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Chapter 1054 - A priceless gift

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Chapter 1054: A priceless gift

The procedure for Maio to take in patients was more complicated than that of 912. There were many processes.

The doctors from the gastrointestinal surgery department had to wait for the admission of the community Hospital to be handed over. Based on Zheng Ren’s understanding, he still did not want to take over a patient whose Appendix had not been removed.

If they were at 912, no one would want to take up such a patient. When doctors all over the world faced diseases alone, their treatment methods were still relatively similar.

Who knew what the guy in front of him had done in the patient’s stomach?

Moreover, the patient’s Appendix had not been removed, which meant that the patient’s condition was extremely serious. What if he could not solve the problem even after the appendix was removed?

Whoever is willing to take the blame can do it, I’m not doing it anyway.

This kind of thinking was too common. Zheng Ren could understand it, but he could not force it. In this place, it was already a miracle that he could arrange for Wu Hui to be admitted to the hospital. As for other matters, he was sorry, but he was powerless.

There was no problem with Wu Hui’s condition. At the very least, there would not be any complications such as shock for the next few days.

Therefore, it was better to wait.

Anyway, he had sent Wu Hui to Mayo, the best hospital in the world. Even if Wu Hui was misdiagnosed, he would still get good treatment. Zheng Ren was satisfied with this.

‘Then let’s get ready to leave,’ Zheng Ren thought.

Just as he was about to tell Su Yun that he was leaving, Dr. Jack said something to Dr. Smith with a strange expression.

Smith was taken aback. He then walked up to Zheng Ren and said seriously,””Dr. Zheng, Dr. Charles asked me for your address. He thought you left.”

“Address?” Zheng Ren was puzzled.

“Yes.” Dr. Smith nodded very seriously. The matter of being a visiting professor was originally just a casual remark, but now, he instantly made up his mind.

No matter what he wanted the address for, it proved that professor Charles ‘att.i.tude toward Zheng Ren was different from the others.

It didn’t matter what professor Charles wanted to do.

Zheng Ren also realized that the old man might want to send him some gifts or something. Since he hadn’t left yet, it would be better to pay a visit to the old man.

“Su Yun, contact Mr. Qu later.” Zheng Ren said.

“You said it’s too late. I’ve already informed zou Zhi.” Su Yun said.

“…” Zheng Ren was helpless. There were bad times when things were done too quickly. In that case, let’s quickly visit the old man and save ourselves the trouble.

Zheng Ren briefly explained the situation to Su Yun and left, heading straight for professor Charles ‘laboratory.

Dr. Smith hesitated for a long time, but in the end, he still followed. His intuition told him that accompanying doctor Zheng might be beneficial to him.

Professor Charles was reviewing materials. Although he was old, he still worked in the laboratory like a young man.

Even though it was also a laminar flow laboratory, Zheng Ren still felt that the air here was not good. Perhaps, it had something to do with the material used in the experiment.

Back when he wanted to do basic research, Zheng Ren knew that this was something he had to face when doing experiments.

“Young man, you still haven’t left?” Professor Charles asked in surprise when he saw Zheng Ren.

“I met a Chinese friend asking for help, so I was delayed for a few hours.” Zheng Ren smiled and said.

“Help?” Professor Charles noticed the word Zheng Ren used.

Zheng Ren explained what had happened, but he did not say what the problem was. He only stated it objectively.

“Go and find out who’s in the community Hospital.” Dr. Charles called his a.s.sistant over and ordered.

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Zheng Ren was a little numb.

He had to make full use of his time to get this done. He had to try his best to receive an invitation letter from a visiting professor by the time Doctor Zheng returned to China.

No! He had to finish this before he returned to the country.

“I’m already old, and I can’t perform surgery anymore. ” Dr. Charles smiled.”Over the years, I’ve ordered one whenever I see something I like or think of something that I can use. I’ve gradually acc.u.mulated some. It’s a pity to keep it. I’ll give it to you so that you can perform the surgery well. ”

Zheng Ren’s entire body quivered, and he had gooseb.u.mps.

It really was like this!

He stood there in a daze, not knowing what to say.

Su Yun was also stunned. What was going on?

“Hehe.” Professor Charles laughed again when he saw Zheng Ren’s expression.””How about it? are you interested in using my knife to perform an operation in Mayo?”

“There are!” Zheng Ren blurted out.

“Yes.” Professor Charles nodded, stood up, closed the doc.u.ment, and walked toward Zheng Ren with his hands behind his back.””Did your Chinese friend make a clear diagnosis?”

“Clear.” Zheng Ren had already entered a state of dumbfoundedness. He would answer whatever Dr. Charles asked.

“That’s good. We’ll do this surgery. When my a.s.sistant brings back the previous medical records, you can refer to them and perform a perfect appendectomy for me to see. ” Professor Charles said lightly.

Then, he waved his hand, and someone brought over a silver box made of an unknown precious metal.

Zheng Ren took it. It was not as heavy as he had imagined. The box itself was very hard, but it was also very light. Just the material alone was estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands.

“Open it and take a look.” Said professor Charles.

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