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Chapter 791 - The End of War

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Chapter 791: The End of War

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The Tower of Relics violently shook, the enchantment collapsed, and relics rebounded. Evil conveyance lights rushed out headed by a sheep-shaped demon with white hair and wings on his back. The demon was wise in his eyes, magnificent in his breath, and he almost reached the level of the demon fairy. He was Demon King Bai Ze Zhu Wu, the most powerful demon in history. However, due to bad luck, he met Yuan Kong, the sixth generation Patriarch of Shaolin who was granted the title of “Jia Ye Dharmakaya” and who was brutally suppressed until today.

Tears in eyes, Xuan Xin in Chores Yard felt really happy, and whispered, “Ancestor!”

He turned into flying light, entered the team of the demon race, and gave the demon-calling banner to Zhu Wu.

At the same time, in conveyance lights following Demon King Bai Ze were someone with a snake body and nine heads, someone with a face having no features, someone with four wings and six legs, and someone tiger-shaped in appearance and hedgehog-like in skin. All of them were the descendants of the great sage demon fairy from remote times and had original blood, so they had equal power.

Once they were free, they cried like a baby or thundered, making Shaolin like hell.

“Baldies, go to hell!” Several demon superiors turned back, trying to attack the Tower of Relics and Shaolin court to revenge being suppressed for years.

At this time, Kong Hui in the Tower of Relics understood the mistake, sighed, whispered the Buddha, and secretly confessed,

“I will kill demons to protect the temple in accordance with the Emotion Discipline.”

Behind him there showed up a statue of “Immovable King Ming” who himself was shining a clear coloured glaze light. He was solid like Jin Gang, and immovable like the earth. He held the worldly Ananda Oath-Breaking Blade and swung out.

The killing blade scattered the enemy, but a few of the demon race went on fire from which the red lotus burst into bloom. They had used up their strength.

They shrieked and turned to dust within a breath.

However, Kong Hui did not really comprehend Ananda Oath-Breaking Bladesmanship, so when he used the blade, there was a break in his actions. The Nine-Headed Demon Superior of Xiang Liu took the opportunity to rush to Shaolin court, intending to kill people at his best. Fortunately, Dharma Yard’s top leader Kong Jian guarded here. He was in his “Maha Figure” — ten fingers playing together. The wind seemed to be endless, hitting from every direction. The most powerful wind cleared out the venom of the Nine-Headed Demon Superior totally.

Han Guang left here with no hesitation, pulled the grey-haired guru out of the hidden path and flew to Demon King Bai Ze, leaving a voice message behind saying, “We must leave here as soon as possible.”

At this moment, zen sounds raised in the Tower of Relics,

“From today on, I would like to experience all trials in the world involving all evil beings including hell and three evil sects that harmed the creatures. I swear that only when all evils, hungry ghosts in hell and guilty men return to good can I reach Buddha level.”

“To become Buddha when no one is in hell; to be Bodhi when everyone is saved.”

A bodhisattva appeared in the air, sitting upright on the golden lotus and holding the Life and Death Dharma wheel. As a fist hit, all kinds of evil spirit were converted, and the hellish scene suddenly became clean.

The fist hit right on the side. The Life and Death Dharma wheel capped him down, so Kong Jian caught up with him. Kong Jian bent his index finger and middle finger of his right hand. The fingers faded their flesh color, presented green and red color like coloured glaze, and became bigger and bigger. Then a finger directly knocked on one head of the Nine-Headed Demon Superior.

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Although a demon was known for his strong body, but one of the Nine-Headed Demon Superior’s heads was blown off directly by a finger. The rest of its heads were hit with dizziness. The “Statue of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva” hit them with a fist in midair. The demon died.

Demon King Bai Ze shouted, “Go!”

It was not wise to be here if they didn’t know the situation.

After they saw that their companions did not win, the rest of the demon superiors, giving up anger and hatred, followed Demon King Bai Ze to escape from Shaolin while the tower was shaking and the colored glaze enchantment had a hole.

Bodhi Yard’s top leader Wu Si and other gurus worried about the damage of Shaolin court, were trying to restore colored glaze enchantment, and did not have time to chase.

Once out of the enchantment, Demon King Bai Ze and many suppressed demons took off the cage and regained the naturally free feeling under the clean sky.

“Haha, great trial is a great chance!” laughed Demon King Bai Ze a bit too long.

All of a sudden, a bright sword gleamed nearby, changing and elusive. It changed into two sword lights and attacked Demon King Bai Ze and Han Guang at the same time.

The sword light appeared without any sign, and Demon King Bai Ze was captured for a long time, so he had no time to react and could only move his body a little.

Silently, his left shoulder and a small half of his body were directly cut off, sticky blood spraying.

Han Guang, however, seemed to have expected it. He cut with a long blade making the sword light slow a little.Then he smiled and made a fist with his left hand to hit the ground.

The ground suddenly split revealing an evil, gas-tumbling world. Then Han Guang jumped into it.

The crack closed and Han Guang disappeared who obviously didn’t care about Demon King Bai Ze at all.

Sword light showing up again, Demon King Bai Ze saw a handsome man in blue who terrified him extremely.

Such a strong man should appear in the world when he was suppressed.

Regardless of others, Demon King Bai Ze emitted a hundred million small lights to cover other demon superiors and descendants and ignited a small half of his body to block sword lights.

At the same time, in his hand he had a gourd that was actually a demon-calling banner. The flag had raising light and carried them into the fake space. No one knew where they went.

After a few breaths, the colored glaze enchantment recovered. Bodhi Yard’s top leader Wu Si just saw the blue and handsome guru, “Xuan Bei, how could you come out from the nirvana trial?”

Xuan Bei wore a sad smile, “When I notice the Tower of Relics is shaking and our temple is in danger, I temporarily forget I am in a nirvana trial. Hence I come to.”

Kong Hui nearby suddenly laughed, “Good to forget. Good to forget!”

Xuan Bei was shocked, and suddenly enlightened. He added, “It’s all right. All right!”

Golden flames came out from his body and wrapped him completely.

Xuan Bei sat cross-legged, patted his knee, and read again,

“To become Buddha when no one is in hell; to be Bodhi when everyone is saved. ”

Seeing that, Bodhi Yard’s top leader was worried after yet felt pleased, talking to Kong Hui, “Wu Jing escaped…”

In a dense forest outside the Shaolin Temple, a strange round bird with black fur appeared, looking left and right, its short wings flapping. He opened his fish-shaped mouth and laughed, “We finally escaped from the damn Tower of Relics! Thanks to our wisdom, we took the opportunity to run away, but the damn turtle and bird haven’t reacted yet!”

“I, a noble descendant of Great Roc, ‘Roc with Vertical Wings’ owning unmatched wisdom is about to return to the demon race…”

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Words not finished, footsteps sounded. A huge cold turtle rushed past the bird and tread it to the ground, leaving footprints all over his back.

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“Fuck!” Roc with Vertical Wings got up hard, looked at the place where the turtle left, and chattered, “The turtle escaped, too… you left little face to me. When I reach Demon King Palace, and practice the magic arts my ancestors left, I will find you and… ”


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