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Chapter 5048 - Chapter 5048, The Best Person for the Job

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Chapter 5048 - Chapter 5048, The Best Person for the Job

Chapter 5048, The Best Person for the Job

Translator: Silavin & Jon

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“What if an accident happens?” Zhong Liang shook his head, “We all know how valuable Yang Boy is to the Human Race. If anything happens to him, it will be an immeasurable loss for all of us.”

Tang Qiu let out a sigh, “Certainly, I know how valuable he is; after all, he is also from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. If possible, I wouldn’t want him to take the risk; however, the Black Ink Clan already have a half-functioning prototype Wars.h.i.+p. Perhaps they will be able to perfect the vessels within 100 years. By then, how are we going to push them back? There’s no doubt that Yang Kai is important, but the fact that the Black Ink Clan are developing Wars.h.i.+ps will affect the entire Human Race. Don’t you see the severity of the matter?”

Zhong Liang said, “Despite that, Yang Kai has great value even beyond the Purifying Light. He’s not just an ordinary Seventh-Order Junior.”

Tang Qiu replied, “Of course I know that. However, if the Black Ink Clan successfully makes a Wars.h.i.+p, Yin-Yang Pa.s.s will not be the only one that will be affected. Perhaps in just a few years, the Black Ink Clan in Blue Sky Pa.s.s will also be equipped with Wars.h.i.+ps. If they launch an attack on Blue Sky Pa.s.s then, how are you all going to repel them? By sacrificing the lives of several tens of thousands of soldiers?”

Zhong Liang fell silent. When that time came, they could only fight the enemy to the death. There was no other way.

Ding Yao refuted in a grim voice, “Those from Yin-Yang Pa.s.s have discovered a Wars.h.i.+p from the Black Ink Clan, and the only solution you all can think of is to seek help from a brat? Old farts like you have lost your guts.”

A flus.h.i.+ng Tang Qiu said resolutely, “Of course not. In fact, before I came to Blue Sky Pa.s.s, Brother Wu from Red Clouds Heaven already headed to the Black Ink Clan’s territory to gather more information.”

Ding Yao’s expression changed when he heard that, “Wu Qing from Red Clouds Cave Heaven?”

“Yes.” Tang Qiu nodded.

Wu Qing was the Southern Army Commander of Yin-Yang Pa.s.s. Even though he was from the Southern Army, he was the strongest Eighth-Order Master there.

Moreover, he possessed a Profound Fish, one of the Four Universe Pillars, so he was not worried about being corrupted by Black Ink Strength.

Since he had personally made a move, it showed that those from Yin-Yang Pa.s.s truly viewed this matter as important. It was because he had one of the Four Universe Pillars that he had the right to sneak into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland; otherwise, he probably wouldn’t be able to come back despite being an Eighth-Order Master.

Take Ding Yao as an example. Before acquiring the World Spring, he had never barged into the Black Ink Clan’s domain on his own before. Nevertheless, with the World Spring in possession, he directly raised a ruckus in the Black Ink Clan’s backyard. Even though he was injured, he managed to kill a lot of Black Ink Clansmen.

Tang Qiu said in a bitter voice, “Even though Brother Wu has personally made a move, it’s not likely that he’ll succeed. Many Black Ink Clansmen have seen his face before. Simply killing enemies isn’t a problem, but he won’t be able to gather any information.”

This was understandable, as Wu Qing’s image had probably been spread across different territories of the Black Ink Clan. Once he showed up, the Black Ink Clan would instantly besiege him. How was he going to gather any information in such a situation?

Zhong Liang and the others nodded in agreement.

Tang Qiu went on to say, “We’ve thought about letting Brother Wu give up his Profound Fish so that one of the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters could refine it. Just like Yang Kai had done in the past, we would have that person pretend to be a Black Ink Disciple and sneak into the Black Ink Clan’s territory; however, there’s no Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the world that’s comparable to Yang Kai. If we really do that, not only would that Seventh-Order Master be in an extremely perilous situation, but we might also lose a Profound Fish once this plan is exposed. Therefore, in order to gather information, we need someone who is able to perfectly hide his ident.i.ty and pretend to be a Black Ink Disciple. He also has to have some ability to preserve his own life. After a long discussion, we believe that Yang Kai is the best person for the job. Brothers, please think about the greater good and help me with this.”

Zhong Liang and the others remained silent.

They knew that Tang Qiu was right. No one was better suited for this task in the entire Black Ink Battlefield than Yang Kai. He had a similar experience before, so it wasn’t difficult for him to pretend to be a Black Ink Disciple. Furthermore, he was a Master of the Dao of s.p.a.ce. Even if his ident.i.ty was exposed, he would be able to run away. Additionally, he was extremely strong, so the average Black Ink Clansmen wouldn’t be able to harm him.

