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Chapter 3776 - Chapter 3776: Contagious (1)

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Chapter 3776 - Chapter 3776: Contagious (1)

Chapter 3776: Contagious (1)

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The third daughter-in-law of the Gao family cried out, “Why do these two people look so familiar?”

Her husband said grumpily, “Of course they do! They’re the two people that took the rat meat!”

Everyone took a look and saw that it was true!

“What’s wrong with them?” the third daughter-in-law cried out. “Why do they look sick?”

“And they’re coming our way. What do they want?”

Wrapped in thin, worn cotton, the two men were stumbling toward the Gao family as if they were going to fall at any moment.

“Please give us something to eat… We…”

Seeing how pitiful they were, the eldest daughter-in-law felt sorry for them. She took a vegetable pancake out of her chest pocket and was about to hand it to them when Gao Mingkun cried out, “Don’t touch them!”

The eldest daughter-in-law glared at Gao Mingkun. “Mingkun, you’re so mean!


However, Gao Mingkun cut her off. “Fall back! Everyone, fall back! He’s been infected by the plague! Don’t let him touch you!”

The plague? How was that possible…

However, before they realized what was going on, the person who had been stumbling around suddenly found the strength to throw himself at them. He wrapped his arms around the eldest daughter-in-law’s thigh!

“Ah!” She screamed.

Gao Mingkun and the eldest son tried their best to help her.

But that person wouldn’t let go!


Not only did he hold her thigh, but he also bit down, and blood gushed out.


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The eldest daughter-in-law panicked. She could still hear Gao Mingkun’s voice in her head: plague, plague, plague…

Moreover, this person had some martial arts skills, which made it even harder for Gao Mingkun to hit him.

Gao Mingkun shouted at his brothers, “What are you waiting for? Standing around won’t stop him! Fight him if you want to protect your wives and children!”

The Gao brothers were indeed very timid and didn’t dare to go near the infected person. However, Gao Mingkun was right. If they didn’t join the battle, none of their wives or children would be safe.

Hence, all four sons joined hands and finally defeated the man.


“My face…”

“My hand…’

“Does he really have the plague? What are we going to do?”

“Mom, is the plague really that bad?” The others asked old Mrs. Gao, the oldest of them all.

Old Mrs. Gao had been through a lot.

She had heard about the plague before..

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