The Legendary Mechanic

Chocolion, 齐佩甲

Chapter 572 - Tanking the Main Cannon‽ (1)

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Chapter 572: Tanking the Main Cannon‽ (1)

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The mothership’s main ray cannon!

Only then did Han Xiao begin to panic. The lethality of the main cannon far outstripped that of the laser cannons attached to the side of the ship. Based on the size of this DarkStar mothership, one shot toward the planet could create a new trench. Using it just to deal with him was like using a cannon to kill a mosquito!

Was I too vicious to Degulish earlier? Han Xiao could not help but reflect.

If he had known about this, he would have exercised more restraint earlier, screaming out in misery and pretending that he had been severely wounded. At the very least, that was showing respect to their hard work! For him to sneer at them, he had trampled on their pride!

The other party was a Calamity Grade—how could they not be shown some face?

Han Xiao had no idea how much a blast of the main cannon would damage him. While he had proven the tenacity of his flesh through proper battle, it was another question to take the blast from a mothership’s main cannon head-on!

The nemesis of having fast recovery was an explosive burst attack. For example, if Ames unreasonably took the whole of Floating Dragon and threw it as an attack, the damage inflicted would far outstrip the rate of recovery; he would certainly die!

The main cannon of the mothership belonged to that of the high damage category. While it was far from being able to compare to a planetary destroyer, its killing power was able to disintegrate a Calamity Grade if they merely used their fleshly body to withstand it. If they were lucky, they might still have a few charred pieces of flesh remaining.

As such, only a fool would stay and accept the cannon blast!

Han Xiao did not say a single word, immediately donning his still persevering Void Dragon Mechanical suit and flying toward the sky.

The BlackLight Stealth dived down, ready to take Han Xiao in.

“Stay here!” Ember turned his attention away from the players, and with a wave of his hand, the black current soared out to capture Han Xiao.

However, the speed of the black current was far from comparable to the maximum speed of the Void Dragon mechanical suit.

At this point, Degulish’s head popped out multiple veins as he bent his legs, stomping and destroying the ground in a hundred-meter radius around him. In an instant, he appeared above Han Xiao’s head, and a swirling vortex gathered around his fist. A piercing light could be seen dazzling from within; that was a Pugilist skill that Han Xiao had suffered from more than once previously.

Han Xiao only had the time to raise his arms, and the glowing fist hit the direct center of his crossed arms.


It was as though the sky had exploded into a purple sun!

A forceful shock rushed toward Han Xiao, and being in midair, he had no way to transfer the impact. His vision blurred, and he only saw the BlackLight Stealth rapidly moving away from himself, followed by a heavy impact coming from his back. His entire body was slammed into the ground, and rubble covered him. Only a tiny pinprick of the sky was left in his vision.

This explosive fist had knocked Han Xiao straight from the sky into the ground.

His arms were weak and full of pain, with the interface showing the [Fractured] state on his panel. Han Xiao secretly lamented about how the fist strength of a Calamity Grade Pugilist was indeed extraordinary, even while he urged his energy to increase cell proliferation, swiftly healing his wounds.

The fractured bones were held in place through the contractions of his muscles, and with the increased proliferation of cells, the bones were connected in the blink of an eye.

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Cell proliferation could repair damage inflicted to any part of the body. So long as it was repaired consciously, the negative conditions such as fractures or handicaps would also be recovered while recovering HP. This was a side bonus that Han Xiao had discovered when he was being beaten up, or else all his bones would have broken by now.

Dong! Dong!

Before he could even take a breath, the rubble above his head was blasted open as Degulish directly smashed through the ground. With his fists continuously hitting the ground, he resembled a human bulldozer.

Han Xiao did not wish to be buried alive, so he knocked away the falling rubble and flew out. However, Ember’s black current shot forward at this point, blocking him for a moment.

“I’ve got you!”

Degulish rushed up with big steps, grabbing Han Xiao’s waist in a bear hug. He quickly changed his position to move behind Han Xiao, his hands forming a lock as he wanted to use his strength to suppress Han Xiao’s movements.

Comparing by Strength, Han Xiao was definitely not a match for the Calamity Grade Pugilist, and thus did not wish to tango with him at all.


At that moment, Terry also took the chance. Several metal pieces elongation, piercing toward Han Xiao’s eyes, throat, heart, and other vital areas.


The two Oathkeepers shielded Han Xiao from the deluge of metal. Each time he used [Waste Modification], the quality of the machinery would be reduced by a level. Thus, the Oathkeepers did not manage to block off much of the metal projectiles before they were pierced into beehives. However, they managed to buy Han Xiao some precious time.

Han Xiao fully activated his mechanical suit propulsion module, bringing Degulish with him as he rushed toward the sky to avoid the assault from Terry.

Even after struggling twice, Han Xiao was still unable to disengage himself from Degulish’s lock. Thus, he changed his method. The legs of the mechanical suit suddenly split open, and Han Xiao slid out from his suit, easily escaping. At the same time, he utilized the Mechanical Force to disintegrate the Void Dragon Mechanical suit, allowing it to form up around him once again.

Degulish was left hugging the air and immediately fell back to the ground.

The threat of the mothership main cannon gripped his heart, and with every additional second of delay, Han Xiao felt the danger increase another notch. However, with Degulish and Terry eyeing him, any attempt made to fly toward the sky would be blocked.

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The BlackLight Stealth could only hover above his head and did not dare get too close to the Calamity Grade Supers because it would be torn apart if it did.


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