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Chapter 421 421-Spoiling The Older Sister

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Chapter 421 421-Spoiling The Older Sister

The rays of sunlight started to fall upon the new day as I slowly started to open my eyes, coming upon Nora's body above me. Her eyes were closed in deep slumber, with a very satisfied smile on her face, something which I am getting used to seeing on all my women.

I smiled at her cute appearance as I placed a small kiss on Nora's forehead. We had truly let loose our wild side yesterday as we tried different positions. Nora was extremely h.o.r.n.y, filled with the desire to compete with me. In the end, we spent hours exploring each other's bodies in different beautiful ways.

"Um...," a small whisper-like moan left Nora's mouth as she started to tussle in my embrace. It was only after a minute did she open her eyes, her beautiful green eyes that she inherited from Grace sparkled with confusion for a moment before recognition filled them. Seeing this, I smiled as I went forward, placing a kiss on Nora's lips. After which, I spoke.

"Good morning, my wifey~"

I could see Nora's body trembling at my words as she smiled shyly at it before going forward and placing a kiss on my lips as she said in a shy voice.

"Good morning, husband~"

During our lovemaking, I did bring about the husband-wife play, and Nora loved calling me that so much that she decided to only use that way of speaking between us when we are alone. Truly similar to Grace in that regard.

"Do you want to sleep more?" I asked as I saw the sleepiness in Nora's eyes. She nodded at my question as she placed her hand back on my chest before following asleep. Seeing such quick action from her, I could only smile.

'She's starting to get more pampered once we entered a relationship.'

Enjoying the small moments, I hugged Nora back as I too started to take a small nap. After this, I have a whole lot to do.


"So, did everything go well?" I asked the people gathered around me in cloaks. The person in the lead walked over and removed her cloak, revealing that it was Ralph. About 20 people stood in front of me.

"It went well," Ralph replied as he walked up to me and hugged me. I didn't push him back and accepted the hug with a smile.

"Seeing that grin on your face, I can tell that everything went well," I said as we broke out of the hug. The smile on Ralph's face grew bigger as he laughed.

"'ve got that right. We made it big this time!" he said in excitement. How could he not be excited? I led him inside the realm, giving him all the knowledge he and his people needed to perform the perfect operation and bring about perfect profits.

"With this, we will be able to move that plan of yours forward," Ralph said with a big grin filling his face. Seeing this, I looked towards the people gathered behind him. Seeing my look, he understood my question and spoke.

"They are all safe. They can't betray me. Completely foolproof," he said, puffing his chest high.

"That's good. You know what to do now, right?" I asked. Ralph's expression turned serious, benefiting from the SAT holders within DarkNight.

"I do. We will begin it. Meanwhile, here," he said, pa.s.sing me a pouch. Seeing this, I took it without a word, keeping it safe.

"How is Athena holding up?" I asked. Ralph's face became stiff as he responded.

" know her. Once she learned that this family has connections to that incident, she's h.e.l.l-bent on erasing them completely," he said.

"You should look at your own face first," I responded as the looks Ralph was giving were of pure anger and hatred. The incident of him almost losing his wife and children were related to the Hillclowd. If it wasn't for me wanting to hold back the attack for now, the entire family would have been slaughtered to the last man or woman.

"Guess big sister Athena's holding fine for now....." I spoke, to which Ralph bitterly replied.

"I just don't know how you do it. I asked her to hold back and got the beating of a lifetime. Yet, when I told her the idea was from you, she held back. Sniff....that's unfair treatment," he said, giving me the stink eye.

'That's because you're a simp husband,' I thought to myself but held back. I spoke while tapping his shoulder, "Don't worry about it. You know Athena sees me as her own lost little brother."

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"Yeah....yeah, I know," Ralph said, waving my hands away.

"It shall be done," I spoke.

"I want our honeymoon to be the best."

"And it shall be," I responded, and the two of us just went on with our talks. Right now, we weren't siblings but lovers planning our future together, from the times of our marriage to the names our kids would have. It was a fun yet quite a weird talk, though in the end, I really enjoyed it.

"I love you," Nora said once more.

"And I love you too," I replied once more as she once again started to surround me with kisses.

"I can't get enough of you telling me that you love me," she said as her hug around me tightened. Hence, another hour pa.s.sed by as we lived our life, the world no longer being our problem. But reality had to come back once it did for Nora when I spoke.

"Oh, Mother wants to meet you."

This was more than enough to stiffen Nora's face as she let out a groan. To get over it, she demanded me to pamper her more, and hence my morning went in that routine.


"Hehe...this is the best!"

Elda said with a chuckle as her arms wrapped around me. The two of us were walking through the entertainment part of the Babylon Academy. Contradictory to the gloomy looks in the academy, the smile on Elda's face was bright and natural. Our date around here quickly turned into a show that got everyone's attention.

'I just hope for a good date,' I prayed as the last date I went on with Elda ended up with me having the G.o.ddess Of Life as my mommy.

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