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Chapter 73 - If He Didn't Break Gao Sheng's Leg, His Surname Wasn't He

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Chapter 73 - If He Didn’t Break Gao Sheng’s Leg, His Surname Wasn’t He

The news spread quickly and the school was abuzz, even making an announcement for students to pay attention to safety on the way home and not to linger on the roads. Lin Jiang laughed. Was that lingering? They had been forced to stay!

He really couldn’t swallow this, planning to take advantage of the fact that it was Friday to gather a group of people to call on the vocational high school.

But that was something for the evening.

Now, it was still daytime during regular lessons and Lin Jiang was thinking about how to explain the situation to He Cheng Ming in a way that could reduce his accountability.

A call from the other boy suddenly came in, scaring him. Trembling with fear, Lin Jiang picked it up. “h.e.l.lo?”

From the other end, He Cheng Ming scolded, “I asked you to protect him and what did you do?! Didn’t I make it clear to you? I wanted you to be careful but you f.u.c.king took my words for granted?!”

He Cheng Ming was so mad that the whole cla.s.s could hear him.

Lin Jiang held the phone further away and hurried out of the cla.s.sroom. Then he said in an aggrieved manner, “Ming Ge, I really couldn’t have prevented it.”

Who knew that Gao Sheng, that son of a b.i.t.c.h, would look for a.s.sistance? How could this be blamed on him?

He Cheng Ming didn’t care about these details and only looked at the result, which was that Ji Liao had gotten injured!

“Don’t give me any excuses! Wait till I get back and see how I deal with you!” “Don’t, Ming Ge.”

Lin Jiang wailed in anguish. Before he could finish, his phone was forcefully taken away.

He turned around and saw Gu Ming Ren standing beside him holding his phone, saying in a cold voice, “Aren’t you able to protect your own people? When something happens, you get angry at him. Is he your dog?!”

“He” was obviously referring to Lin Jiang.

Lin Jiang let out a curse, feeling his neck turn cold and s.n.a.t.c.hed his phone back. He called out urgently, “Ming Ge, h.e.l.lo? Ming Ge?!” The other boy had already hung up the phone.

Lin Jiang cried out and turned around to scold Gu Ming Ren, “It’s none of your business. Do I need you to speak for me?” But Gu Ming Ren had already gone into his own cla.s.sroom so he didn’t even have a chance to scold!

Lin Jiang had no choice but to send a message to Ji Liao for help: Sister-in-law, Ming Ge is most likely going to beat me up. Please put in some good words for me and save my two lovely little tiger teeth!

Lin Jiang had always remembered the time when He Cheng Ming had lost his temper and knocked out two teeth of the other person with a punch. The scene was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y!

At the same time, He Cheng Ming sent Gu Ming Ren a message: Gu Shao, have you been reduced to this point? Happy to save a damsel in distress?

Gu Ming Ren had been the one who called and told him about what had happened with Ji Liao. In the end, he turned around and spoke up for Lin Jiang. It was a complete scheme. Gu Ming Ren replied expressionlessly: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

He Cheng Ming let out a sound, his fingers knocking on the nurses’ counter and he said anxiously, “Please hurry up.”

He was helping Zhao Mei Lan with the discharge formalities. It was just a day late. If he had gone back one day earlier, Ji Liao wouldn’t have gotten injured.

His phone vibrated and He Cheng Ming picked it up to see that it was a message from Ji Liao: Do you already know? Don’t blame Lin Jiang. He got injured too.

He Cheng Ming typed an explanation immediately: Yeah, I’m just scaring him.

Ji Liao was relieved and returned his attention to cla.s.s.

When school was over, Lin Jiang brought a few friends and headed aggressively to Yellow Hair’s vocational high school k2014; a few tall and strong people standing there made for some considerable posturing.

When he saw Yellow Hair coming out, one of his friends nudged Lin Jiang. “Hey, is he the one with the bruised nose and swollen face?!” Lin Jiang took one look. Wasn’t that him?

No, why had someone gotten to him first?!

His friend said hesitantly, “He’s already like this. Do we still beat him up?”

Seeing Yellow Hair’s face almost as swollen as a pig. It was pitiful — how could they proceed?!

Lin Jiang was choking with anger and he had to put out the fire, so he said in a hard voice, “Beat him up! Don’t hit his face, just his body!” The friends received the order and waited for Yellow Hair to come out from the school gate, then immediately walked over to frame him from the left and right, guiding him to the small flowerbed nearby.

