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Chapter 71 - Where Were You About to Put Your Groping Hand!

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Chapter 71 - Where Were You About to Put Your Groping Hand!

That day after school, Lin Jiang received instructions to wait at the door of cla.s.sroom twelve as early as possible.

Ji Liao was actually quite embarra.s.sed and hadn’t really expected He Cheng Ming to ask Lin Jiang to leave with him. Lin Jiang didn’t complain. According to him, he normally wandered around outside for some time before going home, so sending Ji Liao home could be counted as a way to pa.s.s the time too.

Besides, Ming Ge had given him such an important person to protect which showed how much he trusted him! Pa.s.sionate second-year youth Lin Jiang was full of confidence in this task!

The two of them left the teaching block together — Ji Liao obediently carrying his schoolbag and beside him, Lin Jiang had both hands sloppily stuffed into his pockets, worriedly scratching his head from time to time. Ji Liao turned to look at Lin Jiang, who seemed like he had something annoying on his mind.

“Eh, Ji Liao, let me ask you something.”

Lin Jiang’s tone was slightly embarra.s.sed but he could only ask Ji Liao about it. Firstly, the boy had experience and secondly, Ji Liao was tight-lipped and wouldn’t blabber about it.

“Okay, ask me.”

Lin Jiang looked around and said in a low voice, “Since you’ve been with Ming Ge for so long, you should have done something quite often right?”

Ji Liao turned. “What is that something?”

Lin Jiang gave a “tut” sound. “Kiss!”

Ji Liao was silent and the tips of his ears were a little red. After all, it was personal but Lin Jiang wasn’t an outsider. Moreover, it didn’t seem like he was trying gossip, so he nodded honestly.

Lin Jiang continued asking, “Then how do you feel about it? Are you unwilling?” He looked at Ji Liao expectantly after asking, feeling a little nervous.

“No.” Ji Liao answered awkwardly.

Thinking to himself, not only was he not unwilling, he quite liked it.

Lin Jiang’s head drooped. “What’s going on?”

He was really annoyed. Ever since he had transferred over ten thousand yuan to Li Si Ran, the relationship between the two of them had been developing rapidly. They had been together for some time but apart from chatting more freely, at other times such as previously, Li Si Ran always took the initiative to kiss him. But because he felt uncomfortable, he turned his head away at the critical moment.

Li Si Ran had asked him angrily, do you not like me?!

Lin Jiang felt wrongly accused. If he didn’t like her, would he transfer money to her so readily?

He felt that he quite liked Li Si Ran. He shared whatever good food or interesting activities there were with her at the first opportunity. If that wasn’t like, then he had nothing to say.

It was just that every time he encountered real physical contact, he wasn’t very willing. Looking at Li Si Ran’s small red lips, he felt that they were quite pretty but he had no desire to kiss them.

Was he incapable?!

But every time he watched a movie, he m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.ed quite happily.

With his head drooped, Lin Jiang let out a sigh. Suddenly, he thought of the two times when he had been forced to kiss. Could it be that he had been traumatised by Gu Ming Ren during those two times so had it had cast a shadow over kissing?

Yes, that must be it!

Lin Jiang was crazily cursing in his heart at Gu Ming Ren, the bespectacled monster with the human face and beast’s heart. “f.u.c.k you c.u.n.t!”

After the curse, Ji Liao stopped and looked at him in shock.

Lin Jiang explained immediately, “I’m not scolding you.”

Then, not far away at the school gate, he saw Gao Sheng — the one who Ming Ge had urged him to guard against — among the flow of people.

Lin Jiang elbowed Ji Liao, indicating for Ji Liao to look.

Ji Liao followed his line of sight and saw Gao Sheng smile evilly, then reach out to stop a girl.

“f.u.c.k, isn’t that Meng Yao Yao?!”

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Lin Jiang rushed out with Ji Liao following closely behind.

Most of the boys in the cla.s.s were very protective of her. As long as Gao Sheng wanted to get near her, they would all be on guard. So when they were in school, Gao Sheng didn’t dare to go overboard.

Only once or twice had he blocked her and taken liberties with her verbally.

But she had also encountered something like this many times from people in other cla.s.ses or outside of school, whistling at her or saying intolerable things. She wasn’t able to stop the mouths of others so she didn’t take it to heart.

“d.a.m.n it!” Lin Jiang’s temper flared, unable to bear hearing about such a thing and wishing he could dismember those who had hara.s.sed Meng Yao Yao.

Ji Liao also had a dark expression and he was very worried. Now that Gao Sheng had been expelled, he would be even more unrestrained outside of school.

“Next time, wait for me and we’ll leave together,” Ji Liao said. Two were better than one after all.

“Yes, you can leave together with Ji Liao and this young master will protect you both.” Lin Jiang thumped his chest with the air of a chivalrous hero.

Nearby, Gu Ming Ren, who had witnessed the whole thing, let out a disdainful sneer. He looked down and repeatedly read over the complaints that Li Si Ran had sent to him last night. Gu Shao, do you think Lin Jiang has a problem?

He doesn’t let me touch him and I’m really lonely.

Gu Shao, I’m very clean. Shall I give you my first time?

Gu Ming Ren had seen flirtation but had never seen someone so flirtatious. He really wanted to take a screenshot and fling it at Lin Jiang’s face so he could see what kind of prost.i.tute from the mountains his girlfriend was.

But he couldn’t, as now, he had vaguely learned from Li Si Ran’s few words that Lin Jiang was repelled by contact with Li Si Ran.

Why was he repelled?

It was either he didn’t like her or that he had someone else in his heart.

Gu Ming Ren’s eyes darkened and he dared not think about it, his scorching heart burning a hole in the darkness.

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