The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism


Chapter 706 - Scaling the Mountain

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Chapter 706: Scaling the Mountain

Translator: CKtalon  Editor: CKtalon

“The experts that were here of course gave different explanations. They believed that that was just an analogy of the phenomenon and that over time, the myth came to take root.”

Fangzheng found it rather fascinating. If it were anyone else, they would definitely not believe in the legend, but Fangzheng was different. He had a System and a demon king by his side. He even had divine powers. Therefore, he held some belief in such folklore. As he walked, he relished in the story and asked, “Anything else? By the way, those experts did say that it was an analogy to the phenomenon. Does that mean that the Ganfanpen is like a basin?”

Tan Juguo laughed. “I have no idea what it looks like exactly either. Legend has it that the lake inside is like a basin, with small basins inside bigger basins, with numerous basins stacked upon one another. As for how many basins there are, no one knows. Legend says there’s a total of 81 basins. However, that’s just a legend.”

Fangzheng asked in puzzlement, “Patron Tan, I can believe it if people from the past had no idea how many lakes there are in Ganfanpen, but in this day and age? With modern technology, ignoring satellites, shouldn’t UAVs be able to fly in to take a look?”

“I know what you are getting at. The batch of experts that came back then brought equipment far more sophisticated than what you mentioned, but it was all useless. Apparently, all their equipment stopped working once they entered. UAVs that flew in were lost, some crashing to the ground. Even on satellite images, there was only white fog, so what could be seen? For years, many investigative teams visited Ganfanpen, but no team ever entered, saw everything clearly, and made it out alive. Those that managed to exit didn’t go deep before they retreated. By the way, I also heard from those experts that our Ganfanpen is even considered one of the unsolved mysteries of our country. Unfortunately, the place is just too dangerous, so it isn’t open to the public. If it had been developed into a tourist location, our village would have enjoyed good times a long time ago…” Tan Juguo shook his head with a sigh. It was unknown if he was sighing over the unsolved mystery of Ganfanpen or over the fact that it hadn’t become a tourist attraction, preventing the village from rubbing off of some of its glory.

Fangzheng said in astonishment, “Has someone died in Ganfanpen before?”

“Not just one, many.” Tan Juguo smoked his pipe and sighed. “That place is too dangerous. Those that died early on were herb or ginseng pickers. Later, its infamy spread, and various adventurous and scientific teams came. Batch after batch, they entered with none of them returning. Eh… Why are you asking me this? I’m telling you, don’t you dare go!” Tan Juguo suddenly snapped to his senses as he tapped his smoke pipe and said sternly.

Fangzheng chuckled dryly. “This Penniless Monk was only asking out of curiosity.”

“That’s good.” Tan Juguo nodded.

Fangzheng persisted by asking, “But really no one came out?”

Tan Juguo thought for a moment before shaking his head. “Not really. Rumors say that a young lady who didn’t know the horrors of Ganfanpen entered it to pick mushrooms. Then…”

“What happened?” Fangzheng asked.

Tan Juguo said with a bitter smile, “She traveled across Ganfanpen, and when she eventually came out and learned that she had stepped into the Valley of Death, she was so frightened out of her wits that she didn’t leave the house for days.”

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