Divine Emperor of Death


Chapter 2540 Guest?

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Niel Bladeheart's appearance was anything but brisk. However, his eyes still shone with confidence as he looked at Davis.

"I didn't expect to see you here. What a coincidence..."

His eyes flashed with the intent to battle, which caused Davis to smile.

"Seems like you had managed to comprehend some insights after our last battle."

Niel Bladeheart's lips unwittingly curved, "Indeed. Thanks to you people, I managed to further perfect my sword arts."

"I can see that." Davis pursed his lips, "But it's obvious you overspent your psyche. Shouldn't you go back and take some rest?"

Niel Bladeheart shook his head, "I already fell in the rankings a lot, so I'm here to regain back my standings. After all, without being ranked, the wages and contribution points being multiplied at the start of the month are lower."

"Oh, yes. I have read about that, but I'm not aware of the specifics. Could you explain it in detail?"

Niel Bladeheart blinked but with Davis asking politely, he felt like he had no choice but to explain and subconsciously acted on his thoughts.

"Well, the rates are adjusted based on the sect's entire income, which is only privy to the sect elders and above, but as long as you're in the top thirty, you will be able to receive three times the wages and contribution points which you earned at the end of the previous month. The further you are above in the rankings, the better the rewards you will receive."

Davis nodded his head, understanding that the Aurora Cloud Gate didn't give any disciple preferential treatment. Since the rankings kept changing, resetting every two months, the disciples were forced to work their a.s.ses off for the sect if they wanted to keep their ranking.

Even the Ghost Tear Hall's disciple rankings reset every six months, but in the Aurora Cloud Gate, the rankings reset every two months. Although they both ran on meritocracy, rewarding the most hardworking disciples, it was clear that the Aurora Cloud Gate was more strict with its rules, not to mention keeping the compet.i.tion between the disciples at an all-time high unless they wanted to fall behind their peers and get kicked out or demoted after a few years of inactivity.

Davis knew that it differed based on the status of the disciple but to what end or distinct, he didn't know as that was also only privy to the elders.

Niel Bladeheart explained a bit more politely before Davis asked.

"What kind of mission are you going to take?"

"As a sword cultivator, it's a given that I'm going to take a mission from the security missions. I get to experience real battle and further improve my sword."

Niel Bladeheart lightly smiled, causing Davis to give a thumbs up before the both of them went to their own devices. It was as though they didn't have an encounter at all, minding their own business.

Soon, both of them left the mission distribution palace and disembarked from the island, flying away in different directions.

As for Davis, he flew in a random direction, his gaze perceiving his surroundings as though roaming around aimlessly. He did a bit of exploring, wondering if he would have some trouble. However, he didn't go too far, remaining within the confines of the patrolling disciples.

As far as he considered the Aurora Cloud Gate, its safety was top-notch, but no one could expect someone suicidal to appear and self-destruct beside him, not even him. If an Immortal King locked him down with their pure pressure and exploded, he was well aware that there was little he could see he could do to save himself, much less the Aurora Cloud Gate, who would take a few seconds to arrive beside him.

That kind of situation, although impossible on a natural scale as everyone here held some weight in the outside world and wouldn't want to end their life unless forced or possess irrevocable hatred towards him, the previous situation with that unknown white-robed inner disciple had him feeling alert.

'If I relax and chill, perhaps a s.p.a.cequake might suddenly appear and swallow me into the void...'

Perhaps, he felt a bit apprehensive after talking with Fallen Heaven that he didn't explore too much and returned to the safe zone after a few hours of undisturbed exploration. Even then, he didn't get past a few hundred thousand kilometers around his floating island, remaining in the vicinity before making his way back home.

The skies were boundless as the s.p.a.ce, and the floating ma.s.ses of land were vast as the clouds. It was simply too hard to traverse, even for immortals.

Only Immortal Kings could possibly achieve a tremendous speed to easily traverse the floating islandscapes in the Aurora Cloud Gate. As for how the people from the extreme distance or situated in the corner of the sect appeared to take missions and do other things, it's because Davis learned that there were teleportation formations placed within many public or small islands solely focused on transportation purposes.

With just a little bit of adventure, he felt marveled by the ma.s.sive economy and infrastructure of the Aurora Cloud Gate, not to mention its security and activities. It was a dream come true for many famous cultivators to become a part of this place, and now that he was actually here, roaming around, Davis felt a sense of camaraderie, not for his fellow disciples but for the sect that decided to protect him.

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'Perhaps, it's because of Saintess Lunaria...'


Davis's brows squinted as he saw this scene. It seemed like Nightveil was being admonished for some reason, causing him to shake his head in displeasure before he headed toward them.

"Iris, every one of us knows that you came from the Grand Beginnings Continent. Didn't you say that you were somewhat acquainted with Davis Alstreim? What? Cat got your tongue? Caught after lying, you want to back out now?"

A s.e.xy short black-haired woman revealed a faint smile as she tightly grabbed Nightveil and shook her head, causing Nightveil to clench her teeth in anger but didn't do anything in retaliation as she glared at her.

"Ridiculous… it's you who insisted on proving the veracity of my statement. I have no reason to prove it to you, nor do I need to follow your words to the end. You're only a failed Clan Princess, Nila. Don't be full of yourself.."



"How dare you?"

The short black-haired Dynastic Evernight Phantasm Spirit's expression churned with anger before she struck Nightveil with her palm, slapping her cheek as she pushed her away.

Nightveil helplessly staggered in the air and appeared as though she was about to fall when two hands grabbed her shoulder, causing her to regain her balance. Her heart jumped as she wondered who it was, turning to look back to see a familiar face that had once saved her from having her immortal tribulation sabotaged by her enemies.

Her priceless expression of shock did not attract the attention of the man who held her as he glared at the people before him.

"Bullying isn't appropriate, don't you think?"


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