Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Wenyu Su

Chapter 881 - Prone To Over-thinking

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Chapter 881: To Over-thinking

“Really? Quickly bring the kid and his mom over. I liked Sangsang the moment I met her. Ah, that explains it.” Huo Xian was grinning widely from ear to ear.

Huo Zihang had indeed been in a conflict with Tan Sangsang lately. Meanwhile, Tan Sangsang’s oddball of a superior had broken up with his girlfriend and was pursuing her now.

Coincidentally, Huo Zihang ran into them and he thick-skinnedly tried to intervene, only to receive a scolding fromTan Sangsang.

He was just a sc.u.mbag who was courting a goody-two-shoes like Tan Sangsang while being embroiled in a scandal with an influencer.

‘He ought to realize who she belongs to.’

“Grandpa, there’s somehting wrong with Chengyu’s eyesight. Mu Mu’s father is long dead. He got killed by a cannon in war ages ago.”


Huo Chengyu quietly turned to look at Yan Jinyi. “Jinyi, it has been years since the revolution and if Mu M’s father had been in war, Mu Mu would be a mummy now.”

Yan Jinyi said some nonsense seriously, “Bulls.h.i.t. There are no mummmies in our country. We only have vampires.”

“Sister-in-law, you should avoid watching horror movies, lest your imagination runs wild easily.”

Yan Jinyi said arrogantly, “Big Brother, you probably don’t know that the ghosts actually vie to be my underling.”

Huo Chengyu played along, which was rare of him. “Have you agreed?”

Everyone turned to look at Yan Jinyi.

Yan Jinyi calmly drank a mouthful of water, and then shook her head. “No.”


Her expression instantly became extremely odd, as if she was trying to say that Huo Chengyu was asking the obvious.

“I don’t have a d.i.c.k.”


Huo Chengyu was once again rendered speechless.

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Only Huo Xishen can subdue her.

Looking at Leng Yuxi with bewilderment, Leng Jing took the bowl and asked, “Did you upset your father so you want me to plead on your behalf?”

“No, it’s just that I’m over twenty years old and haven’t gotten the chance to be filial to you.”

Leng Jing sighed, secretly thinking to herself that Leng Yuxi had finally grown up.

“Mom, if, I mean if one day I kill someone, will you send me to jail and ignore me forever?”

At that, Leng Jing panicked immediately. “What nonsense are you spouting? D-did you...”

“I just want to test how much you, Daddy, and Brother actually love me.”

Staring at Leng Yuxi’s face for a long time, she said, “You can’t joke about that either. Yuxi, you’ll forever be the person we love the most. Don’t do such a silly thing, okay?”

‘Can you still say that confidently if you find out one day that I’m just an impostor?’

‘No, no one can find out about this secret.’

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