Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Su Su Su Ru Yi

Chapter 1691 - 1691 Defeat Yourself

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Chapter 1691 - 1691 Defeat Yourself

1691 Defeat Yourself

“Have your previous scripts been filmed?”

“I… No.” Liang You had written scenes for Liang Husheng’s scripts, but they were not his own scripts.

“Your Honor, that’s all I have to say,” the lawyer said with a bow.

His questions were very concise and clear. It let everyone know what kind of person Liang You was. It made everyone have a very bad impression of him.


The people sitting in the gallery couldn’t help but secretly shake their heads. Liang You really had no chance of winning.

He was only able to sit here because he had issued a medical evaluation that showed that he had no mental problems.

Even so, what was the use?

Just because he was mentally normal didn’t mean that what he said about the script was true.

It would only make people feel that he was biting the hand that fed him.

Nirvana Entertainment’s lawyer asked Liang Husheng a simple question, “When did you write this work?”

“The idea was conceived two years ago and written a year ago. I spent the rest of the time polis.h.i.+ng it. A year ago, the copyright was proven.” Compared to Liang You, Liang Husheng was calm and confident.

“Have you discussed anything related to the script with Liang You?”

“No. He was in prison. How could I have discussed it with him?” Liang Husheng asked.

He had specially chosen the timeline after considering it carefully. The timeline he gave made it impossible for Liang You to have anything to do with the script.

“Are you sure, Mr. Liang Husheng?” the lawyer asked.

“Of course, I’m sure. I’m not the only one. My studio, my a.s.sistant, and my apprentice can all prove it,” Liang Husheng said.

The lawyer nodded. “Then, we’ll show you a piece of evidence. Mr. Liang Husheng, please take a look too.”

With the judge’s agreement, the lawyer brought the evidence up.

“Mr. Judge, this is our evidence.”

When everyone saw this, they were shocked. What was going on?

Liang You really had evidence!

This piece of evidence was the notebook he had left behind in the prison library over the past three years.

The notebook recorded his original intention, outline, and some details of his characters.

With the lawyer’s instructions, someone went to the prison library to find the notebook.

In addition, there were various outlines and character details written in pencil on Liang You’s bed in prison and on the common ground where he took his breaks. There were also some short dialogues that were recorded.

This was probably because he could not write whenever he wanted to in prison. Therefore, once he had a strike of inspiration, he could not write with pen and paper. He could only casually write on whatever was around him.

Some of the words were blurry, but most of them had not been erased. The photos taken very clearly showed what was written.

Liang Husheng’s expression changed drastically as he was stunned!

This evidence would directly overturn all his claims.

He was a little fl.u.s.tered. “It’s possible that I had some ideas about this story before and told Liang You about it. That’s how he recorded it.”

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“But Mr. Liang Husheng, you clearly said that you only started conceptualizing this two years ago. Your colleagues can also testify.”

The judge immediately sternly stopped him.

The lawyer of Nirvana Entertainment said calmly, “Liang You did go to prison to serve his sentence for drunk driving. However, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the right to create his own work. There’s no law that can deprive a prisoner of his right to create his own work. We can’t erase all his efforts just because he has served his time. Liang You has paid the price for what he did, and no one can deprive him of the right he deserves.”

Soon, the court ruled that Liang Husheng had stolen Liang You’s script. The evidence was conclusive.

Those who were involved in the copyright infringement and those who caused harm to Liang You needed to make a public apology and compensate for the damages.

Fu Yujia, who was sitting in the gallery, had a dark expression on her face.

She never expected such an outcome.

It was not easy for her to come across a script that was good in all aspects, but it turned out to be like this.

The trial was over.

Liang Husheng staggered out.

The reporters waiting outside also heard the news and swarmed around him. “Mr. Liang, do you have anything to say about the verdict this time?”

“Do you have anything else to say in the face of Liang You’s evidence?”

Liang Husheng’s eyes were burning with anger. “I didn’t do it! I didn’t steal his things! He did it on purpose to frame me! I’ll appeal! I must clear my name!”

Fu Yujia also walked out.

Faced with the reporters’ questions, she added, “Yes, we’ll appeal this matter. We definitely won’t let anyone use us to suppress us.”

“Miss Fu, does this mean you believe that Mr. Liang is innocent?”

“Of course! Although we don’t know what method Liang You used to fabricate evidence, the truth is the truth. It can’t be erased, and it definitely can’t be used by others!” Fu Yujia’s words were powerful.

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