Sir, How About A Marriage?

Jie Ru

Chapter 722

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Chapter 722: Shock

Ning Chun was surprised. When he regained his senses, he was further surprised when he noticed the fas.h.i.+onable girl dressed in branded clothes standing beside Ning Dong. After all, Ning Dong had never been seen with any girl before. “This is…”

“This is my friend, Yin Yi,” Ning Dong said calmly, “Yin Yi, this is my father’s special a.s.sistance, Brother Ning Chun.”

Ning Chun naturally knew who Yin Yi was. He quickly smiled and said, “So you’re Young Master’s friend. It’s very kind of you to come to the hospital to visit Master.”

Yin Yi was not interested in Ning Chun, a special a.s.sistant. She only nodded slightly and said to Ning Dong, “Why don’t we go back first? You can accompany me while I attend to some matters. We’ll come back to visit your father when I’m done. What do you think?”

Ning Dong hesitated.

In contrast, Ning Chun smiled and quickly said, “Go ahead, Young Master. Master is asleep now so he can’t receive visitors. You can accompany Miss Yin and come back in a few hours.”

Ning Dong said helplessly, “Alright then, Brother Ning Chun. Please call me when my father wakes up.”

Ning Chun nodded in agreement and watched the duo leave.

Ning Dong did not leave the hospital immediately. Instead, he brought Yin Yi to the doctor’s office.

Yin Yi asked curiously, “Didn’t your father’s special a.s.sistant already say that your father is over-exhausted? Why are you here? Let me tell you. As soon as I heard about your father’s symptoms, I knew he’d be fine. Previously, my father was hospitalized for over-exhaustion as well. That’s why I know your father will be fine. Believe me!”

Ning Dong remained unmoved and walked straight into the doctor’s office.

When he finally received a definite answer from the doctor, he finally sighed in relief and left the hospital with Yin Yi.

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Yin Yi said, “I didn’t expect you to be so filial.”

Upon seeing this, Yin Yi giggled before she asked, “Does it make you dizzy? It’s fine. I just have another brother; things haven’t changed much. Although he doesn’t like the family, he treats me and my sister quite well. I’m going to visit him and complete the mission given by my elders, and I’ll also seize the chance to visit Mu Chen.”

“Mu, Mu Chen? What does this have to do with him?” Ning Dong asked as he looked at the young girl in front of him. He found that he could not keep up with her train of thoughts at all.

“I like him so I’ve decided to marry him. Naturally, I have to cultivate a good relations.h.i.+p with him,” Yin Yi said openly.

Ning Dong’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets upon hearing this. “Mu Chen is married.”

Yin Yi did not care at all. “So what? Even if married, you can get a divorce. I’m younger and richer than his wife, after all. If he’s not stupid, he’ll naturally choose me. Even if he’s stupid, I’ll show him who’s superior.”

Yin Yi’s confidence only made Ning Dong pity her. The Yin family was truly twisted. How could they do such a thing? Finally, he looked at Yin Yi and said calmly, “Mu Chen’s wife is my sister.”

Upon hearing this, Yin Yi’s eyes widened in shock.

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