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Chapter 105 - Side Story 15 – Something Interesting (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 105 - Side Story 15 – Something Interesting (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

“Why don’t you call and see?” Lin Jiang asked tentatively.

Gu Ming Ren called the number and put the phone on speaker. Somehow, there was an extra number in his phone and he wanted to know who was responsible for it as well.

The sound of lively music came from the phone and was picked up on the second ring. “Calling me so early in the morning, do you want to die?!” It was the voice of an angry woman.

Lin Jiang’s ears were sharp and immediately recognised the voice. He said softly, “Seems like it’s Zhang Wei?”

“Yes? Who are you?” Half-awake, Zhang Wei opened her eyes slightly. Looking at the caller ID, she forcefully pushed down her anger and said reluctantly, “Xiao Ming Ren, missing Jiejie?”

Gu Ming Ren resolutely hung up the phone, blacklisted the number then deleted it. The chain of fluent actions stunned Lin Jiang.

“I really don’t know how the number got there. Two days ago, my phone was confiscated.”

Gu Ming Ren explained earnestly while he used a big hand to knead Lin Jiang’s waist. Lin Jiang was very happy with his tame and obedient appearance.

The number had already been deleted so what more could he say — all he could do was wave a hand generously. “I’ll believe you reluctantly this once.” Gu Ming Ren leaned in to kiss his mouth. “Don’t worry, I’m only interested in you.”

Lin Jiang had a “has your spirit been changed” expression on his face. Why was he suddenly so expressive?!

He pushed aside Gu Ming Ren’s head. “I haven’t even f.u.c.king brushed my teeth yet!”

Kiss my foot.

Gu Ming Ren wasn’t annoyed and just pinched his bottom, saying tenderly, “Go brush your teeth. When you’re done, come out and eat your breakfast. I’ll wait for you.” Lin Jiang looked at him strangely, feeling that something wasn’t right. Did he drain Gu Ming Ren so much last night until he became foolish?

When he got off the bed and both feet touched the floor, the pain from his bottom made him suck in a breath of cold air.

Gu Ming Ren saw and lifted him up by the waist. He entered the bathroom, used a leg to pull a chair over and carefully placed Lin Jiang on it.

Lin Jiang: “…”

Seeing the other boy helping him squeeze out the toothpaste and filling up a cup with water, Lin Jiang couldn’t bear it any longer. “Aren’t you being a bit too much? What are you trying to do?” Did he want to swallow him whole or skin him alive?

Gu Ming Ren rubbed his head and looked indulgently at him. “It’s not too much. Good boy, you’re worth it.” Lin Jiang paused. “That’s enough. You can back off.”

He was feeling very fl.u.s.tered at that moment. What was going on? The cool school gra.s.s had suddenly become a lap dog. And doing it so shamelessly? Could it be that his level of charisma had increased again?

Lin Jiang looked at himself in the mirror. Well, he had really become better-looking by quite a bit.

After he was done brushing his teeth and washing his face, Lin Jiang left the bathroom for breakfast. Gu Ming Ren had properly arranged everything for him, even the disposable chopsticks had been broken apart ready for use and placed there.

Lin Jiang nearly knelt in front of him. “Ge, don’t be like that. I’m really scared.”

After waking up, he felt that his boyfriend had become a different person. What kind of magical circ.u.mstance was this?

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Gu Ming Ren frowned. He had seen He Cheng Ming pamper Ji Liao this way. Why wasn’t it working when it came to him?

A month pa.s.sed harmoniously during which Gu Ming Ren returned home occasionally. He would see his mother’s haggard face and her seemingly bad mood.

The weather was getting colder so he accompanied Li Yan to bask in the sun for a while. Li Yan dozed next to his shoulder and unexpectedly fainted.

After Gu Ming Ren realised, he quickly picked her up and sent her to the hospital. Only then did he find out that Li Yan had been intermittently going for physical examinations and ovulation injections.

Li Yan was a woman with a strong sense of responsibility. She wasn’t rigid and just loved both her husband and son too much. She didn’t want either of them to be in a difficult position so she suffered by herself.

Li Yan didn’t tell Gu Wen Tian about this, so he was furious when he found out, giving Gu Ming Ren a slap and even asking him to get out.

The previous close relationship between father and son was now estranged and detached.

Gu Ming Ren, of course, refused to leave and stayed at the door of the ward. Lin Jiang didn’t know where he was and called him. After finding out about the situation, he didn’t dare to disturb him further. He secretly went over to the hospital to have a look. Every time he saw the troubled expression on Gu Ming Ren’s face, his heart ached and he couldn’t move.

When Lin Jiang came back from the hospital, Hao Meng told him that Professor Li had returned from the archaeological dig and Zhang Wei had become their workgroup instructor.

In other words, he couldn’t avoid contact with Zhang Wei in future. Moreover, if Zhang Wei wanted revenge, she could cause him to fail.

Lin Jiang was quite annoyed and went to sleep without a word.

He woke up late at night. Opening his eyes, he felt for his phone to turn it on. A couple of strange messages appeared on the screen. [Lin Jiang, I’ve discovered something interesting.]

[It’s about your parents.]

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