Concubine's Stunning Daughter : Ghost Emperor Please Be Lenient!


Chapter 27.1

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Chapter 27.1 : Bad Taste in People

The only thing he wanted to do right now was to beat up the person who had stolen the piece of jade. That way he didn't have to disappoint the Crown Prince like he did just now.

"Your Highness, when we were searching for the piece of jade, there was a person from the Northern Shrine that interfered."

Nangong Changqing's eyes flickered, "Was it really that easy for the people of the Northern Shrine to lose their composure? Are they trying to make a joke out of this prince?"

"Your Highness, the disappearance of the Yan Water Jade was most likely connected to that person from the Northern Shrine. Does Your Highness want this subordinate to investigate him?" asked the Falcon army captain. He made sure to ask carefully to ensure that he did not receive the prince's wrath.

"No need." said Nangong Changqing while he waved his hand. He then coldly glanced at all of them and sighed, "If it really was him, then even your whole army would have been demolished once you go against him. You might as well go and cultivate more."

Then the captain of the Falcon army became startled. Who was this person that the Crown Prince talked about? Someone of such strength!.

That person's status was highly respected, and his moves were nothing short of brutal. Even Yama, the king of h.e.l.l, had to be wary of going against him. A Falcon army standing in front of him would simply be just be a joke.

"You may leave."

When the Falcon army left the palace, Nangong Changqing's deep eyes contained a small trace of coldness within them.

He felt that the person who stole the piece of jade was related to that person form the Northern Shrine. If it was that person's subordinate, then why would he pretend to be little Xia Zi and rub his back?

That person's movements were very fast, so it would have been really easy for him to steal the Yan Water Jade. This conclusion was why he believed that the person who stole the piece of jade was not related to that person from the Northern Shrine.

He reckoned that the Falcon army only ran into a person from the Northern Shrine by coincidence.

If that was the case, then who was the person who stole the piece of jade?

At this moment, Nangong Changqing had no expression on his face. His thoughts then travelled to the soft and gentle feeling that he felt from that little hand. That person's hand wasn't rough like a man's.

Could it be a woman?

"Crown Prince…" murmured Xia Ziqi whilst he quietly walked in, as he saw that Nangong Changqing was lost in his train of thoughts, "Your Highness, the Empress…"

Nangong Changqing's heart trembled and he immediately turned around, "What happened to mother?!"

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Then Xia Ziqi honestly said, "Empress's heart illness broke out again. The imperial doctors are…"

Under Yun shi's expectant look, Di Yaotian quickly picked up a thin slice of meat. However, before he was able to put it in his mouth, a shadow came in from the main lobby. The shadow brought wind with it and blew the thin slice of meat onto the ground.

"Who dares to be so unrespectful!!" shouted Di Yaotian angrily as he clenched his fist.

Yun shi's pupil slightly shrunk as she saw a tall figure approach. When she looked more closely, she saw that this person was Nangong Changqing.

"Crown… Crown Prince?!" after Di Yaotian saw clearly who entered he immediately relinquished his anger due to fear and walked over.

Nangong Changqing's cold phoenix eyes moved towards the table of food that Di Yaotian was leisurely enjoying. This indicated to the prince that Di Yaotian had already finished refining the pill. His tightly furrowed eyebrows then lightened up a bit.

He was indeed worthy of being the head of the Di Family, the family famed for their hundreds of years of pill refining and medicinal study. Di Yaotian had already finished refining the pill so quickly, just in time for him to save his mother.


Poor Nangong Changqing…

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