Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend!

Xiao Xiao Mutong - 小小牧童

Chapter 1103: Mountain Harbor

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Chapter 1103: Mountain Harbor

Chu Yan was ecstatic and took out another painting: "How about this girl, have you seen her before?"

The guy nodded: "It's this girl, the two of them came together, and brought two people, a girl and an old man, like their servants."

Zhou Awu also stepped forward and asked: "What was the situation of this girl at the time? Does she look happy or not? What did she say?"

The guy thought for a while and said, "This girl can't tell whether she's happy or angry, neither happy nor unhappy, she doesn't speak, she looks thinner than the portrait, looks sick, and doesn't seem to be in a good health."

The shopkeeper also said, "Yes, yes, it does look like she is in a good health. She is always supported by the other girl when she walks."

Chu Yan suddenly turned his head to look at Prefect Niu: "Prefect Niu, who is in charge of port entry and exit, where is he now?"

Prefect Niu dared not to neglect, and immediately took Chu Yan and Zhou Awu to find the steward of Jiangbei Port.

Director Yu had just fallen asleep when suddenly there was a hurried and violent knock on his door. He hurriedly put on his clothes and shouted outside: "Who is it disturbing people in the middle of the night."

The guard beside Prefect Niu shouted: "It's Prefect Niu, you still don't want to open the door?"

Prefect Niu? What is the prefect looking for him at such an hour?

Director Yu didn't dare to hesitate, and immediately opened the door and let Prefect Niu come in.

There were two people behind Prefect Niu, their faces looked heavy and haggard, but their eyes were as sharp as a blade. They stared straight at him, making his face hurt.

"This is His Royal Highness Prince Jin, he comes at this time-"

Before Prefect Niu had finished saying his words, Zhou Awu had already walked over to Director Yu and unfolded the painting in his hand: "Have you seen this person?"

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Director Yu took a closer look and said, "Isn't this Young Master Song who left the port tonight?"

Chu Yan pressed down his anger fiercely, and said to the port manager: "Where did the boat go, do you know?"

Manager Yu shook his head: "Answering back his highness, I don't know."

When Prefect Niu heard this, he was also very frightened. He raised his foot and kicked the manager and asked angrily: "What's going on? If the merchant ship wants to leave the port, don't they need to leave a copy of their next port of transit?"

Director Yu said: "Young Master Song said that he will not dock at the next port, so he doesn't need this, and this lowly official didn't ask any more questions."

Chu Yan closed his eyes, and a map of the Chu Dynasty appeared in his mind. This place was Jiangbei Port, and the next port was Shanhai Port. After Shanhai Port was the area where the river flows into the sea. It was a mountain harbor that was not under the jurisdiction of various countries. It would be more difficult to find him.

"Chase people right now, why aren't you still moving?" Chu Yan asked Director Yu.

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