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Chapter 487 - Sorry, We Have Done All We Could

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Chapter 487: Sorry, We Have Done All We Could

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Lu Zhaoyang was shocked. But at the same time, she could see the intention of the vehicle’s maneuver and turned around to run in the opposite direction.

The van would surely hit her if she moved in her original direction.

Lu Zhaoyang deliberately ran to a nearby flower bed. But the van driver seemed to have noticed her intention and slammed on the gas pedal.

It happened so fast that it was too late for Lu Zhaoyang to dodge. She could only cover her head with both hands.

The van crashed into the flower bed, and black smoke began to billow out from the front of the car.

Not long after, blood started to ooze out and dyed the ground around the flower bed in red.

The job was done. The stalled van engine fired up again and the van reversed and sped off.

Beside the flower bed, Lu Zhaoyang lay motionless on the ground. Drenched in her own blood, she was most certainly dead.

Had it not been for a passerby who discovered her in time, she would have died from excessive loss of blood on the spot.

Huo Yunting just got off the plane when Huo Li ran toward him panickily.

“Brother Ting, something bad has happened!”

“I know.”

Huo Yunting strode to the car parked at the side.

How could he not know when Lu Zhaoyang and Xue Yuming had conspired to kill his mother?

“Brother Ting, how do you know your wife was hit by a car?” Huo Li asked as he climbed behind the wheel, feeling baffled.

“What did you say?” Huo Yunting flung his fist on the backrest of the driver seat. “Lu Zhaoyang met a traffic accident?”

Huo Li was stunned; did Huo Yunting not just say that he knew about it?

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“She is undergoing surgical operation right now. Should we go to the hospital now?” Huo Li had already nosed the car out on the road.


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