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Chapter 1302 - Central of the Tomb

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Chapter 1302: Central of the Tomb

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The staff looked at the burning lampstand and looked at each other. Cold sweat suddenly broke out on their backs.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for a sealed tomb to have such heated lights.

After all, this was under the mountain, and the oxygen was relatively thin to begin with. In addition, Longqi Mountain was located in a humid area, and the water content in the air was very high. How could the flame burn so vigorously?

Unless this tomb had already been dug up and another place could send in enough oxygen. However, before they came, they had already brought people to check the entire mountain. There were no signs of it being dug up.

In such a confined s.p.a.ce, everyone immediately felt guilty when such a light burned.


“CEO Jun.” The leading staff was experienced and felt that there was something strange about this tomb. He wanted to persuade Jun s.h.i.+ling and Xia Wanyuan to leave first, but Xia Wanyuan had already pulled Jun s.h.i.+ling closer to the hole.

This narrow cave could only accommodate one person to walk through. There were extremely colorful murals on both sides of the corridor. The murals were lifelike, and the figures and scenery seemed to be recreating the prosperous scene from a thousand years ago.

The experts were stunned. With so many well-preserved murals, no matter who the owner of the tomb was, this was something that could shock the history world.

Xia Wanyuan was also very shocked. She looked at the murals on both sides and felt that they were extremely familiar.

This was the work of the royal painter, and there was even a shadow of her style.

Everyone kept walking in, but this corridor hole was like a bottomless pit. No matter how long they walked, it was as if they could not finish walking.

Suddenly, Xia Wanyuan stopped and looked around. “We walked into a maze.”

“No way. Haven’t we always been in the same cave?”

Xia Wanyuan shook her head. “The person who designed this mechanism used the changing colors of the murals to cross many confusing paths.”

Xia Wanyuan recalled. “When we saw the second mural, we had already walked into the fork.”

Everyone immediately panicked and looked around. It was obvious that they could not believe that they were already trapped inside.

Xia Wanyuan looked at the surrounding murals seriously. In a daze, she seemed to be in many real and fake paintings.

After a while, Xia Wanyuan opened her eyes. If it were anyone else, they would probably never be able to find a way out.

However, Xia Wanyuan was different. She quickly found the right path.

“Follow the direction pointed by the Buddha statue on the mural,” Xia Wanyuan said as she held Jun s.h.i.+ling’s hand and walked forward.

As she had said, not long after, everyone pa.s.sed through the cave and turned a corner. Looking at the scene in front of them, everyone exclaimed.

In this underground cave, there was actually a large rift valley. The bottom of the valley was unfathomable. From one side of the rift to the other, there was only a small bridge.

Looking at the thin support line, everyone suspected that this bridge probably could not have people crossing it at all.

Just as everyone was discussing, only Xia Wanyuan looked at the bridge thoughtfully.

Back then, when she was building the mausoleum for her father and mother, she and her younger brother had gone to the scene to take a look. There was also such a small bridge in her father’s mausoleum.

Every time, only one person could pa.s.s through, and there was a specific crossing point. If one stepped on the wrong place, they would fall into a bottomless abyss.

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Xia Wanyuan stepped forward and shook the rope of the bridge, seeing the familiar patterns on it.

The opposite side of the rift valley was only the entry level. From the moment they crossed the bridge, they could truly enter the core of the tomb.

As Xia Wanyuan opened the mechanism again and again, doors opened in front of the two of them.

Looking at the room filled with gold, silver, and jewelry, even Jun s.h.i.+ling, who had seen countless rare items, could not help but be a little surprised. Only the emperor could enjoy such a tomb standard.

Xia Wanyuan walked all the way in and finally stopped in front of an exquisitely carved door.

She looked at the patterns on the door and suddenly reached out to bite it with her teeth. Bright red blood seeped out, and Xia Wanyuan dripped the blood on the door.

With a creak, the door that had been sealed for many years opened and dust fell.

Amidst the dust, Xia Wanyuan saw the huge coffin in the deepest part of the tomb.

The room where the coffin was placed was quite large. It was built with four pure gold pillars around it. The murals around it were all painted with gold. The lights in the room burned fiercely, as if they would never be extinguished.

At this moment, in the corridor cave, everyone looked inside anxiously.

“CEO Jun and Madam will be fine, right? Why didn’t they let us follow? Speaking of which, I really want to see what’s on the other side of the rift.”

“Don’t you think it’s very strange? Why does Madam Jun know so much?? I didn’t even see those mechanisms before she found a way to crack them.”

“She’s Professor Xia. She’s quite amazing to begin with. Didn’t they say that Mrs. Jun is also a historian? The kind that even Nancheng University is very afraid of.”

Everyone whispered. Lin Jing glanced over and everyone hurriedly swallowed their words.

Lin Jing looked in worriedly, wondering how Jun s.h.i.+ling and Xia Wanyuan were doing.

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