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War Nishino

Chapter 1177

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1177 Each Taking What They Need

He tapped on the table.

“Now that it’s all clear, do what needs to be done.”

Shen Li accompanied Mei Yanqing and Yu Pingchuan as they walked out of the National Art a.s.sociation building.


“Ah Li, what did s.h.i.+ Yang say to you just now?”

Yu Pingchuan turned around to ask.

He had heard s.h.i.+ Yang calling her name as he was walking out the door.

Shen Li looked at Mei Yanqing and said, “They hope that Master will take good care of his health. In addition, he said they would investigate the matter of the fake painting.

Mei Yan coldly snorted.

“It’s really hard to change a person’s nature. Even at this time, he can still speak so grandly.”

There had been no trace of guilt on his face at all.

Yu Pingchuan helplessly sighed and advised in a low voice, “Master, there isn’t actually any evidence yet…”

At the moment, it was only based on their suspicions. They could not conclude that s.h.i.+ Yang had something to do with the fake paintings.

“Of course I know that!” Mei Yanqing was very annoyed. “I’m just saying that he’s a hypocrite!

It did not matter if s.h.i.+ Yang was the one behind Tao Siwen or not, it did not affect his aversion to s.h.i.+ Yang.

Yu Pingchuan’s head ached. He knew that he would not be able to outtalk his master, so all he could do was shut his mouth.

He looked at Shen Li again, but she was still looking at her phone.

“Ah Li.”

He called out to her.

Only then did Shen Li come back to her senses and look up.

Yu Pingchuan was curious.

“What are you looking at that has you so engrossed?”

Mei Yanqing also turned around.

Shen Li met their gazes and raised her phone.

“Yu Ming has just been removed from his position as the Yu Corporation’s Executive Director and Vice President.”

“So suddenly?” Yu Pingchuan was shocked.

“The news was just released.” Shen Li nodded.

Mei Yanqing furrowed his brows.

“Yu Ming? The Yu family from Haicheng?”

“Yes, he’s Yu Cheng’s father,” Shen Li reminded.

“So that’s him.”

Mei Yanqing’s face turned even colder.

Yu Cheng had provoked Shen Li several times during the compet.i.tion, and he remembered that clearly!

And Yu Yu did not get along with Shen Li either.

He did not have a good impression of the entire Yu family.

Because of Shen Li, Yu Pingchuan had been paying close attention to the Yu family’s affairs, but even he was still surprised to hear this news.

“Although Yu Media has fallen, Yu Ming has laid down a strong foundation over the years. It should have been impossible for them to fall so quickly.”

He had heard that because Yu Cheng had been sentenced to life imprisonment, Old Master Yu had high blood pressure and had been sent to the hospital. He had only been released after a long time.

Initially, his body had recovered well, but for some reason, his condition suddenly worsened.

There were even rumors that Old Master Yu’s condition was particularly serious this time, and his mind was not very clear.

The intense internal strife between the two Yu brothers seemed to have confirmed this rumor.

However, he had not expected Yu Ming to lose so quickly.

This outcome meant that Yu Ming had been completely expelled from the core management of the Yu Corporation.

The situation was already hopeless, and he had almost no chance of turning things around.

The entire Yu family’s business had officially fallen into Yu Feng’s hands.

Suddenly, he thought of something and looked at Shen Li.

“Wait a minute. I remember someone mentioning that Gu Tingyun intends on joining forces with Yu Feng… Ah Li, are you involved in this?”

Shen Li blinked.

“Actually, I didn’t know about this matter either. I only found out after hearing about it from someone.

Yu Pingchuan clicked his tongue.

Shen Li’s third uncle was not a kind person.

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He would not join hands with Yu Feng for no reason.

It took Yu Yu a great effort to understand what he meant, but she still could not understand it.

She had been trapped here for days and nights, and it was extremely torturous.

She had had enough!

Not caring about anything else, she cried, her voice sounding hoa.r.s.e.

“… Second Uncle, please… let me see Grandpa… Back then, it wasn’t me…”

Yu Feng looked around the messy room before finally looking at Yu Yu.

It had only been a short while, but she had already lost a lot of weight. Her eye sockets were sunken, and there were dark circles under her eyes. She looked extremely haggard.

At first glance, she really did look like a ghost.

If one did not see it with their own eyes, who would have thought that the once proud second miss of the Yu family would end up like this?

Yu Feng frowned in disgust.

“The old man has no time to see you. Besides, do you think he wants to see you again?”

If it was not for the fact that she felt that it would be too unsatisfying to settle her hatred directly, how could she still be alive now?

Yu Feng said as he raised his chin, “Take good care of Second Miss. The old master’s health hasn’t been good recently, and the same with big brother. So you should be more concerned.”


Just as he finished speaking, Yu Feng’s phone rang.

He glanced at the caller ID, then at Yu Yu one last time before turning around and walking out.

The bodyguard quickly closed the door again.

“Third Master Gu.”

Yu Feng responded very warmly.

“Why did you call me today?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to congratulate you, President Yu,” said Gu Tingyun with a voice filled with laughter.

Yu Ming had been removed from his position in yu Corporation. Anyone who was watching this battle would know that Yu Feng had won.

At this moment, Yu Feng was feeling quite proud of himself.

“Third Master Gu is too polite! Speaking of which, I have to thank you for this!”

Gu Tingyun smiled.

“Not at all. In fact, working with President Yu means we each get what we need. Therefore, everything is as it should be.”

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