Warrior’s Promise

Baili Longxia, 百里龙虾

Chapter 2294 - The Asura Demon Path

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Chapter 2294: The Asura Demon Path

Gui Wuxue held a red saber in his hand and he had the aura of a demon.

The men from Demon Palace practiced Asura Demon Path. What Gui Wuxue had cultivated possessed a petrifying aura and it seemed vicious.

“Duan Jingtian, let me spar with you. I would like to see how powerful you are!” Gui Wuxue, who was in a black shirt, said as red light glittered in his eyes.

“Go ahead!” Su Mo said with a calm look. He did not take Gui Wuxue lightly as Gui Wuxue was more powerful than Lin Wushuang.

Gui Wuxue nodded. The demonic power in his body rose, and red light circled around the Demon Saber in his hand.

The area was in dead silence as everyone fixed their gaze on the scene.

Gui Wuxue and Lin Wushuang belonged to different classes. If Duan Jingtian could defeat Gui Wuxue, it would be spectacular!

All the best! Qin’er clasped her hands together and secretly wished Duan Jingtian well.

On the contrary, Chu Yan was hoping that Duan Jingtian would be defeated by Gui Wuxue.

Elder Xuan Tian was eager to find out whether Duan Jingtian would be able to defeat Gui Wuxue. He knew that Gui Wuxue’s strength was comparable to that of Ji Yuesong and Lin Wushuang was nothing compared to them.

If Duan Jingtain could defeat Gui Wuxue, that would prove him to be truly powerful.

The elders from the other Palaces looked grave. They acknowledged that Duan Jingtian was mighty.

Elder Tian Youwei started to frown. He had not expected to see such a powerful genius in Human Palace.

However, he was not the least bit worried. Although Duan Jingtian was powerful, he posed no threat to Tian Chenshan.

As Gui Wuxue and Su Mo stood on the platform, they exuded incredible aura.

However, one of them was demonic and the other was righteous.


Gui Wuxue was the first to strike. He waved his Demon Saber and slashed hard at Su Mo.

All of a sudden, a petrifying aura burst out.

A ray of Red Saber Qi swished toward Su Mo like a dazzling Blood River.

The Saber Qi possessed the Rules of Killing. That blow was deadly and it was filled with an immense desire to kill.

It could destroy a person’s spirit and encroach on his mind.

That was the impact of the Asura Demon Path. Its aura alone could cause a person to lose their mind.

The Asura Demon Path was also known as the Asura Killing Path and it was cultivated when one was in the process of killing.

The Asura Killing Path was a terrifying martial art. A mighty Asura Killing Path master could kill thousands of martial artists with his eyes.

Su Mo remained calm when he sensed the overbearing power from the blow that Gui Wuxue had thrown out. He would no longer hold back as it was time for him to show his power.

Su Mo lifted the sword in his hand. As the sword power rose, a mighty fighting spirit burst out.

The mighty fighting spirit was like the coming of a deity, intensifying Su Mo’s imposing aura.

It seemed to have the power to crush the world and all other gods.


Su Mo threw out a blow with his sword and the terrifying Sword Qi smashed through the sky and hit the Red Saber Qi.


The Red Saber Qi exploded. The Sword Qi was formidable and it moved on to attack Gui Wuxue.

“How can this be!”

Gui Wuxue’s face turned pale when he saw the Sword Qi. Duan Jingtian has a more powerful trump card!

As the Sword Qi was approaching Gui Wuxue, he did not have the luxury of time to think. The Ghost Force in his body surged and he immediately used his saber to fend off the blow.


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A strong force burst out when the Sword Qi hit the saber.

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