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Chapter 96 - Side Story 6 – Worth This Price (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 96 - Side Story 6 – Worth This Price (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

When he finally reacted to what he was doing, the bus had already arrived at its destination.

Lin Jiang got off the bus and thought of the reason he should give to explain his sudden visit. He had actually come to apologise and acknowledge his mistake or something.

Relying on his memory, Lin Jiang went up, took out the spare key from the flower bed at the door and opened it.

It was quiet inside. Then, he realised that the other boy could be having cla.s.ses and would not be at home!

Lin Jiang changed his footwear. There was a pair belonging to him and it was still on the shoe rack.

Gu Ming Ren heard the sound and came out in his pyjamas with a gla.s.s in his hand. He was stunned when he saw Lin Jiang.

Lin Jiang was embarra.s.sed for a moment and tried to find something to say. “You don’t have cla.s.ses today?”

Gu Ming Ren regained his senses and without any expression on his face, he walked over to get some water. “Yes.” Actually, he did but he skipped cla.s.ses because he was in a bad mood.

Lin Jiang felt uneasy, his eyes swivelling in every direction and he explained, “Well, I came over to collect some things.”

With that, he went to his own room and opened the door. At a glance, he saw that the furnishings were the same as before, just that there were a few more books on finance at the head of the bed and the wardrobe was full of clothes. These were not his clothes but Gu Ming Ren’s.

“You moved to my room?”

After Lin Jiang said that, he bit his tongue. It wasn’t his room! Then he added, “I mean this room.” He couldn’t think of why the boy moved to the guest room when he was doing just fine in the master bedroom.

Gu Ming Ren didn’t answer him and just asked calmly, “What do you want to collect?”

He didn’t wear his gla.s.ses today and his features looked even fiercer. Even in pyjamas, he had an imposing manner as if he had been born extraordinary.

Lin Jiang lied and said, “Game console.”

In the beginning, afraid that Lin Jiang would be bored, Gu Ming Ren had bought the game console for him to relieve his boredom. Strictly speaking, it didn’t belong to Lin Jiang. Of course, Gu Ming Ren wouldn’t say anything if he took it.

He opened the door of the master bedroom and the smell of smoke hit him instantly. Lin Jiang frowned.

He hated smoke.

Gu Ming Ren went to open the window for ventilation first, then bent down to open the drawer and take out the game console.

Standing at the door, Lin Jiang looked at the messy room. There were no quilts on the bed and all kinds of doc.u.ments were scattered on it. The laptop on the desk was on and it was clear that Gu Ming Ren had just been using it.

The master bedroom had been fine and now he was using it as a study room.

The boy handed over the game console and Lin Jiang took it absentmindedly, thinking of how to express his apologises without losing his pride.

“Have you eaten?”

He heard his own idiotic voice. There was only just over ten yuan in his pocket and he had the nerve to ask such a question? He couldn’t even afford Shaxian county snacks. Gu Ming Ren glanced at him askance and said coldly, “No.”

Lin Jiang’s sudden arrival made him feel like it was unreal. Since he was thinking of a way to get into a conversation with him, it seemed like the other boy had something to ask of him.

Gu Ming Ren leaned against the door and wait for him to speak.

Lin Jiang swallowed and said dryly, “Neither have I.”

Gu Ming Ren was stunned for a moment and almost thought that Lin Jiang wanted to eat with him. But after some careful calculations, his lips curled in a sneer and he turned to the room to get his phone, then transferred five thousand yuan to him.

He was just reminding him that he had run out of money.

Lin Jiang heard a notification and after checking his screen, he gritted his teeth.

What was the meaning of that — thinking he had come over to ask for money?

Lin Jiang took two steps closer and grabbed his collar, saying angrily, “Do you think I’m here to ask you for money?” Gu Ming Ren looked at his other hand and said tonelessly, “You’re here to collect the game console.” Lin Jiang wanted to tear this hypocritical face to shreds. That was obviously not what he thought and he even used words to mock him.

Lin Jiang released the game console and raised his hand to swing a fist energetically into the boy’s face.

