I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey

万劫火 - 等到夜深

Chapter 238: Gifting A Clock

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Chapter 238: Gifting A Clock

Andrew had finally decided to visit this mysterious yet powerful bookstore owner after psyching himself up.

Deep down, he knew that this was a visit he had to pay.

But having once adopted a hostile att.i.tude toward the bookstore and hatched a few ill-intentioned plans against the bookstore, Andrew would definitely be lying if he claimed that he wasn't worried.

He would break out in a cold sweat whenever he was reminded of his past actions.

Given whatever strength the bookstore owner by the name of Lin Jie had revealed, taking Andrew's life was probably a piece of cake for him.

Though he now understood the brashness of his past actions had been in fact a result of Jerome’s manipulation and bewitchment, Andrew had the impression that this was the reason Lin Jie had never taken to heart his constant acts of animosity. It was never his true intention as his mind had been subjected to external influence.

However, Andrew had never spoken with the bookstore owner before, and these were all his conjectures.

What if Lin Jie had only been letting a 'small fry' like him off the hook for the time being and intended to get even with him at a later time?   

Wouldn't he be seeking his own death by approaching the bookstore owner on his own accord now?   

But Andrew had no other options.

No matter how conflicted and reluctant he was, he no longer held any tangible power. Every one of his orders would have to be audited before they could be approved, which was utterly restraining for him.

As long as Jerome was around, he could influence the results of the investigation by bewitching the committee with his mind-influencing elixir and foiling Andrew’s plans with ease.

Andrew suspected Diamante, the other Truth Union Vice-Chairman, had also been under influence by Jerome. After all, Jerome seemed to be really ambitious.

The ones supporting him from the shadows must have given him great confidence that he even harbored the delusion of trying to control the Truth Union…   

And all this just had to happen when Chairwoman Maria was currently away.

Simply put, Andrew wanted to change the situation. Right now, the only way was to seek the a.s.sistance of the mighty bookstore owner.

To his horror, the bookstore owner, whom he perceived as his last hope, did not even recognize him…

Andrew fell into silence.   

I'm finished, was the first thought that flashed across his mind.     

Then, something clicked and his thoughts went wild. He has the reputation of being omnipotent, yet he claims to not recognize me. He could say that he forgot who I was before I arrived, but now that I’m right in front of him, he is definitely lying to my face.

Therefore, there's only one possibility. His feigning ignorance on purpose!

And his reason for doing so could only be —

He does not intend to accept my apology!

Andrew’s heart sank.

Did I grossly misjudge the situation? He was actually offended and wanted to use this opportunity to watch me struggle in the lurch as a form of his revenge?

He couldn't help letting out a bitter smile as his thoughts fell into despair. The wicked sense of humor befitting that of a higher being indeed…

But... No!

A thought sparked in Andrew’s head. He just said ‘welcome.’ Does that mean that he isn't rejecting me? This is a sign that he is treating me as a customer! 

From another point of view, perhaps he refused my apology because he did not think that I didn't have to apologize. After all, it was all Jerome’s wicked scheme and not the fault of mine...

He was speaking to me purely as a first-time customer. This must be a chance to start afresh!

And right now… he is still observing. He must be testing my sincerity. Hahaha, thankfully I did my research before coming over!

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A glimmer of hope resurfaced for Andrew as his spirits were lifted in an instant. Then, he suddenly looked up in shock.

Andrew had already calmed down at that point. Upon hearing Lin Jie’s words, his eyes lit up for a moment before he put on a solemn expression.

This question… must be a test!

The bookstore owner could indeed read his mind and must have sensed his sincerity; therefore, he was offering him the opportunity to apologize and redeem himself.

If he could successfully seek forgiveness, he would naturally be in the bookstore owner's good books.

The condition of this question was that whatever he was apologizing for had to be something to do with the bookstore owner.

And the only time there was such a thing was during Jerome’s evil plot, where Andrew had direct contact with the bookstore owner bearing ill intentions. He instructed those 'Truth-Seekers' scholars to pay a visit and 'mess up' the bookstore!

With ample caution, Andrew tread lightly. “Do you still remember Hood and the gang?”

Lin Jie paused as he recalled. “Those brats who broke into my store in the middle of the night? Why… are you their father?

"Did you specifically come here to apologize on behalf of them?"

Lin Jie had nearly forgotten that bunch, but coming here to apologize for that incident did make sense right now.

“It’s like this.” Andrew let out a sigh of relief upon knowing that he had pa.s.sed the first round of the test. He continued, “I am the Vice-Chairman of the Truth Union. Theoretically speaking, I am their superior and Hood is the nephew of Chairwoman Maria. Therefore, it is not entirely wrong to say that they are my children."

Lin Jie nodded, indicating that he had understood.

As Lin Jie nodded, Andrew was touched that tears nearly flowed. He took a deep breath before presenting a little, exquisite enameled silver box.

“This is a gift that I have prepared for you, I hope you can forgive…”

He uncovered the lid of the silver box carefully and gently revealed what seemed like an intricate, mechanical desk clock.

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