Regardless, there was a huge risk that was a.s.sociated with this matter. No one was able to guarantee that Yang Kai would be able to return if he took on this task. If anything happened to him because of that, they would all be ill at ease.

While they were silent, Zhong Liang suddenly frowned, “Wait a moment. The last time you visited this place, Yang Kai was only in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. How did you find out that he has ascended to the Seventh Order?”

If Yang Kai were still a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, those from Yin-Yang Pa.s.s wouldn’t have the confidence to let him take on this task.

Tang Qiu turned to look at Shen Tu Mo, who said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “This old fart kept sounding me out. I didn’t expect him to have his eyes on Yang Kai.”

Tang Qiu smiled, “I didn’t have any high hopes before I came to this place; however, Yang Kai is indeed exceptionally talented. Not only had he ascended to the Seventh Order in such a short time, but he had also joined forces with a disciple from Divine Feather Paradise to kill an injured Territory Lord. He’s indeed extraordinarily powerful.”

Zhong Liang shot Shen Tu Mo a glare. It was apparent to him that it was Shen Tu Mo who told Tang Qiu all this.

“He’s a powerful Seventh-Order Master who possesses a World Spring, and he’s an expert in the Dao of s.p.a.ce. I cannot think of a better person to carry out the task.” There was a solemn expression on Tang Qiu’s face, “This matter does not only affect Blue Sky Pa.s.s, but rather the entire Black Ink Battlefield. It has to be dealt with as soon as possible. Please make a decision quickly.”

Both Zhong Liang and Shen Tu Mo remained silent.

An anxious Tang Qiu said, “Regardless, let me see Yang Kai first. I’ll tell him what has happened. It will be best if he’s willing to volunteer. If he doesn’t want to do it, I’ll not force him. What do you think?”

Zhong Liang shook his head, “He’s not in Blue Sky Pa.s.s.”

Tang Qiu was shocked, “Where is he if he’s not in Blue Sky Pa.s.s?”

Zhong Liang shrugged, “Well, I don’t know where his exact location is.”

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Tang Qiu had the urge to roll his eyes. Zhong Liang was an Army Commander, so how was it possible that he had no idea where his subordinate was? It was obvious that he wasn’t willing to tell him about it.

A while later, Zhong Liang said, “Brother Shen Tu, Yang Boy will probably have to handle this matter.”

Shen Tu Mo nodded gently, “En, but we’ll be putting him in a dangerous situation by doing so.”

Zhong Liang let out a sigh, “Everyone on the Black Ink Battlefield is ready to sacrifice their life for the cause. When you and I came to this place in the past, we never expected that we would live for such a long time. It will be worth it if the crisis facing the Human Race can be nipped in the bud by sacrificing just one person; however, I’m worried that he’ll be killed without achieving his goal. That would be the biggest loss to us.”

After a moment of silence, Shen Tu Mo sighed, “It has only been a little over 10 years since he joined Blue Sky Pa.s.s, and he has made a lot of contributions to the entire Human Race. He’s also exceptionally talented. I’m sure he’ll be one of the most important figures in the Human Race in the future.”

Zhong Liang sighed again, “We’ll play it by ear. I hope that Brother Ding will be able to achieve his goal.”


Presently, Dawning Light was moving across the void at the speed of lightning.

When Yang Kai went over Zhong Liang’s behaviour again in his mind, he felt that something was off.

The Army Commander seemed determined to chase him out of Blue Sky Pa.s.s and make sure he stayed out, which was basically the polar opposite of his usual stance. In the past, he would’ve liked nothing more than to keep Yang Kai inside Blue Sky Pa.s.s forever.

Even though he had a feeling that something might have happened in the Inner Sanctum, and it had something to do with him, Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to disobey Zhong Liang’s order.

Hence, he could only ask Feng Ying about it.

Unfortunately, Feng Yin had no idea what had happened either. She was cultivating in seclusion when she was suddenly ordered to gather the members of Dawn together and sail Dawning Light out of the Inner Sanctum.

She was told that she and the members of Dawn Squad had to a.s.sist Yang Kai in looking for portals to Sealed Worlds that hadn’t been discovered. They also had to extract the resources from those Sealed Worlds.

This task wasn’t dangerous, and they could get a lot of Military Merits from it, so it could be considered an easy job with high rewards.

Just two days later, Dawning Light reached a certain spot in the void.

On the deck, after having a look at the Universe Chart, Feng Ying nodded at Yang Kai, “This is our first destination. Those from the Inner Sanctum had found a Sealed World here before, but it was over 1,000 years ago.”

Yang Kai nodded and leaped out of Dawning Light. As he activated his power, s.p.a.ce Principles undulated around him with his figure as the centre.

A visible ripple was seen spreading out, like a stone dropping into a still lake, illuminating the anomalies in the Void.

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