Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

纳兰闲 - Nalanxian

Chapter 1223 - A Chance Encounter

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Chapter 1223: A Chance Encounter

Huo Yao crossed her legs. She could tell that Fu Ya did not like this friend of hers.

From the looks of it, they were probably not close.

Huo Yao hummed. Since Fu Ya was not on close terms with the culprit, Huo Yao did not have to be nice.

She put away her phone and stopped texting Fu Ya.

Meanwhile, Fu Ya kept thinking about Huo Yao’s text messages and felt a little worried.

Fu Cheng was stupid to cheat using Huo Yao’s medicinal pills. If he shamelessly insisted that they were his work and offended Huo Yao in the process, it would not bode well for him.

Fu Ya quickly took off her white robe and took her purse from the drawer. She told her colleague sitting in front of the cas.h.i.+er, “My bad. I have to go. It’s urgent.”

The moment she finished her sentence, she hurriedly left the Chinese medicine hall without even waiting for her colleague to reply.


Before long, Min Yu’s car arrived at the Apothecaries’ a.s.sociation.

There was a security guard standing at the entrance. No one was permitted to enter the compound without a prior appointment or a member’s card.

Chairman w.a.n.g had already given Huo Yao her ID card, but she did not have it with her at the moment, so she called Chairman w.a.n.g directly.

After hanging up the phone, Huo Yao raised her head and caught Mi Wei walking out with the chairman’s a.s.sistant.

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Huo Yao froze briefly and automatically turned her body sideways to face Min Yu beside her.

After taking a quick glance, he veered his eyes and asked the security guard. “Who are they?”

The security guard had heard Huo Yao making a call to Chairman w.a.n.g and greeting him. He replied. “I think they are here to see Chairman w.a.n.g.”

Although the security guard heard her greeting Chairman w.a.n.g, it was not enough for him to let them pa.s.s. He needed direct orders to do so.

a.s.sistant w.a.n.g nodded. He raised his hand and checked the time again. A notion suddenly crossed his mind, so he secretly looked at Huo Yao. Was she the new deputy chairman?

After snapping out of his shock, a.s.sistant w.a.n.g told the security guard to quickly open the door. He walked out and stood in front of Huo Yao. “Are you Miss Huo?”

Mi Wei also followed behind the a.s.sistant. He was dressed in a worn-out white robe with a long tobacco pipe hanging from his waist. Since the a.s.sistant was talking to someone, Mi Wei stood aside politely without interrupting or rus.h.i.+ng him.

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