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Chapter 1088 - A Son-in-law Marrying Into the Family

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Chapter 1088: A Son-in-law Marrying Into the Family

Qi Zhenbai was tempted by his wife’s subconscious actions and took a deep breath. Seeing that she was drunk but could still speak clearly, he was a bit surprised and delighted.

It was just that when he heard how his wife could only say a few words to his father-in-law, he could only take the phone and talk to his future father-in-law himself.

“Dad! Is something the matter?” Qi Zhenbai’s voice was naturally warmer when he spoke to his father-in-law, and his tone was calm.

On the other side, Chi Lingyan choked when he heard Qi Zhenbai call him “Dad.” However, this kid had already called him “Dad” a lot before this.

Father Chi quickly accepted it. Thinking of how Yan Yan had suddenly brought up the matter of a son-in-law marrying into the family, he couldn’t help but wonder if the two children had quarreled. Wait, his daughter was still with this kid at this late hour? Father Chi had thought about the possibility of the two living together before, but now that it was confirmed, he couldn’t help but be agitated. He suddenly asked in a cold voice, “Yan Yan isn’t staying on campus?”

Qi Zhenbai: …

Qi Zhenbai did feel a little guilty at his father-in-law’s question. For one thing, his wife was indeed young. If he had a daughter in the future and a man kidnapped her so early on, he would definitely break the man’s legs.

Thinking this, Qi Zhenbai shuddered. He neither admitted nor denied it outright. “Yan Yan is drunk!”

Father Chi snorted. He didn’t really want to ask if the two of them were living together. He would be relieved if they weren’t. If they really were living together… Father Chi couldn’t breathe, just thinking about it.

The only thing he was glad about was that even though he usually didn’t show Qi Zhenbai a good expression, he had to admit that the other party was indeed attentive to Yan Yan and was steady and mature. Given this kid’s performance in the military, Father Chi would be at ease if he really handed Yan Yan over to him. There were benefits to being older; at least the kid knew how to dote on her.

Father Chi thought about how his daughter liked this kid a lot, and he couldn’t be bothered to interfere in the lives of these two young people. If this kid really didn’t take responsibility for Yan Yan one day, he would settle old and new scores together.

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Father Chi didn’t talk to Qi Zhenbai for long before he hung up. Qi Zhenbai placed the phone on the edge of the bed, and his heart melted when he saw his wife quietly looking at him with sparkling eyes.

However, he couldn’t bear to torture her tonight. He also wanted to see how his wife looked when she was drunk. Without batting an eyelid, he wrapped her up and asked, “What did you talk to Dad about?”

After a while, Chi Shuyan seemed to understand what the man in front of her was asking. She suddenly said, “Are you willing to marry into my family?”

Qi Zhenbai: …

“After I marry, my dad will be alone, so I told him that I would find him a son-in-law to marry into the family!” After getting drunk, Chi Shuyan seemed to have a lot to say. Seeing that the man in front of her didn’t speak for a long time, she thought that he didn’t want it. She nodded and said, “If you don’t agree, I’ll find someone else.”

With that, Chi Shuyan curled her lip and said proudly, “Uncle Wei and Aunt Chang keep saying that they have too many sons. Any of the Wei brothers can marry in! There are also others!”

Qi Zhenbai: …

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