The Long-awaited Mr Han

As If Dawn, 恍若晨曦

Chapter 385 - How Else Could They Find Out?

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Chapter 385: How Else Could They Find Out?

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“For the sake of filming, I entered the cold waters during winter. Every day, after filming all the action scenes, my knees were covered with bruises. However, when I thought about the fact that this is a film by Director Sun Yiwu, I just felt that all my injuries were worth the pain! As long as it would create the best effect in the film, it was all worth it! But I never expected that in the end, I was not left with even a single scene. I don’t know whether this is because of another female actress. I’ll admit that I’m not on good terms with her. I just can’t stand how she can reap without sowing at all. Many good actors have worked hard and struggled for years, even tens of years, but they never even got such a good opportunity, but it was stolen by someone who didn’t even know anything. I feel sorry for them and feel that it’s unfair. I’m a more straightforward and direct person, I never faked anything and so I offended this person. But because of this, my scenes were all deleted? Haha, hasn’t she gone too far with her bullying! Do you think I will just silently tolerate all this, and be afraid of offending anyone? Then you’re wrong. I will be going against the pressure and saying everything! I need justice!”

Bai Shuangshuang’s fans instantly took over the comment section.

“All of us know that Shuangshuang is referring to Lu Man. She’s too disgusting!”

“All the best Shuangshuang, we’ll support you. I don’t believe that that woman can single-handedly take over the entire entertainment industry. Since Greedy Wolf Operation deleted all your scenes, it’s their loss. they don’t know what a grave mistake they have made.”

“Without you in it, I won’t be watching Greedy Wolf Operation.”

“Lu Man sure is disgusting, she definitely must have hooked up with Sun Yiwu and bullied Shuangshuang. I really didn’t expect that such a famous director like Sun Yiwu would actually do something so sneaky and unspeakable.”

Subsequently, following the footsteps of Yu Xingzhou’s fans, Bai Shuangshuang’s fans also started a plan Boycott Greedy Wolf Operation movement, and started spreading the topic like wildfire.

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When Lu Man saw it, she only laughed it off, not even caring to respond at all.


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