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 Chapter 351 - God of Hope (8)

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 Chapter 351 – God of Hope (8)


The God of Hope vomited something.

It was reddish.

It looked like blood.


He’s throwing up blood like a real human.

No matter how human he looks, it’s essentially still a substitute.

He couldn’t vomit blood after being beaten.

The God of Hope was still in human form.

The limbs are broken.

The skin is burnt.

The hair is burnt out.

He had a human form, but it did not look like a human.

Rather, it seemed like something in the process of becoming a human.

It seemed more disgusting to have the intention to maintain that form.

[Isn’t this too much!]

The God of Hope cried out.

I was at loss for words.

“So who wants to do it in vain?”

[So did I not apologize?! I have promised to make amends already.]

As soon as the God of Hope made sure that I would not be affected by the trick, he immediately surrendered.

Of course, I attacked the God of Hope and he surrendered.

Practical gains were also important, but emotional relief was more important than that.

[It can’t be like this…….]

There’s no way it can’t be.

The skill of the God of Hope was certainly amazing.

He used the gap in the mind to encourage some emotions and used them as material to create a sense of pressure.

A feeling of pressure created by my own emotions, not by the power of the God of Hope.

It was a kind of pressure that could not be easily shaken even by a god.

Rather, it was done more easily because I was a god.

Because a god is bound to be trapped by himself all the time.

However, my case was a bit special.

I am very sensitive to sensations such as pressure.

I immediately focus and get excited at the other person who exudes pressure like a dog facing its prey, especially if I feel great pressure.


I set up the fallen chair and sat down.

That’s good.

As the excitement cooled down, the mood became despondent.

[… If you’re done hitting me, would you do something about this sword?]

The God of Hope said, pointing to Seregia, which was stuck in his heart.

I thought about it again.

Had I hit the God of Hope enough?

I decided that it was enough.

“Seregia, good job. You can go back and rest.”

I didn’t even have to pull her out.

Seregia, on her own, was pulled out of the heart of the God of Hope.

And she flew in the form of a sword, tore the space, and returned to Earth.

[… What on earth did you do to that sword?]

The God of Hope, looking at the place where Seregia tore apart space and disappeared, asked in a desperate voice.

What did I do?

Yeah, of course, I did a lot of things.

I had tried so many things.

[Have you ever been stabbed by that sword? If not, you will be stabbed sooner or later. It must be full of hatred and vengeance, and it must be looking for an opportunity to stab you.]

Said the God of Hope.

I just laughed.

There is no such thing.

I could affirm.

On the 60th floor, I had tried so many things with Seregia.

Countless experiments that had tried to go further, to get stronger.

They were bizarre and cruel experiments that I tried in order to challenge the limits of my imagination, and now it was disgusting to look back on them.

I was always suffering from shortages there.

The samples were too few.

Only myself and Seregia had no objection to experimenting.

In the end, about half of the experiments were conducted on Seregia.

Most of them were meaningless experiments, but sometimes they had significant results.

What I mainly studied at the time was divine power.

It was because the clash with the gods seemed inevitable for my goal of getting a Tutorial.

How can I get the power of God?

How can I amplify it further?

On the contrary, how can I counter the divine power?

I always thought about it and found a solution.

The divine power was, in the end, a power that was supplied from the outside through connection.

That connection was key.

It was the identity and divinity of the god that connected the god who received strength and the believer who gave strength.

I had heard the explanation of the incarnation from Kirikiri.

The incarnations used by the gods in their activities were by no means all of them.

There couldn’t be a concept such as ‘the gods’ true body is damaged when their incarnation is hurt’ for gods that symbolizes an idea or image.

God was immortal and perpetuated as long as there was his divinity and the believers who supported him.

In the course of making a body, I experimented with assimilating Seregia with a replica.

When I tried to assimilate Seregia, who had already been in the ranks of the gods at that time, with a replica, I discovered a surprising phenomenon.

Seregia and some of the assimilated replicas were no longer powered by the God of Heaven.

It was an amazing phenomenon.

I defined the phenomenon as divine pollution.

The identity of one deity is altered just by attaching another deity to it.

Eventually, the incarnations, gods, and apostles of the god whose identity has been altered due to contamination cannot be supplied with power from the original divinity.

It was a temporary phenomenon.

However, it was also a surprising phenomenon that, even temporarily, could completely prevent the supply of divine power between incarnations or apostles and their original deity.

Although it cannot completely annihilate the existence of a god, it was excellent at subduing the incarnations of the other gods.

The supply of divine power can be prevented by injecting Seregia into the incarnation of the opponent’s deity.

It is possible to invade the realm of other gods by tearing the barriers created by the divine power like paper sheets.

I could have destroyed an attack with divine power.

It was something we could do because it was Seregia.

Seregia herself acted as a catalyst for pollution.

It was possible because she was maintaining her character as a god.

If Seregia was a god who achieved the deity through faith gained from other believers.

Immediately after attempting to assimilate with another god, both the god and Seregia would have been neutralized.

However, Seregia, who does not possess the faith of others in the first place, is not neutralized by the contamination of the divine.

Her connection with others does not exist.

It was something I couldn’t even try.

Even if I risk being neutralized and try to assimilate with other gods, there is a high possibility that I and the other god will be destroyed instead of being neutralized.

Right now, for example, look at the God of Hope wriggling like a worm.

To be arbitrarily assimilated like that, his divinity collapses in on itself.

Divinity cannot mix harmoniously with other divinities.

No matter how harmonious the concept of divinity, it is impossible.

I could be sure.

Quite meaningful experimental results existed.

In any case, the presence of Seregia is a great force in the battle against the gods.

I use all kinds of miracles.

In the end, since the essence of gods can not mix, the significance of Seregia in the battle between the gods in a simple firepower battle was enormous.

I felt like I was the only one holding a weapon in the middle of the battlefield.

It can block the opponent’s attack or break through their defense.

A powerful weapon that through just swinging it at them, would leave them breathless.

It was one of the reasons for my confidence in victory.

The reason was the God of Hope, murmuring in front of me.

[It was an elaborate avatar…….]

The God of Hope took out a hand mirror from somewhere and looked at himself.

His hair was all burnt up, but his hair regrew when he touched his bare head. The features that had melted down were reborn when he touched his crushed and stuck face.

The appearance of restoring the incarnate body that had become rags seemed pitiful.

It was a battle that occurred because of the manipulation of the God of Hope.

However, thanks to that, meaningful experimental results were obtained.

First of all, even to the God of Hope, Seregia’s powers worked without any doubts.

The God of Hope also recognized Seregia as a weapon of extraordinary power.

It was very valuable information.

* * *

“Okay, let’s work together.”

There was enough information.

The value of the God of Hope was sufficient.

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Cooperation itself didn’t look bad either.

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