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Chapter 1319: Eternal Origin Sea

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Chapter 1319: Eternal Origin Sea

On the summit of a spirit mountain burning with endless flames, there is a lake of lava. In the center of the lake of lava, there is a gorgeous flower with three petals in full bloom.

On the flower’s three petals, there are a phoenix, a qilin, and a pixiu [1] respectively, radiating mysterious, resplendent light.

“Three Spirits True Flame Flower! I’m really lucky!”

There was a ripple in the void, and Phoenix Princess emerged. Her beautiful eyes glimmered brightly, and she turned into a stream of light and flew towards the Three Spirits True Flame Flower.

“A pure blood phoenix. That’s pretty good. She can be used as a breeding tool to give birth to the children of I, Dragon Devil Lord.”

A somewhat obscene voice came from the void, and a frightening Empyrean powerhouse with a head that is a mixture of a dragon head and a pig head, the whole body covered in cyan scales, a pair of cyan dragon wings on the back, and a dragon tail flew out of the void.

“A powerhouse of Gumana Universe!”

Upon seeing this, Phoenix Princess’s pretty face turned pale, and fear welled up inside her. Phoenix wings sprouted on her back at once, and, without taking another look at the Three Spirits True Flame Flower, she burned her phoenix blood essence and flew into the distance.

“How decisive! I like it! If it were another Empyrean, you might be able to escape! But since you met I, Dragon Devil Lord, you’re out of luck!”

With a ferocious smile on his face, Dragon Devil Lord fired two black and white radiances from his pig nose, which tore the firmament and shot towards Phoenix Princess.

Hit by the black and white radiances, Phoenix Princess suddenly felt dizzy and fell from the sky.

“If I absorb her power! I should be able to upgrade my strength a little.”

With a lascivious glimmer in his eyes, Dragon Devil Lord took a step, crossed 10,000 kilometers, appeared in front of Phoenix Princess, and extended his hand towards the other party.

“d.a.m.n it, how did this happen? I can’t even commit suicide! So this is the power of an Empyrean!”

Phoenix Princess looked at the ferocious Dragon Devil Lord with a distressed expression, and her beautiful eyes flickered with despair.

“Stop, Dragon Devil Lord ! She’s my prey!”

A cold and domineering voice fell from the sky, and a black dragon claw containing endless true dragon qi shot towards Dragon Devil Lord.

“Black Dragon Emperor, what are you doing?”

Dragon Devil Lord’s eyes flashed with both surprise and anger, and he punched upwards.


Along with an earth-shaking blast, Dragon Devil Lord was blown away. Burn marks appeared on his body. He stared at Yang Feng in the sky, and his eyes s.h.i.+mmered with envy and resentment.

Dragon Devil Lord is an extraordinary life form born from a true dragon and a pig monster. As such, he can be regarded as a descendant of true dragons. However, in terms of bloodline, he cannot compare to a true dragon such as Black Dragon Emperor.

Dragon Devil Lord was originally unable to break the bloodline shackles and advance to an Empyrean. However, thanks to a fortuitous encounter he had while in the pinnacle quasi-Empyrean realm, he obtained a mystical fruit that allowed him to break the bloodline shackles and promote to an Empyrean.

Even so, because he is far from being a match for Black Dragon Emperor in terms of bloodline, Dragon Devil Lord is being firmly restrained by the other party.

Yang Feng glanced at Dragon Devil Lord and smiled scornfully, and his eyes glimmered with intense killing intent, “This phoenix’s bloodline is rather pure! I have my eyes on her! Dragon Devil Lord, will you fight me over her?”

Dragon Devil Lord was restrained by Black Dragon Emperor. Furthermore, he ranked in the bottom among Empyreans in terms of strength. He’s only slightly stronger than Silver Autarch. If Yang Feng takes action now, he would have some confidence in slaying the other party.

Dragon Devil Lord is very vigilant. He forced a smile and said, “Since you like her, then she’s yours, Black Dragon Emperor”

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and Phoenix Princess flew into his hand. Countless runes shone and entered Phoenix Princess.

The devastatingly beautiful Phoenix Princess turned into a palm-sized doll in an instant.

Dragon Devil Lord’s eyes constricted slightly: “Black Dragon Emperor has become stronger!”

Yang Feng sneered: “The Three Spirits True Flame Flower belongs to me! Do you have any objections?”

Dragon Devil Lord’s eyes flickered with anger. However, he still endured it: “No objections!”

Yang Feng frowned slightly, and his eyes glimmered with intense killing intent, “This guy really knows how to endure. Do I still attack him?”

Coupled with the Phantom Ruler and Yang Feng himself, there are 4 Empyreans on his side. They are all but guaranteed to defeat Dragon Devil Lord. But killing him is another story.

No matter how weak an Empyrean is, they are still a fearsome prodigy that surpa.s.sed countless quasi-Empyreans. It is very difficult to kill an Empyrean in a frontal clash.

Dragon Devil Lord is obviously cautious and wary of Yang Feng’s incarnation of Black Dragon Emperor. In this case, it will be difficult to kill him.

As if he detected Yang Feng’s killing intent, Dragon Devil Lord’s eyes narrowed slightly, he retreated a few steps back, and mysterious power lingered around him.

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“It’s a shame, but there is no chance!”

It is said that Protonight Lord is an intelligent life form born from pure dark force of Gumana Universe, that he was born as an Empyrean rank powerhouse.

Myriad Dragons Father is a fearsome pure blood true dragon. After Gumana Universe devoured another universe, this fearsome pure blood true dragon was born from the changes in heaven and earth. He copulated with all kinds of life forms and sired countless dragons, two of which were promoted to Empyreans.

Nova Lord evolved from a spirit mountain shrouded in endless light of Gumana Universe. He is an extremely powerful powerhouse that slayed 3 Empyreans.

Myriad Trees Ancestor is an Empyrean older than Frost Eternal Sovereign. He once competed with Frost Eternal Sovereign for the Eternal slot.

The four great powerhouses are unequaled overlord-level beings who have slayed Empyreans.

Any Empyrean is a powerhouse at the top of the universe. It is exponentially more difficult to slay them than to defeat them. Whether one can slay an Empyrean or not is the dividing line between an ordinary Empyrean and an unequaled overlord.

The four unequaled overlord-level powerhouses are together with one or two Empyreans they are close with.

The rest of the Empyreans formed small circles of their own.

Without hesitation, Yang Feng went to Myriad Dragons Father’s side.

Both Black Dragon Emperor and Myriad Dragons Father are pure blood true dragons. As members of the same group, they are understandably fairly close.

Yang Feng glanced at a group of people standing 10,000 kilometers away and asked, a look of curiosity in his eyes, “Why don’t we tear them apart?”

The people standing 10,000 kilometers away are Empyreans of the world of Warlocks.

In addition to the three unequaled overlord-level Empyreans, there are other 10 Empyreans of the world of Warlocks gathered at the edge of the Eternal Origin Sea.

The Gumana Universe’s side is far stronger than that of the world of Warlocks.

Myriad Dragons Father looked at an island in the Eternal Origin Sea with a burning color in his eyes and said slowly, “Not now! If we fight now, both side will suffer. No one will be able to climb the Island of Eternity. On the Island of Eternity, there is a genuine Eternal opportunity.”

[1] – pixiu


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