Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse


Chapter 2130 The Pylon Of Ascension Illuminates! IV

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Chapter 2130 The Pylon Of Ascension Illuminates! IV

The Clone currently battling with Tribunal Rulers had such a prompt rise up.

Noah's slumbering eyes were extremely cold and calculating as when seeing this prompt again, he actually did not begin planning to prevent it in the same manner as he had all the others!


He had seen with Providence.

The most opportune path in the very near future to come…was the death of one of his True Sanguine Clones.

He could prevent it by retreating in the seconds to come and disappearing before any new players entered the fold, but this would not lead to the most opportune path!

Sometimes, death was also a path forward as Noah prepared for it.

His work and elevation of power were still far from done as his gaze went to the Quintessential Treasure Cache around him, as well as the ever-increasing All Source Enhancers, NULLINIUM, and other loot from the NULLITY Beasts!

He waited to see what was in store as immense radiance shone, the resplendent light of loot beginning to overpower even the swirling essences of Natural Laws as Treasure Caches began to open one after another.

The Quantum Dimension.

A vast plane of existence that stretched out endlessly, its atmosphere being one where very unique species survived and thrived in!

It had no designated floor or ceiling as vibrant multicolored Seas of Quantum Essence covered vast regions, and naturally formed crystalline multicolored lands formed other regions.

Everything was akin to a stellar void of s.p.a.ce surrounded by foreign and intricate structures as there were even areas of warped s.p.a.ce and time…and even points of ever-present singularities!

Within the Quantum Dimension, near a vibrant Singularity the size of thousands of Realities.

At a distance above the Singularity- in the region of the Event Horizon, a radiant Empire stood strong for the past Ages as it had never been breached before- an Empire that was the center for many decisions across the 9 Dimensions over the eons.

This Empire was truly enacted atop a Singularity as just the logic of making it possible was warped, the existences within it that could withstand the force of a Singularity being even more unfathomable!

Countless multicolored towers rose with magnificence and grandeur as all their tips were pointed towards a central point within this Empire. It was closer towards this ma.s.sive Singularity as suspended in a region with swirling waves of Quantum Essence, a construct that looked like ma.s.sive coiling of energies to form an hourgla.s.s structure could be seen.

Its sheer size could not be fully made out as the constant warping of s.p.a.ce fooled one's senses, with its size at times seeming as small as a grain of sand in one second, the size of a star in the next second, or the size of a Reality in another second!

Swirling seas of multicolored essence of lesser concentration wrapped around it and gave the image of a ma.s.sive rising pillar of light- an image of a Pylon that was carved in s.p.a.ce.

This…was the Pylon of Ascension.

It was utterly radiant and incandescent as it was anch.o.r.ed in s.p.a.ce releasing a terrifying force that anyone below Nature Integration could not truly withstand, and yet there were three beings near this pristine location.

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All three were in pristine humanoid forms, with two following behind one stellar existence who was adorned in simple white robes as above his head, a pure white crown rotated above him!

Light and everything else became distorted, but the white light remained s.h.i.+ning with stellar glory as it released waves of incandescent brilliance and covered everything…before receding an instant later into the Pylon of Ascension.

But as it receded, a circular ma.s.s of light flashed out from the center of the spinning Pylon and smashed onto the nearby s.p.a.ce- the fabric of Reality becoming torn in this region as the circular ma.s.s of light began to open up soon after!

And as soon as it did, the utterly horrific auras of multiple ent.i.ties could be felt as along with this…


A stretched-out yawn that contained no Authority and yet it caused the very fabric of Reality to tremble emanated out.

"To think I would really be back here again…hmm, is that Little Constantine?!"

From the fading light, multiple figures were beginning to be revealed as at the very forefront, eyes full of wildness and regality blazed.

A blinding light emanated from the adornments these beings had- armaments that shone with silver gray radiance and seemingly to be made out of bone covering them on all sides!

When gazing at them, one could only feel the feeling of ancientness and archaic grandeur.

A feeling of wildness and freedom not seen in any of the Emperors across the Barren Lands!

It was a feeling of grandiosity that emanated from those outside of it!

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