Divine Emperor of Death


Chapter 2777 Commendations

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Chapter 2777 Commendations

Davis sat beside the Starlight Jade Wolf King before the platform that was now a battle stage. Behind them were the two immortal inheritors of the Starlight Jade Wolf Clan, so the placing of Davis's seating was kind of overdone in his mind and the others.

However, he didn't mind, considering that he was receiving protection from the Starlight Jade Wolf King at the moment, as there was a chance that someone could sneak attack him.

The inner hall was also thoroughly surveyed, and the dubious people who weren't able to prove their background, perhaps a.s.sa.s.sins managing to hide themselves using their natural features, were captured. The fate of slavery awaited them.

This made the people feel very safe, and the compet.i.tion between the younger generation to vie for the number of votes present in the alliance was going to begin.

If any of them were to go back on their words, the price to pay would be their lives.

In other words, if a leader dared to back off from the agreement made using a Low-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Blood Soul Contract, then they would undoubtedly die, which would then release them from the burden of joining the alliance. Still, even though the price was steep, every leader was willing to sign it because being in an alliance came with advantages like getting reinforcements from other powers in the alliances as well as access to other's territories for a lower price.

This would increase defense, not to mention trade and boost everyone's economy, but surely, the one who had the most say in the alliance would tend to gain the most. That's why this seeming event that was conducted for entertainment now involved the chance to sway their future in a different zone than they expected.

"Everyone, I am grateful for your patience. The format of the battles is here and agreed by every leader present here as the list was given and returned."

The Zyrus Family Patriarch held dozens of scrolls in his grasp, throwing them away as they floated before lining up in an orderly fas.h.i.+on that was pointed directly opposite to the owner of those scrolls.

There were many battle formats provided, even non-battle ones, such as alchemy and forging. However, they were all slashed, leaving only a few that correlated with battle and matched with the other scrolls.

[Essence Prowess]

[Martial Prowess]

[Soul Prowess]



"Each of these battles will give three votes to the first place, two votes to the second place, and one vote to the third place."

People saw the list and saw that these were generic battle formats happening anywhere and everywhere in compet.i.tions, but they also felt that these formats were the ones that gave them the best chance to become the leader of the alliance.

"Additionally," The Zyrus Family Patriarch continued while the other people digested this information, "I propose a sixth battle, a battle between the immortal inheritors that rewards three points to the sole winner."


"Zyrus Family Patriarch. Isn't this disadvantageous to us, including yourself? We don't have immortal inheritors."

"Why would you put forth this proposal?"

The Lumin Family Patriarch, Bloodcloud Family Patriarch, and the Blazing Thunderlight Sect's Founder frowned.

"Why?" The Zyrus Family Patriarch smiled, "Because I think as the ones who have a chance at the Candidacy, the Cyan Soul Rat Clan, the Starlight Jade Wolf Clan, the Obsidian Crystal Turtle Clan, the Golden Crow Clan, the Goldl.u.s.t Rat Clan, Dark Void Flame Tribe, and the Evernight Phantasm Spirit Tribe will be leading our alliance in the future."


"This should give them an advantage even if they didn't manage to gain much votes in the previous battles, giving them a chance to lead the alliance and protect us. With this, they can't complain that the odds were stacked against them in the first place."


The Bloodcloud Family Patriarch cackled, grinning at the Candidacy powers.

"You people even have an extra segment to prove yourselves on the virtue of being a power that partic.i.p.ates in the Candidacy."

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"However... I wouldn't be able to take advantage of this, would I?"

"Alliance members, please slow down. There's no need for haste, as it has been specifically discovered by our Zyrus Family members and kept a secret for a month now. The others cannot find it even if they want to, so rest a.s.sured."

Everyone's gaze couldn't help but flicker with some greed. A Peak Immortal King Grade Secret Realm was indeed a piece of big news, causing them to be taken aback.

"Aha." The Cyan Soul Rat Clan's Patriarch lightly laughed, "Zyrus Family Patriarch, if you're like this, how can we hold any of our treasures back?"

"Oh, you don't need to do anything, as it's the host's responsibility to make sure this alliance is a success."

"That can't be. I'm also invented in this now. Let's see, the ones to win the Soul Prowess will receive my Cyan Soul Rat Clan's unique treasures that help to soul cultivate faster."

"Then my Dark Void Family Tribe will also..."

"Perhaps, my Starlight Jade Wolf Clan will also be able to award a few expensive healing treasures."


Unlike the unwillingness that was displayed a few ten minutes ago, there was ample attention, involvement, and willingness from all the alliance members now. Such a prospect left each and every one of them stunned but also excited, as though they were youthful again.

If they could extract the resources from that kind of secret realm, then even power with an entire Domain to them would largely benefit.

But still, just as the excitement started to die down after the rewards made people feel giddy, the atmosphere now became silent as they heard a calm voice.

"Can I represent a power in these battles?"


Turning their heads, they saw Mo Tian raise his hand and ask a question.

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