene. Yue Zhengyu was capable of utilizing his skills to such perfection. Moreover, the power of his light energy was impressive after unleashing his martial soul avatar. It was truly shocking!

In the next moment, they watched as Yue Zhengyu dashed toward Tang Wulin like a golden meteor. Meanwhile, the twelve-winged angel light shadow that was behind him had appeared at Tang Wulin’s back soundlessly.

“Judgement!” A deep voice was heard echoing in the air. It felt as if the entire arena was frozen at this moment. At that point, Yue Zhengyu’s third soul ring was glowing on his body. It was his third soul skill, the Light of Judgement.

The Holy Light that was illuminating Tang Wulin’s body had just begun to weaken when it turned into golden color in an instant. Even those on the outside of the sparring arena could feel its complete domination.

Tang Wulin’s body seemed to warp as he basked in the Light of Judgment. The Light of Judgement was incredibly powerful as the result of being amplified by the Holy Angel Avatar’s effect. It was a holy strike that was so overwhelming that Tang Wulin gave out a muffled grunt.

On the outside of the arena, Long Yeyue could not help nodding upon witnessing the scene. Even though she was bestowed with twin martial souls and was dubbed the Light Dark Dragon Empress, as she could control the two great martial souls, the Light Holy Dragon, and the Dark Holy Dragon, she was still weaker than the Holy Angel martial soul in terms of the level of holiness in the light attribute.

The Holy Angel martial soul was definitely the highest grade light attribute martial soul available. It was most effective when it was used against an evil soul master.

Long Yeyue could already tell that Yue Zhengyu had completed his second Holy Baptism. Having such a holy aura would cause a lot of trouble when used to confront Title Douluo-ranked evil soul masters.

Such a Light of Judgment was enough to eliminate even some higher-level evil soul masters.

Moreover, this scenario was only applicable to when the soul master was not using his battle armor. Once Yue Zhengyu had his full set of three-word battle armor, there was no doubt that he would have his own holy attribute domain. By then, his Holy Light would only be even more terrifying.

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Tang Wulin’s movements seemed to have become slower due to the effect of the Light of Judgment. At that point, Yue Zhengyu had already dashed over to his front. A golden Saint Sword had already condensed in his hand during the process of flying over. He swung it directly at Tang Wulin, who was surrounded by the Light of Judgment, without the slightest hesitation.

Tang Wulin’s whole body seemed to have been locked down by the Light of Judgement. When his chest was struck by the Saint Sword, he immediately burst into golden holy flames as he was blasted away by the blow.

It appeared that the Sea God’s Pavilion Master was rendered completely helpless!

However, Yue Zhengyu did not think so. He appeared to have a deep grudge against Tang Wulin. As Tang Wulin was blasted away, the fourth soul ring on Yue Zhengyu’s body glowed. The twelve-winged angel that was unleashing the Light of Judgment behind Tang Wulin’s back fused with him into a single figure, making him taller and larger. Besides the four pairs of golden feathered wings on his back, there was also a pair of wings of light. The Saint Sword in his hand condensed into a solid golden Saint Sword in a split second.

Yue Zhengyu shouted aloud with his hands clenched around the sword hilt, “Cut!”

A stream of golden color seemed to have manifested between Heaven and Earth. It felt as if the golden stream of light was about to cut open the entire world. The gold beam immediately went toward Tang Wulin. There was no other light element that was seeping outward at this point, but all the inner court disciples watched the battle in awe.

Such a powerful attack! He was truly merciless!

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin was finally undergoing some transformations of his own. The golden flames that burned around his body suddenly exploded and turned into countless sparkles that spread toward the surroundings. Soon enough, his new form came into view.

Magnificent golden scales covered his entire body and he held a spear in his hand.

The Golden Dragon Spear appeared to be crystal clear and translucent in texture. After withstanding Yue Zhengyu’s three attacks, he stood there as if nothing had happened.

Tang Wulin’s gaze appeared to be extremely solemn as he watched the arrival of the stream of gold light. A valiant dragon’s roar came out from his body, and in the next moment, a pair of golden dragon wings flapped behind his back.

He had only one pair, but his dragon wings were much larger than any of Yue Zhengyu’s feathered wings. With a single flap of his wings, he immediately accelerated as if he was a stream of dazzling golden light. He welcomed the arrival of the golden beam face to face.

The golden beam of light flashed and vanished immediately. It seemed like it had completely swept past Tang Wulin.

However, a ghastly scene emerged. The portion of the golden beam that struck Tang Wulin was pushed up but not cut through by his body.

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