Yellow Hair was about to cry. His brothers no longer hung out with him because he had run away yesterday, so now, he had no one by his side and could only shield his head with his arms while enduring the punches and kicks. Aggrieved, he said, “Haven’t you already beaten me up once? Why is there a second time?!”

Wasn’t there some morality in the underworld?!

Lin Jiang stepped on the flowerbed and said fiercely, “If I want to beat you up, I’ll beat you up. Do I need to differentiate how many times I do it?!”

Yellow Hair couldn’t refute it and gritted his teeth while shedding tears of regret.

Lin Jiang relieved his anger and was about to leave when he saw Li Si Ran coming out from the vocational high school. He had a look of confusion on his face. Wasn’t Li Si Ran from A high school?! He asked Yellow Hair, “Is she from your school?” Yellow Hair glanced over and nodded. “Yes, she’s from our school.” Lin Jiang’s expression darkened. Li Si Ran lied to him?!

Ji Liao was planning to leave and saw Lin Jia Sui at the door. He called out to stop her, “Monitor.” Lin Jia Sui looked back and without any expression, said, “Yes?”

“Did you help to call the police yesterday?”

At the time he saw Lin Jia Sui, she had disappeared again in the blink of an eye and before long, the police arrived.

Lin Jia Sui snorted. “So what if it was me? I don’t need your thanks. I didn’t help because of you!” Ji Liao said “oh” and without saying anything else, he brushed past her and walked away.

Lin Jia Sui was so angry that she stamped her foot! Not even a thank you! At the time, she even ran until her shoes fell off! Ji Liao took two steps then turned back, and said with a smile, “Thanks.” His youthful voice was clear and straightforward.

Lin Jia Sui was stunned. She suddenly felt that he was quite good-looking when he smiled and her face reddened. She instantly slapped her cheeks and said softly, “What are you thinking?! He’s Ji Liao!”

Ji Liao left the school and Xu Ai Wen was already waiting for him.

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After what happened last night, Meng Yuan and Xu Ai Wen were both worried about the two children taking public transportation and decided to fetch them personally.

He Cheng Ming laughed softly. “She really said that?”

It felt like he was trying to get some information out of him!

Ji Liao bit his lip. Right then, the car entered the parking lot of the community and the phone signal weakened. He quickly said a few words, hung up, then told Xu Ai Wen, “He’s coming over later.”

His tone was a little smug.

Xu Ai Wen was annoyed and amused at the same time. She poked at his head. “You silly boy.”

They got into the elevator. Xu Ai Wen began to cook after reaching home, preparing slightly more than usual, thinking that the meal could start when He Cheng Ming arrived later.

After a while, Ji Liao sneaked out and went downstairs. He spotted the other boy in a glance.

He ran over and He Cheng Ming opened his arms to embrace him, lifting him up for a kiss.

Ji Liao bit down on his lower lip refusing to let go and made a red mark.

“So pa.s.sionate?”

Before Ji Liao could answer, He Cheng Ming pressed on the back of his head to deepen the kiss. Ji Liao raised his head but could not keep up with the boy’s urgency, so just allowed him to take whatever he wanted.

After his mouth became empty, Ji Liao was panting.

He Cheng Ming touched the scab on his face and his heart ached. With self-blame, he said, “It’s all my fault that I didn’t protect you.” Ji Liao retorted, “I don’t need your protection.”

He Cheng Ming’s big hands were at his waist and lifted him up onto his body. His tone carried a little touch of jealousy when he said, “Then who do you want to protect you?” Out of the corner of his eye, Ji Liao saw Meng Yuan’s car coming in and immediately pulled away from He Cheng Ming. When the car pa.s.sed, he heaved a sigh of relief and asked, “Why didn’t you go up directly just now?”

He Cheng Ming scratched his nose. “Why do you think?” If Xu Ai Wen was present, he wouldn’t have been able to even touch the other boy’s fingers!

“How would I know?”

Ji Liao mumbled to himself and pulled him into the elevator. Since Meng Yuan was back, it should be time to eat.

As soon as the door of the elevator closed, He Cheng Ming pushed him into the corner and started groping and fooling around. When his palm presses against the injury on Ji Liao’s back, Ji Liao groaned. He Chen Ming stopped immediately and pulled open his shirt for a look. A bright red mark pierced his eyes.

There was also one on his arm and he almost took off Ji Liao’s pants to check as well.

“It’s really okay down there.” Ji Liao restrained his hands in a panic.

He Cheng Ming’s jaw was tight and his face was dark. d.a.m.n it, if he didn’t break Gao Sheng’s leg, his surname wasn’t He!

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