Warrior’s Promise

Baili Longxia, 百里龙虾

Chapter 1877 - Ye San Niang

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Chapter 1877: Ye San Niang

“Specialities, Our Three Lady Inn has three distinct specialities!”

The tall, skinny man said cheerfully as he continued, “First of all, every room has its sole courtyard and there is a strong defence array. Secondly, the guests of our inns can obtain “Three Lady Wine” that was made by our own Three Ladies at the altar. Thirdly, our inn will provide all guests with an explanation of the situation of Ancient Dream Forbidden Land to minimise your risks!”

The tall and thin person politely explained the situation of the inn. Although he could see that Su Mo’s cultivation was not of Martial Sage, all who wanted to enter Ancient Dream Forbidden Land to find the creator were treated equally.

“Is that so?” Su Mo smiled upon hearing this. He did not care about the first two points, but the third point was what he wanted to know about.

“Son, I guarantee that living in our Three Lady Inn will benefit you greatly!” said the tall skinny man.

“Alright, let’s go then!” Su Mo nodded and then strode towards the inside of the mansion.

The tall, skinny man quickened his pace and led the way for Su Mo.

The shape of this mansion was a huge circle and was surrounded by hundreds of courtyards. There was a huge palace arched in the centre.

Crossing through the Jade Avenue, Su Mo came to the center of the mansion and walked into the Hall.

The interior of the palace was very large and was divided into two levels. The construction of each level was quite different.

In the space of the first floor, there was only one counter. There were three women behind the counter. Two of them looked rather young, about twenty or so and the middle lady was full of style and was slightly leaning on the counter.

The lady looked like she was about 28 or 29 years old, wearing a purple veil. Although one could not specifically see her figure, her shoulders that towered over the counter were as white as snow and made people uncomfortable.

This lady was also glamorous. Her lips were bright red and her skin was smooth and soft like an orchid. She was fascinating and beautiful.

“Three ladies, we have a guest!”

The tall, skinny man led Su Mo into the Hall and shouted softy to the women behind the counter.

“Haha, son, welcome to staying in the store!” the lady looked at Su Mo with a smile. Her stunning, beautiful face gave others a fascinating feeling.

Su Mo smiled slightly upon hearing this. At that moment, he had a feeling of staying in a black shop.

He looked at the lady and found out that he could not tell her Cultivation level and was instantly shocked.

With Su Mo’s spiritual perceptivity, even Middle Stage Martial Sage Realm Elites could not get past him as long as they did not intentionally hide their cultivation.

Now, however, he could not see through the lady’s cultivation. This meant that she could possibly be an Elite of the later stages of the Martial Sage Realmo.

“Give me a good room!” Su Mo said in a deep voice as he came in front of the counter.

“The guest rooms in our inn are split into three kinds – Heaven, Earth and Human. The Heaven rooms cost 5 million Upper Spiritual Crystals, Earth rooms costs 3 million Upper Spiritual Crystals and Human rooms cost 2 million Upper Spiritual Crystals. Regardless of which room you choose, once you check in, you can stay there for up to half a year!” the glamorous lady said with a smile.

“So expensive…!” Su Mo’s face instantly darkened when he heard this. If this was not a black shop, what was it?

For 5 million Upper Spiritual Crystals, one could stay for a few decades in the best inn in Ancientspirit Galaxy.

“Son, if you cannot afford this, you can walk out and turn left. There is a suitable inn for you!” the glamourous lady said with a smile when she saw Su Mo’s demeanour. She was not angry.

Su Mo stayed silent. He certainly could not afford it and felt that the price was too high. How could there be such an expensive inn?”

“Three ladies, the high son is coming!”

Just at that moment, another voice came from the outside of the palace. Another young man strode into the palace. He was handsome and was clad in white.

“Gao Haoran!”

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Su Mo was instantly stumped when he turned his head to look. The young man in white was none other than Gao Haoran, fellow disciple of Myriad World Mountain.

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