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Empire Black Knight

Chapter 1207 - 1207 Alchemy Undead Puppets

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Chapter 1207 - 1207 Alchemy Undead Puppets

1207 Alchemy Undead Puppets

“20 seconds at most. Let’s go.”

As Warren spoke, he began to break the seal expressionlessly.

“I’ll try my best to buy you more time. Once the magic array is completed, you must leave this place as soon as possible, otherwise…”

Fang Heng felt relieved.


20 seconds! That was enough!

“There’s no need to activate the self-destruct device. Control him and leave the rest to me!”

Warren was stunned. He wanted to say something, but he saw Fang Heng heading straight to Sydney after saying that.

Was he crazy?!

“Hahahaha! You are sending yourself to die!”

Sydney, who was driving the abyssal worm which was struggling wildly under him, saw Fang Heng rushing towards him. He immediately showed a ferocious face and laughed wildly.

The giant-sized worm under Sydney opened its huge mouth and wanted to swallow Fang Heng who was rushing over!

However, he didn’t expect that Fang Heng would stop not far away.

If it were a low-level game world, Fang Heng would have directly used his big move.

However, after entering the intermediate game, he really didn’t dare to take the risk. He was afraid that as soon as he cast the Everlasting Moon, he would be swallowed by Sydney’s remaining mutated worms!

w.a.n.gnet noticed Fang Heng’s shouts and actions. He immediately put Qiu Yaokang and Sandy on the stone steps, watching Fang Heng’s actions and getting ready to cooperate at any time.

Even though the battle that had lasted for more than a minute had already made him feel that his physical condition had plummeted, he still didn’t know what other cards Fang Heng had that could turn the tables.

Suddenly, w.a.n.gnet’s pupils shrank.

White light?

What was that?

Where did the white light come from?

Looking up, w.a.n.gnet’s eyes were filled with surprise.

A white full moon appeared above the cave.

The white light came from the full moon.


What was that full moon?

Before w.a.n.gnet could react, an even more blinding golden light exploded from below!

w.a.n.gnet immediately looked down in the direction of the golden light.

He could clearly see a bright golden large-scale alchemy magic array appearing behind Fang Heng.

Light swirled around the magic array, densely covered with alchemy patterns. As it spun, it kept emitting golden light.

On the ice surface, Warren, who was controlling the giant hand of petrification, was also staring at the patterns on the alchemy magic array behind Fang Heng. The horror on his face could not be any more intense!

What kind of alchemy array was that?

In most cases, the complexity of the runes of the magic array was related to its power.

The alchemy array on Fang Heng’s back was densely covered with patterns and imprints. Just one look at it would make people’s scalps numb.

An ordinary magic array with a complexity coefficient of more than 1.0 was already very complicated. The complexity coefficient of the one behind Fang Heng had already exceeded 10.0!

Warren couldn’t help but look at Fang Heng, who was controlling the alchemy magical array.

He was still so young, it was impossible for him to have designed such a powerful magic array!

Not to mention Fang Heng, Warren admitted that he wouldn’t be able to do it even if he was given a few hundred years!

He believed that no one in this world could do this!

Who could have designed this magic array?

There was only one answer.

The inheritor of a Saint.

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They were both inheritors of the Saint, but only Fang Heng had been recognized by the Saint!

Fang Heng reached out his right hand and pointed at Sydney, who was being controlled by the alchemy rock hand.

“Ka ka ka…”

Under the illumination of the alchemy magic array’s golden light, cracking sounds could be heard from the walls of the abyss.

Under the illumination of the moonlight and the alchemy magic array, gray-black crawling monsters appeared on the rocks!

Their bodies were covered in dark, streamlined stripes, and they had no edges or corners, so it was impossible to distinguish their skin. They looked like gray living creatures made of mud as if they were not creatures of this world.

The alchemy undead puppets clung to the wall in a strange rubbing posture, using their four limbs to climb over to Sydney’s position.

Their bodies kept rubbing against the rock wall, making cracking sounds.

Sydney stared at the magic array behind Fang Heng, his face full of shock.

He felt an extreme fear from the alchemy magic array behind Fang Heng.

The abyssal worm beneath him was struggling violently!

The abyssal worm felt an intense threat to its life from the alchemy undead puppets that were quickly climbing over from all directions!

However, it could not do it!

The abyssal worm was controlled by the alchemy cast by Warren and stuck to the rock wall!

Ka ka ka…

The first alchemy undead puppet easily climbed up the abyssal worm’s body along the rock wall and opened its mouth.

No sharp teeth could be seen in its open mouth, and one could even see streamlined alchemy patterns. It looked ordinary and not threatening at all.


The alchemy undead puppet bit the abyssal worm under Sydney.


The crystallized armor that appeared on the abyssal worm’s body actually shattered instantly. Immediately afterward, the alchemy undead puppet bit a hole in the body of the abyssal worm!

The abyssal worm was still struggling, trying to get rid of the alchemy undead puppet on its body.

However, the alchemy undead puppet was not affected at all. It clung to the abyssal worm and opened its mouth again, biting down!

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