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Chapter 424: Date night?!

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Chapter 424: Date night?!

Inside the Gu family residence…

"World's top player has reached Level 50! What will this mysterious game bring us now? What is in store for us in the future?"

"What new features will be unlocked and what new territories will be available? With the first player reaching Level 50, everyone has so many questions for the hero!"

"Now… if only this hero would talk to us!" The news anchor winked as she repeated the same flash news that was currently trending in many news outlets.

Watching this particular piece of headlines flas.h.i.+ng once again, Gu Donghai let out a miserable grunt and clutched his remote control in anger. His entire body was trembling from top to bottom.

He had failed. He had miserably failed once again.

He had planned everything perfectly, taken action when the other party would have least expected it, and attacked the guild residence when basically no one was there inside.

It was not like he had blindly gone in. He did the research.

He learned the number of NPCs in the guild residence and spent a huge amount of gold coins to even recruit similar NPCs to fight for him.

The victory should have been his and that d.a.m.ned guild residence should have been his as well!

By now he was the one who should have been the center of everyone's attention and grabbed all the headlines! Instead, it was this d.a.m.ned b.a.s.t.a.r.d again and he had failed yet again!

"LIAM! LIAM! LIAM! d.a.m.n it, where the h.e.l.l is that lucky r.e.t.a.r.d! If I ever get my hands on that jacka.s.s, that will be the last day he will live! Hmph!"

"Bao, what are the chances that b.a.s.t.a.r.d lives in our vicinity?"

"There should be some way to find out his location in the real world. Have you noticed something about this game? It always tries to out you rather than hide you."

"Wouldn't it be nice if this b.i.t.c.h who caused us so much loss lived right next street? Mother fcker, I would rip him apart from limb to limb and then some more… Cough. Cough. Cough."

Gu Donghai coughed violently, drops of blood appearing in his handkerchief. His health has only been getting worse lately with no end in sight.

The subordinate standing next to Gu Donghai quickly hurried over and brought him some cough medicine and a fresh gla.s.s of hot water.

"Hrmmm." Gu Donghai cleared his throat and took the medicine. However, before he could even swallow the water, his door banged open forcefully and an elder stood in front of his room.

"DONGHAI! What the h.e.l.l did you do now? Didn't I ask you to stay quiet and do nothing? Was that really so difficult for you?"

The arrogant young master who was shouting at the top of his lungs up until now suddenly became dumbfounded and stared as if a cat got his tongue.

"Father… I…" He then coughed again violently, though this time of his own volition so that he could earn some sympathy points.

"Donghai. Stop this nonsense. I already know about you, idiot. You want to fool this old man? Stop doing all these foolish things and get to the main house."

"Young master has instructions for all of us. There is a family meeting in a couple of days. And because of you, I am going to lose a lot of face there, do you know that?"

"Do you know how much loss we have suffered because of you? Idiot. Idiot. Useless piece of garbage. Good for nothing."

"You don't know how to do a single thing, couldn't you at least listen to my words and stay away from that game?"

"Father! That's unfair! I know it, father. I can become big. I am just a little-"

"Shut the h.e.l.l up. You have no idea what is going on! That game is not as simple as it seems. Wait till the family meeting."

The father looked at the son sternly and knowing that he was once again not going to listen to him, he looked at the three lackeys standing near him.

"Bring that game capsule out. Make sure that he doesn't log into the game again. If he does, I will personally kill you three! Do you understand?"

The old man snorted coldly and then left the room, not leaving any s.p.a.ce for Donghai to retaliate. Not long after a woman rushed into the room and hugged the chubby guy tightly.

"Donghai! What did you do now? Your father is very upset. Did he scold you? My poor boy." She hugged him and started crying.

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Gu Donghai, however, pushed the woman away. "Shut up. You are all always treating me badly. I could have been the next heir of our Gu family but everyone is plotting against me!"

"But maybe I shouldn't do it in a public place… hmmm." Thinking about how the two were going to react, Liam then logged out and lazily stepped out of the gaming capsule.

After which he showered, freshened up, and walked outside with a big yawn, only to find the two girls already dressed up and waiting for him.

"Wait, shouldn't women take longer to get ready?" Liam scratched his head.

"Don't tell me. You guys didn't even shower? No wonder it stinks around here." He jokingly teased the duo which promptly earned him a few punches from Mei Mei.

"Brother! UGH! You don't know how to talk! You are going to be single for the rest of your life!" The little girl narrowed her eyes and finished her barrage of punches.

"It stinks because we haven't aired out the apartment in a while and someone did not do the dishes before logging in. Hmph."

"Eh? So you both were also playing continuously?" Liam chuckled lightly while picking up some change, his wallet, his phone, and a bottle of water.

"Of course. Oh my G.o.d, brother. Did you not see the chat at all? We have so much to catch up on." Mei Mei clapped her hands in excitement.

"Ok, ok. Let's go. We have a lot to get done tonight. We can talk later." Liam smiled and led the two outside.

He held the door open for Mei Mei and then Shen Yue who still remained very quiet. "After you." Liam smiled and Shen Yue only nodded, her cheeks a little red.

The little minx of course saw this and grinned ear to ear. "Why do I feel like a third wheel suddenly? He He." She picked up her phone to get a cab but Liam stopped her.

"Why don't we use the public bus and when we are returning, we can come back by cab."

"Ah? Ok." Mei Mei nodded.

Though it was a bit weird she didn't think too much about it as previously when they had been just a step away from being homeless, they had used the public transportation all the time.

In fact, she was only going to call a cab because Shen Yue was there with them.

She put the phone back in her pant pockets and walked alongside Liam as the three of them leisurely strolled over to the bus stand.

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