Inadvertently Invincible

Xin Feng - 新丰

Chapter 536

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Chapter 536

“Wow, the elder has a treasure here.”

A disciple looked around, constantly paying attention to the surroundings. Suddenly, he saw an Elixir that was very bright, emitting a golden light. It was very dazzling.

He knew that this treasure would not be obtained by him.

But that feeling of discovery was really great.

Hearing this disciple’s voice, everyone looked over curiously, wanting to see what kind of treasure it was.

After all, this was a Secret Realm.


An elder held this Elixir and looked at it very carefully. Gradually, he let out a surprised voice.

“This old man feels that this Elixir is very familiar.”

This Elixir did not have anything special about it. It was useless to an Immortal King Realm expert.

At most, it could only be used by someone at the Golden Immortal Realm.

Moreover, the most important thing was that he seemed to have seen it somewhere before. It was a Secret Realm that no one had ever come to before. It was impossible for such an Elixir to grow.

“Maybe it’s just my imagination.”

The Immortal Sovereign consoled himself.

Then, he did not think too much about it.

Lin Fan paid attention to the situation here.

“Could it be that there’s something wrong with the immortal treasure I exchanged?”

He saw the Immortal Sovereign look at the Elixir for a long time. Although he didn’t say much in the end, it gave him a feeling that there was something wrong with his arrangements. The treasures that appeared might very well make people feel that they weren’t made from Secret Realms.

Rather, someone had deliberately placed them here.

If that was the case, then it would be slightly bad.

Looks like I have to be more careful in the future. I can’t let any flaws appear. After all, I’ve put in so much effort. If everything goes down the drain, I’m afraid my heart will hurt to death.

“Brother Lin, is there a problem?” Xiang Fei asked.

Lin Fan said, “Mmm, that Immortal Sovereign seemed to have discovered the problem. Looks like we have to be more careful in the future. For example, we should try our best not to find those famous immortal treasures or some experts that are still alive to refine them. Otherwise, if we were to be encountered by someone we know, it would probably arouse suspicions.”

If Lin Fan did not say these things, Xiang Fei really would not feel that anything was wrong.

Now that he thought about it, it seemed like it was true.


The treasures that these powers were looking for were pretty good.

Lin Fan kept all of their gains in his heart.

These are all things that we worked so hard to obtain. Now that you guys have obtained them, if you don’t give us some benefits, then we can’t forgive you.

“f.u.c.k! Even if these guys are here to look for treasures, they should at least give us some benefits.” When Qin Yang saw that these guys were getting addicted to collecting treasures, he immediately felt very unhappy.

Those are all things that we painstakingly acc.u.mulated.

It’s fine if you guys think that we are treasures, but at least give us some benefits.

For example, a fight or something would be fine.

Lin Fan looked at the situation in front of him and pondered for a moment. Then, he stood up and said, “Take a good look. I’ll be back soon.”


The idea was indeed very beautiful.

However, he still needed to do it personally. Otherwise, it would be different from what he thought.

“Brother Lin, are you preparing to personally take action?” Qin Yang asked.

“Isn’t that obvious?” Lin Fan replied.

When Qin Yang heard this, he immediately became interested. “Then, how about I fight them?”

Lin Fan looked at Qin Yang and said helplessly, “You can fight with the Immortal Sovereign? And you can even leave safely in front of them?”

Qin Yang shrugged his head and said it so bluntly. Wasn’t it just because he was weak?

It really made people feel helpless.

There was nothing wrong with what he said.

His strength was indeed a bit weak. It was still a bit difficult to deal with the Immortal Sovereign, so it was good to think about it. If he really went to do it, he would probably be killed.

The people of Heavenly Demon Sect continued to explore.


A disciple shouted, “Immortal Artefact, there is an Immortal Artefact there.”

Everyone was attracted by his words. They looked up and saw a Golden Immortal Artefact floating in the air. It gave people a feeling that this Immortal Artefact was definitely extraordinary.

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“Good stuff, there’s definitely a lot of things in this Secret Realm.”

“I have nothing to say to you. Those who don’t want to die, hurry up and move aside. Otherwise, I don’t mind letting you know what the consequences will be.”

The current him was like he had eaten gunpowder.

As long as he opened his mouth, it would be unbearable.

Sure enough.

The people of Heavenly Demon Sect were completely enraged by Lin Fan’s words. They all flew into a rage and wanted to beat him to death.

“d.a.m.n it, it’s really hateful.”

“This old man can’t stand it anymore. Let’s see what ability you have to s.n.a.t.c.h the immortal equipment from us.”

The elders of Heavenly Demon Sect directly attacked.


All sorts of Mystic Arts filled the world, forming an extremely terrifying might. It was clear that after being angered, they had completely erupted. There was only one thought in their minds, and that was to thoroughly kill the other party.

They had never seen someone so arrogant in front of them.

If they didn’t teach him a lesson.

Perhaps they would never know what was called cruelty.

An elder rushed over and appeared right in front of Lin Fan. Then, he raised his hand and struck down with his palm. It was as though the entire world was within his palm. And Lin Fan was like a monkey that could never flip out five fingers.

The might of the Immortal Sovereign Laws was astonishing and terrifying.

Lin Fan threw out a punch out of habit.

The terrifying might was boiling. The face of that Immortal Sovereign Elder changed. He could feel an irresistible power being transmitted over. Even though the powers that he was using were extremely thick.

However, he felt as though he was a small boat amidst the waves.

He was about to flip over at any moment.

All of a sudden.

Lin Fan recalled that the other party was only at the Immortal Sovereign Realm. If he were to punch down, he would probably explode the other party. He held back and punched out.

They were evenly matched.

The Immortal Sovereign Elder was surprised, but then he was overjoyed.

It turned out that it was useless.

It was terrifying.

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