The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Unfinished Circle

Chapter 497 - Hypocrisy Alert – 2

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Chapter 497: Hypocrisy Alert – 2

The things that happened in the hall soon spread around No.1 High School. Someone even made a big fuss out of it and posted it on No.1 High School’s forum.

Since Hu Lei was an honored guest that No.1 High School invited from the capital, even year-one and year-two students realized the gravity of the situation, let alone the third-year students.

For a moment, plenty of people swarmed into the forum as they all wanted to know the whole story.

Then, a certain person shed some light on the situation.

[I don’t know why the owner of this post didn’t mention why Professor Hu is so angry. According to what I know, it’s Fu Zhi who disrespected Professor Hu. Not only did she sleep during the class, but she also criticized Hu Lei’s mechanical heart design when he asked her to answer some questions on the blackboard. Besides, she also said that Hu Lei is not fit to become a teacher. If I were Hu Lei, I would have stormed away as well.]

Everyone began to express their opinion and dissatisfaction after they learned about the whole story.

[Fu Zhi criticized Hu Lei’s mechanical heart design? What is this? Is this some kind of joke?]

[Oh my good lord, how can she be so disrespectful? Does she not know how hard it’s for our school to invite Hu Lei to teach us?]

[I knew Fu Zhi has been someone with bad manners, but I didn’t know she would dare to openly criticize and talk back to Professor Hu!]

[That’s why I said the school shouldn’t let Class 21 attend the extra classes! If they didn’t join the class, something like this would never have happened!]

[But isn’t Professor He Min the one who picked Class 21 to attend the extra classes, so what the hell are you guys talking about?]

[Fu Zhi has done something and injured the image of our school, so of course we have to say something about it. Besides, it should’ve been Class 1 and Class 2 to attend the extra classes. I still cannot understand why Professor He Min picked Class 21 instead. In my opinion, we all should go to Professor He tomorrow and ask why he picked Class 21.]

In just about 10 minutes, there were more than a hundred comments below the post. Since the forum of No.1 High School was opened to the public, the representatives from Hang Yuan also learned about the matter as well.

They all let out a sigh of relief and said, “Thank God Fu Zhi has ruined everything again. Otherwise, we won’t be able to explain to Ms. Ouyang.”

“I don’t think there will be any improvement in their results even if they attended the extra classes. However, I’m really surprised how No.1 High School managed to get in touch with Professor He Min and his team, given that No.1 High School is a small school in a small town.”

“Have you forgotten that the principal of No.1 High School is Ouyang Feng? His status is higher than Ms. Ouyang in the Ouyang Family, so I’m pretty certain he’s the one who invited them.”

“So,” a boy added as he looked at Wu Zhiheng, “Young Master Wu, can you talk to Ms. Ouyang about this matter? Since Professor Hu is not willing to continue his lesson with No.1 High School anymore, can you ask her to talk to him and have him teach us?”

There was an old saying that went something like “everything has two sides”. Ouyang Ya kept asking them to run errands for her, so it went without saying that they felt she should do something back for them as well.

Before this, Wu Zhiheng did not understand why Professor He and his team chose to come to No.1 High School, but after his friend mentioned Ouyang Feng, he understood everything.

Hang Yuan had been in pretty bad shape recently, so Wu Zhiheng figured that he had to do something to keep this group of students in their school.

He put the book about stone gambling down and nodded. “Okay. I will talk to Ms. Ouyang tonight. Don’t worry, Hang Yuan put great emphasis on student welfare. Everything that No.1 High School has, we will give it to you as well.”

In the meantime, outside of the hall.

When Director Liu saw Hu Lei storm out of the hall, he wanted to stop him and explain to him, but Hu Lei did not give him the chance. In the end, he turned around and shouted, “Fu Zhi! Look what the hell have you done! Get out of the hall right now!”

Truth be told, Fu Zhi did not expect that Hu Lei would behave like a spoiled brat who would complain about her to her mother for bullying him. That said, she did not feel her comment about him was wrong. He was the worst teacher she had ever seen. The things he taught were unrelated to their learning syllabus, and he was just basically wasting their time. If he apologized after she pointed out his mistakes, she would let him off the hook and they could continue the lesson. However, unfortunately, Hu Lei refused to listen to her. He was unwilling to change and he insisted that he was right.

Therefore, Fu Zhi felt it was good for Hu Lei to go as well.

However, Director Liu did not know about it. He glared at Fu Zhi angrily, and just when he was about to say something, Fu Zhi interrupted, “Director Liu, Ye Jiu and I have something to do on the day after tomorrow, so we’ll not be coming to school next week.”

Director Liu was stunned. He was going to reprimand Fu Zhi for her bad behavior, and now Fu Zhi told him that she was not coming to school all next week?

‘Why can’t she just give me a break?’ Director Liu thought inwardly. He took a deep breath, and he was caught in a dilemma. He did not know he should ask why Ye Jiu and her were not coming to school next week, or he should reprimand Fu Zhi for chasing Hu Lei away.

After a short while, Director Liu rubbed his face in an attempt to calm himself down but to no avail. His face was contorted in rage and the corner of his lips quivered nonstop.

It was only then Fu Zhi realized something was wrong with him. She frowned and said matter-of-factly, “Director Liu, are you getting a stroke now?”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “This is a serious illness. You should probably take a leave today and have yourself checked at the hospital.”

The quivering of the corner of Director Liu’s lips grew even more intense.

‘I can live for another 500 years if you stop giving me so many troubles!’

Xiao Liu did not want to talk so much to Fu Zhi. He ordered. “You have to apologize to Hu Lei right now. I don’t care what you do, you have to bring him back.”

Hearing his words, Ye Jiu, who was standing silently beside Fu Zhi, lifted his head and asked with his brows raised, “You don’t know about it, Xiao Liu?”

Director Liu’s eyelid twitched and he said, “I don’t know and I don’t want to know about it.”

Ye Jiu paid him no mind and continued, “For Hu Lei, a late devotion worths even lesser than a grass on the roadside.”

Director Liu did not know what he should reply. He just felt that Ye Jiu should stop reading so many novels.

After Hu Lei, it was Qian Man’s turn to hold the class.

He Min was taking a rest in the hotel.

After Hu Lei had come out of the hall, he went straight to the principal’s office.

The veins on Ouyang Feng’s forehead bulged when he saw Hu Lei.

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Hu Lei coming to No.1 High School was beneficial to both No.1 High School and the students. After all, Ouyang Feng could use this to promote No.1 High School to get more enrollment next year. Besides, considering his influence in the research industry, Ouyang Ya reckoned that he should show some respect to him.

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