Venerated Venomous Consort

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Chapter 2317 - Punishment (5)

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Chapter 2317: Punishment (5)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Thousands of needles pinpricked every inch of her skin. The tremendous pain was certainly unbearable, and soon, she started squealing in pain.

Di Fuyi paid no attention to her. Instead, he turned to the courtier and started questioning the man, “I have told you before that the Universal Net should only be used against dangerous people and that it could never be in someone else’s hands. I also said that if you disobeyed me, you would be beheaded. Did you really think that Hua Xuyue is someone dangerous?”

“No, she is not. I have let you down, sir. I shall call upon death to myself for what I have done,” the man said firmly while trying to slice his neck with the sword in his hand.

Swiftly, Di Fuyi flicked the sword away from his neck. “You have always been loyal to me. For that, your life is spared. Instead of your life, leave an arm and go. Never repeat the mistake, or I will not let it go so easily.”

The man kneeled and bowed before Di Fuyi for sparing his life. Without hesitating, he cut his arm off as his punishment. The punishment acted as a deterrent to the others. All the other men in his troop were frightened and swore to never disobey the king’s command, even to the slightest bit.

Before Di Fuyi left, he gave Princess Yuanyuan, who was still crying for help in the net, a quick look. “She will stay under the net, for the same amount of time she did to the infant. Let her go when the time is up.”


Di Fuyi thus left, along with the baby in his arms. No one dared to go against his order any more. For 20 solid minutes, Princess Yuanyuan never stopped crying for help, while struggling in pain. When she was finally released, she became so weak that she could not even stand.

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