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纳兰闲 - Nalanxian

Chapter 1895 An Independent Satellite Base Station

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Chapter 1895 An Independent Satellite Base Station

Min Yu veered his eyes and glanced at Zhuo Yun. "Remember the time the archaeological team went missing?"

Zhuo Yun paused briefly and nodded. "Yes, I do."

Last year, the archaeological team got into a major incident and Prof Min was severely injured. However, he did not understand why his boss had brought this up.

"Does the incident have something to do with our trip today?" asked Zhuo Yun as he pondered.

Min Yu rapped his fingers on his knee gently. Looking at his deep eyes, it was impossible to tell what he was thinking. After some time, he said, "Last year, they got lost in a forest. This place matches the location where they got lost."

Hearing this, Zhuo Yun took out his phone and tapped on the map.

He naturally remembered the spot where they found Prof Min last year. At that time, he talked to Yang Yi about the place saying it was a strange place since it could not be found on the map.

After comparing both sets of coordinates, even though it was some distance away from each other, they were clearly in the same area.

However, one was in the north while the other was in the south.

Zhuo Yun raised his head in complete amazement. "It's really the same spot. Why didn't I notice sooner?"

"You went by different entrances, so it was normal to overlook this," replied Min Yu mildly.

"That's true." Zhuo Yun scratched his head. "I remember that the archaeological team was here to find…"

Just as he was about to finish his sentence, he stopped abruptly as a look of shock emerged in his eyes.

Min Yu glanced at Zhuo Yun. "What?"

After some time, Zhuo Yun finally held his phone in front of Min Yu. "I suddenly have a signal on my phone."

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Just a moment ago, they had no signal whatsoever. Now, he suddenly had full bars on his phone. It was simply inconceivable.

They were in a strange village, in a strange forest along with the Shangguan clan. Zhuo Yun felt as though now that his brain had warmed up, it was unstoppable.

"Time travel machine?" Myron promptly reacted. "Are you sure?"

"We don't know for sure." Zhuo Yun shook his head. He pondered and said, "But it might not be entirely impossible."

This village has things that did not belong in the countryside. Just this alone was proof enough that there was more to this.


Huo Yao had walked out of the compound to take out her phone and changed it to computer mode.

As she tapped on the virtual keyboard swiftly, she frowned.

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