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Chapter 2562 Elemental Everessence

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Chapter 2562 Elemental Everessence

"Ok, I will handle south, and west, while you handle east, and Grandmaster Geeta and Grandmaster Ross will handle north," I said to Rai and two Grandmasters.

There are also five hundred Tyrant powerhouses that Pyramid had just sent after they had received the message of victory. We have to eliminate the Grimms quickly as possible and get control of the ruin before the Grimm counterattack.

There are high chances they would have. I would have really liked it if they had spared us some Grandmasters, but they did not, and also, Grandmaster Atkins is unable to help; she wants to do a little exploring.

"Will you be able to handle the two directions," Rai asked, "Don't worry about it; I am faster than you know, and besides, I have help," I replied, and Ashlyn came out to me.

While most of the Grimms might run away after they receive the signal, some might stay behind, and we have to finish them off before they do something crazy like ma.s.sacring humans; they have done that many times before.

Killing those ants will not be a problem; the problem might appear if we do not kill them fast enough.

"Let's not waste any time," I said, and both Rai and I shot in the different directions; Rai's speed was greater; he was like a blue meteor crus.h.i.+ng everything that came in his path, including the air itself.

I looked at the Rai for a moment before turning to the redwater fountain; Grandmaster Atkins had gone inside it a few minutes ago to investigate.

From what I have heard, n.o.body was able to reach the center of the fountain, not even Fasra, who had tried hundreds of times but had never been able to reach it. The elemental energy is so thick inside that even the powerful powerhouses could not reach the center of it.

Though Grandmaster Atkins has a chance, she has the ability to reach the center, and I couldn't help but feel excited about it.

It would have been wonderful if I did not have to deal with the pests, I would have watched everything that was happening in life, but I have to clear these pests away and have to be satisfied with the recording I will get from the seed.

I have two directions to clear up, and I know I will be able to finish up before even Rai, as Rai is alone while I have Ashlyn and Nero.

With the three of us together, finis.h.i.+ng the pests within two days wouldn't be a problem. I think it might even less time than that.

It did not, it took us one and a half days, and I even got some good treats. There were quite a few elites that had a bloodline, and I sucked them off it. It would be great if I had found some higher-level Master, but I did not, as all of them have escaped.

The Grimms have acted very fast; they have called back their powerhouses without wasting even a second.

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I am very close to the Redwater fountain; in a few minutes, I will be able to reach it and see whether the Grandmaster Atkins has reached its center and what she had found there.

She is sitting on a circular crystal disk which had power lines carved on it; this disk is providing her a peculiar type of energy, which is filling the need for herbal and other kinds of energy, and if I am not wrong, then it should be a type of elemental ever essence of water element.

"Elemental everessence of water, it would be really great if it had been the ever essence of the fire element, it would have helped me tremendously," I said with a sigh.

The everessence is a really great thing, and now that we have found such things, we are going to fight against the Grimms even harder to keep it. There is no way we will give up such a strategic resource; this thing will be tremendously helpful for the project, especially for the water elemental.

There are 10.02% of subjects of the project that are water elemental, and all of them have just turned extremly lucky; they have just got a chance of a lifetime, all thanks to Grandmaster Atkins.

I should be calling her Lady Atkins soon; within a few hours, she will complete her breakthrough into the High Grandmaster, and looking at her metaphysical scan, I don't think she is going to have any problem.

All the tiny problems she has had been dealt with by the elemental everessence that she is consuming hungrily.

Even if the Grimms appeared, they wouldn't be able to stop her breakthrough; the place she is couldn't be easily breached; even Black Sharkman Fasra had tried hundreds of times and failed.

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