Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System

Nine Nine Three

Chapter 2447: 2447 Dragon Palace's pet shop was about to open for business

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Chapter 2447: 2447 Dragon Palace’s pet shop was about to open for business

The concert ended very quickly. w.a.n.g Xian teleported away instantly!

"Invincible, I'm afraid the Dragon King is going to be famous!"

Seeing w.a.n.g Xian leaving instantly, the group of young men beside him looked at each other in dismay. One of them said with a twinkle in his eyes!

"He's not just famous. I took a look at the AI just now. It's insane. Boss w.a.n.g is directly ranked first on the sc.u.mbag men's roll. How Pitiful!"

Invincible battle method curled his lips and said directly!

"Then... Your boss has become famous in one shot. In the future, I won't even dare to get close to you. People will say that those who get close to you will be slandered!"

A young man teased!

"F * ck off. I admire boss w.a.n.g Now. He even knows star lady. I wonder if he has the chance to have a meal with her!"

Invincible battle technique glared at them and said!

"That's true. It's also an honor to be called a sc.u.mbag by Star Lady!"

The young men beside him echoed!

"Let's go and have a drink together. Invincible, ask boss Dragon King if he's coming. We'll just book the place and it'll be fine!"

A young man said with a smile as the crowd walked out!

"Miss, isn't it a little bad to offend that Dragon King Like This!"

In the backstage area, the woman saw Emperor Star lady walk out and said softly with a slight frown!

"It's fine. In any case, we are helping him capture desolate beasts. What else can he do? HMPH!"

Emperor Star Lady shook her head and snorted coldly!

The woman shook her head with a smile. Her miss was starting to throw a tantrum!

However, when she thought of her miss's Revenge, a smile appeared on her face!

After today, most of the imperial star region would probably know that there was a sc.u.mbag in this remote place!

"It's that Guy's bad luck. Who asked him to make young miss look so miserable!"

The woman muttered softly!


At this moment, the star lady beside him took out her communication stone plate with a frown. When she saw w.a.n.g Xian's message, she suddenly had a bad premonition!

"Two days later, go and capture the Black Dock Beast. Get Ready, Pretty Lady!"

It was a very simple message, but when she saw the black dock beast, her expression began to change!

"What is it, Miss?"

The woman noticed the Emperor Star Lady's expression and immediately asked!

"That fellow actually said to capture the black dock beast two days later!"

The Emperor Star Lady said through gritted teeth!

The woman was stunned when she heard her words, but soon after, her expression began to change!

The Black Dock Beast was a desolate beast that lived in a swamp!

This was not important. What was important was that the black dock beast had black mucus all over its body. It was black and ugly. Its tentacles looked extremely disgusting!

Most importantly, it could spit out saliva that was extremely poisonous and disgusting!

This desolate beast was not weak, but no one was willing to treat it as a battle pet!

If the imperial star lady was used as bait to attract the black dock beast, the scene would be unimaginable!

"This fellow did it on purpose!"

Following that, the Imperial Star Lady clenched her fists and growled!


The woman did not know what to say and sighed helplessly!

"Miss, ask her if she can change to another..."

She hesitated for a moment and said to the Imperial Star Lady!

If celestial lady was the bait for the Black Dock Beast, she might as well kill her!


Celestial lady gritted her teeth and nodded her head heavily. Her palm was trembling as she sent a message!

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"This guy asked me to attend the opening of his pet shop!"

Looking at the completed signboard and the fresh flowers arranged around it, w.a.n.g Xian nodded his head in satisfaction!


A few waiters had already arrived at the shop. When they saw him entering, they immediately greeted him respectfully!

w.a.n.g Xian nodded his head. Everything had been prepared. Next, as long as he placed his war pet in the shop, he could start his business directly!

"Brother Hao, this is the place. According to the information we received, The G.o.dly King opened a war pet shop here!"

At this moment, a group of young men stood not far away from the shop and spoke to the young man in the distance!

"Ze Yu and Your Heaven Beast Corporation are traveling together. Later on, remind some people not to let them enter this shop to buy war pets. Tell them what I said!"

Dongli Hao looked at a young man and said indifferently!

"Yes, brother Hao. I'll inform you about this!"

Du Zeyu immediately nodded!

"Oh? Brother Hao, look over there... look, it's the star G.o.ddess! It's the star G.o.ddess!"

At this moment, a young man suddenly pointed to a spot in front of him and shouted excitedly!


The group of young men immediately looked over, their eyes s.h.i.+ning brightly!

"It's true. The star G.o.ddess hasn't left yet?"

Everyone looked over in astonishment!

"Where is she going?"

At this moment, Dongli Hao and the others saw the star G.o.ddess walking straight into the shop that had not opened for business. All of them widened their eyes!

"This... didn't the star G.o.ddess say that the G.o.dly king was a sc.u.mbag? Why is she going to his shop now? To cause trouble?"

A young man widened his eyes slightly and said with a face full of shock!

"Cause trouble? is that possible?"

The other young men were slightly dazed!

The possibility of this was very small!

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