“Collect the game console my foot!”

Gu Ming Ren’s left cheekbone quickly turned red. He staggered two steps back under the force and the veins in his forehead bulged, showing that he was really angry. He gripped Lin Jiang’s wrist forcefully.

“You really think that I can’t bear to hit you?!” His eyes were red and fierce like a wolf, but he still didn’t do anything to him.

The three words “can’t bear to” entered Lin Jiang’s ear and like a light feather, it dispelled all of his anger.

Suddenly, his heart sped up and he uneasily tried to free himself from the boy restraining him. But Gu Ming Ren held on tightly, his chest rising and falling. He was obviously still angry.

“You can retaliate if you want.” Lin Jiang was unafraid and met his eyes.

It was like a silent war with sparks shooting everywhere.

Gu Ming Ren broke the silence with a voice that still carried some anger. “Get out!” He released Lin Jiang’s hand and turned to shut the door.

This son of a b.i.t.c.h’s ability to make him angry was getting stronger.

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Lin Jiang blocked the door. The other boy didn’t retaliate. He didn’t know what he was so happy about but it was a satisfaction he felt without reason.

Gu Ming Ren’s expression didn’t change. He held the collar of Lin Jiang’s shirt and brought him inside. “I don’t need you to treat me.” Lin Jiang’s legs strengthened again and he was elated. This was his favourite restaurant!

Gu Ming Ren ordered and all of it happened to be his favourite food!

Lin Jiang was in a good mood, his fingers rising and falling on the table making a pattering sound. Gu Ming Ren stared at him, his face soft and his lips forming an indulgent smile.

The service staff served the dishes quickly and Lin Jiang kept introducing the characteristics of each dish.

In the past, when he came with his parents, his dad would always give him a similar a.n.a.lysis — the tender and smooth texture, the crisp and rich or mellow aroma, and so on. Gu Ming Ren listened respectfully and looking at the boy’s mouth opening and closing, he was a little mesmerized.

“What’s the matter with you?”

Lin Jiang had already stopped speaking a long time ago. Seeing the boy still staring at him, he couldn’t help reminding him.

Gu Ming Ren snapped out of it and picked up several pieces of lobster meat for him. Lin Jiang didn’t really mind. As long as the boy gave it to him, he ate it.

He had not eaten here for a long time and felt that it tasted even better than before. Lin Jiang’s heart filled with joy. After eating, he wiped his mouth with a napkin, a look of satisfaction on his face.

Gu Ming Ren swiped his card and left the restaurant. He sent Lin Jiang back to school and stopped his car at the school gate.

Lin Jiang unfastened his seat belt and before he got out of the car, he said awkwardly, “I didn’t mean that yesterday, not disgusting.”

He was a little incoherent and didn’t know how to explain it.

“Anyway, I don’t really hate it.” With that, Lin Jiang pushed open the car door and got out hurriedly.

Gu Ming Ren was faster than him, making his way around the front of the car to intercept him. With hope in his eyes, he stared at the person in front of him. “What do you mean? Say it clearly.” Lin Jiang avoided his eyes and his heart felt like there was a drum beating inside. “The meaning is what I said earlier.” He wanted to walk away but Gu Ming Ren held his arm, his eyes dark, and Lin Jiang couldn’t read him.

“How much for a hug?” Gu Ming Ren asked.

“Huh?” Lin Jiang followed the other boy’s thoughts and calculated based on five thousand yuan each time. For a hug, “A thousand?”

Gu Ming Ren laughed and continued asking, “How about a kiss?” A kiss…

Lin Jiang reacted and wanted to run but was held back and pressed onto the bonnet of the car.

Lin Jiang’s heart was beating fast and he looked into his eyes.

“I’ll pay you three thousand and transfer it to you later.”

With that, Gu Ming Ren pressed against him, wrapped his arms around him in a hug, then lowered his head to pry open Lin Jiang’s mouth. Lin Jiang struggled, but his head was held firmly in place by a hand and Gu Ming Ren deepened the kiss. Lin Jiang’s eyes were open the entire time and he felt that he was finished.

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