I Quit Being A Noble And Became A Commoner

Kisaki Yamato

Chapter 87

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87: On a Calm Spring Day On the 25th of the flower greeting month, I turned 17. I never expected that so many people would celebrate my birthday this year.

In the end, I worked at the Royal Capital's Public Order Consolation Room until the end of the flower greeting month. I burnt all the memos and sketches of Most Dark in the backyard of the government residence for a few nights. My body ended up smelling like smoke.

Because I worked until the end of the month, His Highness Ludens and the others also ended up celebrating my birthday with me. We ate cake bought by Leyard-sama since he was familiar with all the trends… And I got drunk on the alcohol, but it was really delicious…… So, I'll just think of it as I've made some good memories.

I don't know how serious he was, but His Highness Ludens tried to stop me from quitting, up until I quit.

In the end, Roberto-sama showed me a doc.u.ment stating, "I quit being a n.o.ble and will become a commoner." The King had stamped his seal on the paper. I heard that Roberto-sama will take responsibility and submit it to the n.o.ble registry.

Leyard-sama invited me to study art.

It seems like I'll still have the chance to meet Lancel-sama in Coolden.

Oh yes, at the very end, I received a gold ring with a complicated design from His Highness Ludens. Apparently, I could easily enter the Royal Palace if I showed them this. He told me, "If you want to complain about anything while you're living as a commoner, then come see me." … Mmm, I wonder if they actually like me? I guess it'll be nice to become someone who could be a bridge for n.o.bles and commoners. I'm afraid to think about it too deeply, so let's leave it at that. Getting close to someone in a high position is dangerous.

I gave everyone handkerchiefs with their initials embroidered on them as farewell gifts. I also gave one to Cafule-san.

Natashsan, Harmie-san and Mariettsan, who I became friends with at the government residence, threw me a big party. They brought food, cake and alcohol to my room. We talked until morning and then fell asleep. I always looked dirty, and they lectured me for never being in my room, but I was honestly happy that they were worried about me enough to get angry. They scolded me forever. I was also thrilled that they gave me a pretty comb and cosmetics for my birthday.

I informed them that I would be leaving the residence after the party and they all cried. They said, "It's not like we'll never see you again, but we've finally become close." I told them that I would be working for d.i.c.k-san and they cried while getting angry, "I'm furious that you get to work for d.i.c.k-sama after you finished working for Roberto-sama." I really didn't know what to do with them.

Everyone held me a farewell party under the cherry tree outside of the residence. The party was so hectic with people laughing and crying. The party continued in my room at night, and it was entertaining to have a girls' party until morning.

I prepared different coloured scarfs embroidered with cherry blossoms for the girls. I hope that they would remember me together with the memories of the farewell party. For Susan-san, I only gave her a handkerchief embroidered with her initials.

Of course, I went to Hen Inn to tell them that I had quit working at Roberto-sama's place.

Master told Adsan that she had to properly inform Captain Weller of this development. I was to tell them the details along with celebrating my birthday with them at a later day. Well, I will have a long relations.h.i.+p with Master, Adsan and Captain Weller. Because I'll definitely be staying at Hen Inn if I come to the Royal Capital.

As usual, I had my last meal here in the dining hall, greeted Susan-san and left the residence in almost the same clothes as I came here a year ago.

A ponytail, milk tea coloured dress, peppermint coat and shoulder bag. I carried a black bag with both hands. The thing that was different from before was probably only the bulge in my shoulder bag.

I tottered while carrying the heavy bags. d.i.c.k-san greeted me at the entrance as the remaining cherry petals danced around us. His dark green cloak and black guard uniform always stand out.

He said he had something to do here, so he left and came to the Royal Capital on a wagon. I'm sure I can manage to ride the carriage by myself and go to Coolden with just this much luggage. "It's dangerous to leave you on your own," he said, so it was no different than him saying he came to pick me up.

 "I heard about it from Captain Weller. You were caught by some bad guys in the slums. I heard he used his connections to find you straight away. You might not be here if he had been a little late."

"Well, I did get caught, but they didn't mistreat me."

"Well, it's not like they would mistreat you if they wanted to use you for other things. Anyway, Roberto-sama's people weren't of any use at all. I'm really glad he dragged us in."

―― *PAT PAT*

He lightly patted my head. Ah, it was like this before too.

I heard that Captain Weller also got help from the Coolden guards because he was really worried about me. I bowed.

"Thank you very much.

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"Mhm? You're welcome."

I stopped once I got far enough and turned back.

"I will write a thank you letter to father. I'll meet him… once I gain more confidence. At that time, I'll boast to him about being a commoner like mother was."

I smiled from the bottom of my heart.

I have a new purpose.

『Be proud of being a commoner』

I want to make a school in Most Dark and embroider the latest fads, work as a secretary in Coolden, sell rough medicine made from chameleon plants. I was interested in a lot of things, and I wanted to do a lot of things.

"d.i.c.k-san, I have many things I want to do. Let's go," I beckoned and ran towards the wagon.

My ponytail swayed from side to side. The hem of my skirt fluttered. The sunlight peeking in from the trees shone. The flowers swayed in the wind which was blowing in from somewhere.

I set off on my new journey on a calm spring day.

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