Sir, How About A Marriage?

Jie Ru

Chapter 723

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Chapter 723: Condition

“Your sister?” Yin Yi’s voice turned shrill.

Ning Dong nodded as he calmly said, “She’s my half-sister, but she hates me and my mother. She swore never to return to our family again and even changed her surname to that of her maternal grandfather.”

Yin Yi looked at Ning Dong with her mouth agape.

Ning Dong looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yin Yi regained her senses before she muttered, “What kind of twisted relations.h.i.+p is this?”

Ning Dong asked, “You said earlier that you like Mu Chen?”

Yin Yi nodded and said determinedly, “That’s right. I like him. I want to marry him. You can’t stop me even if he’s your brother-in-law.”

Ning Dong smiled bitterly. “My sister doesn’t even acknowledge me. How can he be considered my brother-in-law? However, we’ve agreed to date, after all. How can you be thinking about how to become a third party in someone else’s marriage?”

Yin Yi was stunned. Then, she hurriedly said, “Ning Dong, we have an agreement! We’ve agreed to pretend to date so our respective mothers will stop bothering us. We’re good friends, after all. Now that I have someone I like, you should help me!”

Yin Yi’s expression was one of determination. Clearly, she would not be swayed.

Ning Dong looked at Yin Yi as he pulled his arm away from Yin Yi’s hand. Then, he smiled and slowly said, “I can help you, but what’s in it for me?”

Yin Yi pouted. “Stingy! What more do you want?”

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Ning Dong’s smile deepened as he said, “If I help you unconditionally, you might not trust me. After all, there’s nothing preventing me from going back on my words. However, if you promise me something in return, won’t you be able to trust me more?”

Ning Dong smiled. “Very well. Even if I don’t want to help you, now that you promised to agree to a condition of mine, I’ll sincerely help you.”

Yin Yi said, filled with admiration, “You’re really too smart!”

Ning Dong said, “Alright, I’ll send you to the Mu Corporation now. I’ll wait for you in the car. Don’t stay there for too long. Men don’t like it if women are too eager.”

Yin Yi nodded repeatedly as she said, “I hit the jackpot! I really didn’t expect you to understand people so well! I’m so lucky to have you as an advisor! Ning Dong, you must really help me! When I get Mu Chen, I’ll agree to whatever condition you have!”

Ning Dong only smiled; he did not say anything as he drove Yin Yi to see her Prince Charming.

His mother had spent a lot of effort on getting him to date the silly and naive girl next to him. He did not care who he dated. Moreover, he had not even graduated. With his family background, he had many choices. He also knew his parents’ intention, and he knew how important his marriage was. Hence, he did not reject his mother’s proposal. He just did not expect his mother would arrange for him to date Yin Yi.

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