Zombie Sister Strategy

A Wisp of Netherworld Inferno, 一缕冥火

Chapter 605 - Huaxia Base

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Chapter 605: Huaxia Base

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The mutation had allowed those roe deers to eat flesh, but when there was no flesh to eat, they would still eat grass. Therefore, Lin Qiao didn’t need to worry that they might die of starvation in her space, because she had a grassland there.

She only wondered if the grasses in her space were enough to feed those roe deers.

After catching about twenty roe deers, Lin Qiao returned to where she skinned the first one. The snake had caught another roe deer, which was still alive. Clearly, the snake was waiting for Lin Qiao.

“We can leave after finishing this,” Lin Qiao glanced at that roe deer which was wrapped in the snake. It opened its mouth wide to bite the snake, yet couldn’t do any harm to the latter. The teeth of those mutated roe deers were able to hurt humans, but the scales of a level-five mutated snake might break them.

Lin Qiao turned to give Lu Tianyi a glance and asked, “Do you want some more?”

Lu Tianyi shook his head, even though he still felt hungry. He had eaten two legs, which weighed tens of kilograms in total. He actually ate them all!

“You can eat these animals occasionally to satisfy your sense of taste, but they can’t quench your hunger. Zombies have a distinctive desire to eat humans. The satisfaction that you now want is no longer the same as the satiety from your stomach,” Lin Qiao said while skinning the second roe deer.

“Human blood contains some kind of energy that can allow the zombies to evolve slowly. Zombie nuclei can do the same.”

While eating, Lu Tianyi watched Lin Qiao skin the second roe deer, cut off the legs, and throw the rest to the snake. Clearly, the trunk of the first roe deer didn’t satisfy Black’s stomach. That snake needed someone to skin its food!

After feeding the second roe deer to Black, Lin Qiao waved a hand and released a stream of dark fire to burn out the two roe deer skins on the ground, also cleaning the blood-stained snow nearby.

The zombie dog was still eating his roe deer, having opened it up to wolf its flesh. After it finished the roe deer, Lin Qiao put it back into her space along with Lu Tianyi and the snake, then turned and left.

Down the mountain, the roads were deeply buried under snow, and it was impossible to drive. Lin Qiao turned invisible and walked on the snow field alone, leaving a series of footprints behind her.

‘If someone saw this, would they think that there’s a ghost?’

She knew how to vanish the snow though. As she swung a hand forward and sent out a flake of dark fire, the snow on the ground disappeared within a moment. After that, she took out the car from her space and melted all the snow ten meters wide before the car.

Then, she got into the car and started driving forward. Meanwhile, she sent her dark fire forward as well, ahead of the car.

One hour later, she got near to Huaxia Base. Instead of driving closer, she put her car back into her space before the Huaxia people discovered her, then turned invisible and climbed onto the fence wall.

Standing on the fence wall, she wore a serious face. That base was really extraordinary; merely the weapons on the fence wall had given her a faint sense of crisis. The buildings in the base had all been remodeled. The base gave out a vibe of future technology, looking highly developed.

That base had recruited almost all the best scientists in the country who survived the apocalypse. For that reason, it grew much stronger than the other bases, and became the no. 1 base in the country.

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That base owned all kinds of advanced technologies, and that was one of the reasons that the other bases were afraid of it.


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