I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

Su Xianning - 苏闲佞

Chapter 1287 - Master Pei Controls the Situation and the Big Boss' Free Meal

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Chapter 1287: Master Pei Controls the Situation and the Big Boss’ Free Meal

Before Pei Yunge could regain her senses, she heard a rich young master say angrily, “This is f*cking student discrimination!!!”

“If your shop is so amazing, why don’t you bring the family of the top scorer of the college entrance examination here to wors.h.i.+p?”


Pei Yunge turned around and glanced around, before she slowly raised an eyebrow. “Where’s my Master Du?”

Qian Qiao said, “I think he has something on. He’s answering a call outside.”

“Then let’s wait for him.”

Pei Yunge was interested and wanted to know how much Huo s.h.i.+du had scored in the college entrance examination.

The people beside her could roughly guess Pei Yunge’s intentions.

Someone reminded Pei Yunge softly, “When Master Du skipped a grade to go to high school, he had the right to be guaranteed admission in Year Two. However, he went to Nili University and never took the college entrance examination…”

Pei Yunge was speechless.

Was this person cheating all the way?


Pei Yunge glanced at this restaurant. It looked quite high-end and elegant. She didn’t know why they were organizing such an inexplicable event.

“How much does it cost to go in and eat?”

Pei Yunge turned around and asked.

Qian Qiao smirked and said with difficulty, “You can’t order anything below 400 points. You can eat on the first floor if you get above 450 points. You can book a private room if you get 550 points.”

“You can eat on the second floor if you score above 600 points. You can eat on the third floor for 650 points and on the fourth floor for 670 points. You can enter the top floor if you are ranked top ten in the country…”

Pei Yunge was silent for a moment. “You can’t eat?”

Qian Qiao’s expression was complicated. “I got 549.”

Pei Yunge was speechless.

Coincidentally, they could not book a private room.

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Pei Yunge was silent for a moment and was about to speak when Fang s.h.i.+yun suddenly brushed her hair flirtatiously as she walked over while twisting her hips.

With that said…

Suddenly, a fearless woman said, “I wonder which school Miss Pei is from? The person beside Master Du should be a top student too, right?”

Hearing this, the expressions of these men who had gathered to please Master Du instantly turned ugly and they did not dare to breathe loudly.

Did these women have brains??

Why did she have to provoke Master Du’s girl at this time?!

“Yeah, Yun University isn’t too far away. It looks like Miss Pei is from Yun University, right?” Someone continued to add fuel to the fire.

This made Qian Qiao frown and was about to explain to everyone.

Who knew…

Suddenly, a boy from Yun University’s Physics Department came down with a few takeaway boxes. When he saw Pei Yunge, his face was filled with happiness and surprise.

However, when he saw the dozen or so people around Pei Yunge, he could not help saying, “Oh, Master Pei, are you moving your family here to freeload? You’re too ruthless.”

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