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Chapter 72 - Your Sister Wasn't Bullied

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Chapter 72 - Your Sister Wasn’t Bullied

Something happened the next evening. Lin Jiang was talking and joking around with Meng Yao Yao when suddenly, they were stopped by a group of people.

Ji Liao was the first to be alerted and immediately touched his phone, wanting to make a call. But he was seen by the yellow-haired leader who hit it with a long stick, making the phone drop to the ground with a clatter.

Ji Liao’s heart trembled. He had always been a good student and had never seen this type of confrontation. There were more than seven or eight people; all of them had dyed hair and didn’t look mainstream or the types to be provoked.

“What’s happening?” Meng Yao Yao was frightened and asked Lin Jiang softly.

Lin Jiang wasn’t good in other things but he was very familiar with the sc.u.ms in the high school circles. He saw that they not only had wash, cut, blow hairstyles but were also carrying knives and sticks, most probably students from the nearby vocational high school. So he stepped forward and asked, “Guys, what’s the meaning of this?”

The leader, Yellow Hair, looked askance at him and said in an awesome tone, “You’ve offended someone. Let us give you a beating obediently, then you can go.” Beside him, a younger boy squinted at Meng Yao Yao and licked his lips. “We don’t beat girls up. Come over and hide in Gege‘s arms.” He had heard that the girl was a school flower. She was really beautiful and had a big chest, much better-looking than Li Si Ran from their school!

Meng Yao Yao just felt disgusted and retreated two steps. Ji Liao stepped forward and stood in front of her.

Lin Jiang had a short temper and was about to start swearing. Looking at the large numbers their opponent had, he swallowed his swearing and continued trying to be friendly. “Guys, who did we offend? You should be clear, if not, how do we treat such a questionable matter?”

He was trying to buy some time, hoping for any pa.s.serby to help by reporting to the police.

“Gao Sheng is my brother, get it?” Yellow Hair was impatient. He waved the wooden stick in his hand and seemed to be ready to start the beating.

Seeing the situation, Lin Jiang said hurriedly, “That dog, Gao Sheng, doesn’t have money or power. Guys, why do you bother? Why don’t we become friends? How about I treat you to K on Sat.u.r.day at Xi Jiang Yue?!”

Yellow Hair let out an “ah” sound and became even angrier.

He couldn’t afford Xi Jiang Yue but could something like this buy him over?!

Gao Sheng was right. The rich second generation bullied people. They were arrogant just because they had some money and thought that everyone had to kneel to them and lick their shoes.

Wasn’t it just reincarnation?

“No need. I advise you not to fight back later. Once we get our fill of beating you up, we’ll leave. If not, you can see we have knives. The knives don’t have eyes. In case a hole is pierced into precious you…”

Before Yellow Hair could finish, Lin Jiang continued, “Then you’ll just have to wait for prison!”

d.a.m.n, you really think you’re a hooligan?

Who are you fooling with the knives?

Think your grandfather hasn’t seen the world?

Seeing that his enticing held no chances, Lin Jiang had already rolled up his sleeves preparing for the fight. What could a man of steel be afraid of?!

Yellow Hair was shocked by his posture.

With a look, he told the brothers to put away their knives. He didn’t want to go to prison.

Ji Liao secretly said to Meng Yao Yao, “Later, take advantage of the confusion to run away from behind.” Right then, he seemed to spot Lin Jia Sui across the street.

Meng Yao Yao was afraid. She held onto his arm tightly and was almost in tears.

Yellow Hair was no longer able to wait. With a wave of his hand, several people rushed up. Ji Liao pushed Meng Yao Yao aside and used his schoolbag to defend himself by putting it in front of him. Feeling the long stick coming down on him, he raised his foot and kicked the other boy hard until the boy fell over.

Lin Jiang let out a “wow” sound. “Ji Liao, I couldn’t tell, but you’re actually quite something.”

With that, he grabbed a long stick from an idiot’s hand and brandished it recklessly. Whichever manner he did it in, it was done with great force!

In the end, it was difficult for two fists to be a match for four legs and the two of them fell quickly. Ji Liao’s back was. .h.i.t severely and Lin Jiang immediately felt that he was finished. He was going to be scolded to death by Ming Ge!

His own leg was kicked by Yellow Hair before Lin Jiang could react. He rushed over to hold Yellow Hair’s waist and pushed him back several steps. Yellow Hair exerted all his strength to knee his chin and Lin Jiang felt like his oral cavity had been pierced.

Suddenly, there was a whistle and Yellow Hair’s legs stopped moving. He turned to see a police officer and ran away immediately.

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Only a few boys who were slow to respond were caught.

Meng Yao Yao’s tears fell and her heart felt like a shadow was falling over it.

Nearby, Lin Jiang heard and immediately punched one of the yellow-haired boys. “f.u.c.k you, are you human?!” An officer came over to pull him away and warned, “Do you know the punishment for hitting others in a police station?!” At this, Lin Jiang sat down.

“Thank you, Jiejie.” Meng Yao Yao said to the woman, between tears.

The woman handed her over to the police officers and turned to leave.

Meng Yao Yao chased after her. “Jiejie, can you tell me your name?” The woman turned and said coolly, “Oh, my name is Jiang Qi.” “Thank you, Jiang Qi Jiejie.”

After the questioning, the police each wrote their own report.

Those who were involved in the fight got verbally lectured while a policewoman calmed Meng Yao Yao. Then, their guardians were called. Xu Ai Wen and Meng Yuan hurried down. Meng Yao Yao had just calmed down but seeing her father, she felt very aggrieved and rushed into his arms.

Xu Ai Wen was also shocked and never expected something like this to happen.

After comforting Meng Yao Yao with a few words, she went inside to retrieve Ji Liao. Seeing the injury on Ji Liao’s face, Xu Ai Wen’s eyes turned red.

“Do you have any other injuries?” She pulled back his sleeves and saw that Ji Liao’s arms and back had one or two red marks.

Xu Ai Wen felt her heart ache and she was angry. “How can you still learn to fight?!”

Ji Liao didn’t say a word and bit his lips tightly.

Xu Ai Wen took the two children home first, leaving Meng Yuan to deal with the follow-up issues.

Before long, Lin Jiang’s parents also arrived. Neither of them was easy to deal with and they demanded for those responsible to be detained, refusing any settlement!

Two of the yellow-haired younger brothers were afraid after hearing that and immediately confessed the names of all those involved in the fight, pleading to atone for their crimes.

The police made another record. The Lin family had money and connections and made them spend the night at the police station.

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