One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Beauty Under the Moon

Chapter 3820 - A Perfect Match (12)

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Chapter 3820: A Perfect Match (12)

“You’re putting on an act, aren’t you?” Gong Jie’s eyes narrowed coolly as he continued in an icy tone, “Or are you toying with me?”

Feeling aggrieved, the actor thought to himself, ‘I wish this was an act!’

The point was…

That wasn’t the case!

“If you have something to say, say it. I have no patience. Time is of the essence.”

Mustering his courage, the actor took a gulp, before he managed, “I… I’m Hua Jin.”


Gong Jie finally looked a little more relaxed, but the expression on his face was one of disbelief rather than surprise. After a moment, he snorted coldly. “Crazy.”

With that, he pulled at his tie with a livid expression and turned around to leave! Gong Jie thought that Hua Jin must have set this up to deliberately mess with him! He was not going to let this guy get away with it!

Seeing that he was leaving, the actor rushed towards him, struggling to keep up. As he did so, he tried to explain. “Gong Jie, listen to me…”

It was difficult because Gong Jie’s legs were way too long. At 1.9 meters, a single stride was almost a whole meter long. In the past, Hua Jin would have been able to keep up. The problem was, with his current 1.63-meter frame and a 30-centimeter difference in height, he had to jog to keep up with Gong Jie’s walking.

“You may not believe this coming from me! But… it’s difficult to explain it to anyone! But I’m not lying to you or playing tricks on you. I’m really Hua Jin!”

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The man ignored him, thinking that the girl in front of him, who was jumping up and down like a rabbit, was Hua Jin’s accomplice! After all, who would believe in soul swaps!

“Dammit, where is Hua Jin?”

The actor’s eyes widened in shock. He pointed at himself and explained in a panic, “Me, me. I’m him. I just—”

“I don’t remember that the lad had t.i.ts.” Gong Jie looked at him coldly from head to toe. “You say you are Hua Jin, do you have any proof?”

“I…” A gurgle escaped the actor’s throat with difficulty. “What proof do you want?” he asked indignantly. “What proof can I give to convince you that I’m telling the truth about something like this?”

Gong Jie didn’t bother to waste time with him.

He let go of the actor and turned around. Behind him, the actor’s eyes darted around as he finally thought of how to prove that he was him. So he gathered his courage and said, “Gong Jie, we… we kissed. Do you remember?”

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