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Chapter 4748 Never Too Late to Love (155)

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Chapter 4748 Never Too Late to Love (155)

Gu Chengze knew of an authentic Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong that served rather good food.

Hong Kong is a place that offers almost everything under the sun and here, one can find the culture and food of every nation. However, a visit to Hong Kong would naturally mandate one to try authentic Cantonese cuisine.

Gu Chengze traveled often, but having been to so many countries, he was most fond of China's food culture.

Gu Chengze had a preference for Cantonese cuisine. In Hong Kong, authentic Cantonese cuisine was commonplace, but for Gu Chengze, who was especially picky, not all restaurants were equal. Every time he came to Hong Kong, he would come to this particular restaurant. He was a regular customer here.

Royal Oriental Restaurant was the name of this Cantonese restaurant. It was a very recognizable name and easily remembered.

When the manager saw Gu Chengze, he welcomed him warmly. "Are you on a business trip again?"

"No." Gu Chengze nudged Bai Sheng to the front and officially introduced her to the manager, "This is my wife. This is our wedding trip. Hong Kong is the starting point. We plan to travel the world to commemorate our wedding."

When the manager heard that it was a wedding trip, he said in surprise, "Wedding vacation?"

"Uh huh."

Although many people nowadays talked about wedding vacations and it was a trend, it seemed that there weren't many people who actually put it into action. The moment the manager heard that it was a wedding trip, he was so excited that his face flushed.

"Mr. Gu, you came at the right time. We have a honeymoon private dining room here. It seems fate has it that it's yours to use!"

Gu Chengze nodded. He held Bai Sheng's hand and followed the manager to the private room. Along the way, Bai Sheng was really getting more and more uneasy.

The furnis.h.i.+ngs of the restaurant were especially luxurious. Although many glittery elements were used, they did not seem tacky. Instead, the style was very

Somewhat concerned, she lowered her voice nervously and asked, "Is this an expensive restaurant?"

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It had almost become her instinct to care about how much they're spending. Because she'd always had a tight budget, her priority was always to question if expenditure exceeded budget, no matter what she was buying.

He even brought a few black cards.There was no limit on charges to a black card. There was nothing to worry about.

Bai Sheng was relieved to hear this.

After the two of them entered the private room, Bai Sheng was exposed to a whole new concept of luxury.

The private room was huge. The moment they entered, she was distracted by the crystal chandelier that occupied the entire ceiling.

The crystal chandelier was made up of countless crystal tubes. When the wind blew slightly, they collided with each other.

Ding, ding, dong, dong.

It sounded especially pleasant.

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