Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Tian Qiqi, 甜七柒

Chapter 505 - Hot Search

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Chapter 505: Hot Search

Fang Hua and Sheng Xichen looked down at them. The atmosphere seemed a little abnormal.

Generally speaking, the relationship between a big company’s boss and an employee should not be as strange as the relationship the two of them had.

Huo Ci had come to the film set to meet Director Chen Mo, but he had not come. He had gone to the rental house to find him last night, but he had not been there. This gave him a strange feeling. Was this person deliberately hiding from him?

Meanwhile, #Huo Ci’s Support Trucks# had just reached the hottest searches, when another trending topic about Huo Ci dropped.

#Breaking news! Huo Ci is suspected of having sex with a mysterious woman.#

When she reached the hottest topic, Ling Sheng was eating. She nearly choked to death before she could catch her breath. She coughed until her face was red, and her eyes widened as she stared at the photo.

Oh my!

The car!

The car… was shaking!

Explosive! This was explosive news!

The photo was very blurry, and the female protagonist’s face was unclear. However, one could see that the female protagonist’s hair was a little messy, and her clothes were a bit wrinkled. Her collar was open, and she seemed to have gotten out of the car before she could fix her clothes.

The car was very clear. According to the paparazzi who had been following Huo Ci, the car plate number belonged indeed to the car Huo Ci had taken that day. It was definitely that car.

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Ling Sheng coughed for a long time before she managed to calm down after gulping down a glass of juice. The more she looked at the female protagonist of this incident, the more familiar she looked. Wasn’t she Zhen Li?

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