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Chapter 26 - Simply Closed His Eyes Pretending to Sleep

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Chapter 26 - Simply Closed His Eyes Pretending to Sleep

That night, Ji Liao brought the “erotic book” home.

He didn’t want to take it, but He Cheng Ming urged that since the book came from his schoolbag, it was a very awkward situation; they couldn’t leave it in the library or throw it away. If someone had misplaced it, wouldn’t they look for him to get it back?

Hence, he simply brought it home.

The “erotic book” lay undisturbed in his schoolbag. Ji Liao’s gaze landed on it occasionally, and he was a little tempted to read it…

He had read erotica secretly, but it was all of the boy-girl varieties. It was the first time he was seeing a boy-boy one, which was almost like acquiring knowledge, making him even more curious.

The small demon in his heart jabbed him with a cane, and Ji Liao couldn’t resist the lure. After he used the pretense of “learning” to convince himself, he unzipped his schoolbag, pulled out the book and began to read. The first chapter was already very exciting. During a team building activity, the protagonist became drunk and mistakenly got into the president’s bed, resulting in an indescribable one night stand.

The author had described the erotic bed scene very vividly. Ji Liao’s face was flushed, and he couldn’t move his eyes away from the descriptions of the various annoyances and pleasures of the scene. He felt like he was in a dream until the end of the chapter. So this was how love-making was between guys.

It was slightly incredulous. Could the behind really be penetrated?

Additionally, did it really feel that good?

While thinking about this, he seemed to have gotten a little hard…

Physical needs could not be ignored, so he headed to the bathroom to rub one out. After he was done, Ji Liao believed that he had been completely bent. Previous thoughts of big-breasted G.o.ddesses were no longer of any help; it was He Cheng Ming’s husky and provocative voice that had made him shoot.

He had never thought that he could be into voices. Why was it so obvious now?

Sighing, he suddenly felt a little afraid that he had sunk too deep. If He Cheng Ming was really just playing with him, what would he do?

Ji Liao slumped onto his desk and didn’t dare to think about it further.

The next day, Ji Liao once again had panda eyes when he left the house. When He Cheng Ming saw it, he couldn’t help but ask, “Went thieving last night?”

Ji Liao didn’t dare to tell him that he had stayed up all night to finish the book which had drained his body, causing him to nearly oversleep.

As expected, such a thing as “desire” … needed to be stopped before going too far.

“Nothing much.” He said in a small voice.

Feeling sorry, He Cheng Ming let Ji Liao lean on him to take a nap after they boarded the bus. Ji Liao smelled the faint fragrance of his body, which instead prevented him from falling asleep. The more he cared, the less secure he felt. If only it could remain this way, he thought to himself.

Sensing the movements of unease from the person against him, He Cheng Ming turned his head. Ji Liao also happened to be looking at him and their gazes met. A faint spark was produced between them, and neither of them moved.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” He Cheng Ming said hoa.r.s.ely after a moment of silence.

Ji Liao quickly shifted his gaze away but didn’t deny it.

“Little minx.” He bent his head and said into his ear.

Ji Liao kept silent and simply closed his eyes, pretending to sleep. But He Cheng Ming noticed the tip of his ear was red. It was pink, delicate and extremely cute.

When the two of them reached school, Xu Xiao Jing pulled Ji Liao aside before he could enter the cla.s.sroom.

She was slightly embarra.s.sed. Watching him as he tried to speak, but being unable to, she took a few deep breaths to gather sufficient courage before asking him, “Ji Liao, have you seen my book?”

That book was a collector’s edition that she had just bought and she needed to get it back, or else she would feel like she had let her favourite author down.

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“Book?” Ji Liao stared blankly at first then thought of that erotic story…surely it couldn’t be Xu Xiao Jing’s?!

He Cheng Ming had discussed this problem with him yesterday, so Ji Liao wrote the solution easily and clearly. When he was done, he realised that the teacher was standing next to him, and he seemed to be very satisfied as he asked him to write it on the blackboard.

Another student was also asked to the blackboard, who happened to be the cla.s.s monitor and best student of cla.s.s twelve, Lin Jia Sui.

The two of them used different methods, but it was obvious that Ji Liao’s was simpler, and he was even praised by the math teacher.

After cla.s.s, Xu Xiao Jing casually slapped him on the shoulder. “Wow, Ji Liao. You amazed everyone with a single feat.”

Ji Liao was normally unremarkable in cla.s.s. He was not used to the sudden attention on him.

“Quickly, has group two handed in all their composition books?!” Besides being the cla.s.s monitor, Lin Jia Sui was also the cla.s.s’s Chinese language representative. For unknown reasons, she had suddenly attacked the group two leader.

Ji Liao and Xu Xiao Jing were in group two. The group leader checked their books, then looked at Ji Liao. Immediately, Ji Liao remembered that he had left the house in a hurry this morning and seemed to have forgotten his composition book.

After a search, it turned out that he really didn’t have it…

“I forgot to bring it.” He apologised.

“Did you not bring it or not complete it?” Lin Jia Sui had walked over with a large stack of composition books in her arms and asked Ji Liao sarcastically.

Ji Liao: “…” Did he provoke the monitor?

Xu Xiao Jing flared up upon hearing this, and stood up for Ji Liao instantly. “Lin Jia Sui, why are you being so arrogant? How can you have such malicious a.s.sumptions about your cla.s.smate? He already said that he had forgotten to bring it. Can’t you just record it? Who are you trying to mock by saying that?”

When she finished, the entire cla.s.s fell silent. Not only Lin Jia Sui, but even Ji Liao was stunned.

Xu Xiao Jing didn’t forget to finish with an eye roll. She had long disliked Lin Jia Sui; just because she was the cla.s.s monitor, she put on all kinds of airs and looked down on people. She had even said that Meng Yao Yao was just a pretty face behind her back. If not for Meng Yao Yao stopping her, she would have started a cat fight with Lin Jia Sui.

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